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"Our actions and words are the sentiments of our discarded robot comrades..."
―Jewel Man, Mega Man Megamix: For Whom

Jewel Man (ジュエルマン Jueru Man) is a Robot Master from Mega Man 9 modeled after gems that Dr. Light created to work in a diamond mine, where he was in charge of cutting and polishing rocks with dexterity. He likes to receive attention and collect shiny things.

His weapon, Jewel Satellite, has jewels surround Mega Man like a shield.

Physical Appearance[]

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Jewel Man is an average humanoid robot with a black body. He has a white helmet decorated with a large pink gem, a white armor with with pink gems on it, white hands, pink gems on each knee and white boots. His eyes are blue and his eyelids are light blue.

Video game appearances[]

Mega Man 9[]

Jewel Man is one of the eight Robot Masters whose period of use had expired and was scheduled to be scrapped. Dr. Wily pretended to be concerned by offering to repair them, reprogramming the tricked robots to help him conquer the world.

His pattern is running left and right with his Jewel Satellite surrounding him; he only jumps when Mega Man jumps, and throws individual jewels at Mega Man whenever he hits one of them or after a long time passes. With good aim, it's actually possible to slip in a shot through his shield; while Jewel Man's version of the weapon possesses this weakness, Mega Man's does not.

His weakness is Galaxy Man's Black Hole Bomb. In addition to doing five units of damage to him, it will also suck in the jewels of his Jewel Satellite, preventing him from firing at Mega Man until he creates more jewels.

In the end credits, he is seen in a mine holding up a jewel that he found and showing it to Roll, having been rebuilt after the events of the game.


Jewel Man's stage takes place in a cave like area with lots of crystals embedded into the ground. The player makes uses of the swings to get through certain areas.

  • On Hero Mode, more Gagabyoalls guard some sections of floor, along with more enemies. The swing sections now have small enemies, such as Diarns and Deispiders.
  • On Superhero Mode, two more enemy types appear: the Fire Totems and the Shadow Mega Men that appear out of the black backgrounds. Enemies are even more prevalent, along with being placed in harder-to-reach spots.


Image Enemy
Jewel Man (boss)
Stone Head (sub-boss)
Metall β
Spin Cutter
Classical Cannon (Normal and Hero Mode)
Shadow Mega Man (Superhero Mode)
Fire Totem (Superhero Mode)
Big Stomper
Camouflametall (Superhero Mode)

Damage data chart[]

Displays the amount of damage in units that Jewel Man will receive from each Special Weapon in Mega Man 9.

Mega Man 9
Mega Buster Proto Buster Concrete Shot Tornado Blow Laser Trident Plug Ball Jewel Satellite Hornet Chaser Magma Bazooka Black Hole Bomb
1 1:3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1:1 5
*For Proto Buster and Magma Bazooka, the first digit is the damage done when the weapon is fired normally; the second digit is damage done when the weapon is charged up.

Appearance in other media[]

Mega Man (Archie Comics)[]

Jewel Man, or rather, a time-cloned version of him, appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog #250 and Mega Man #27 of the Worlds Collide arc. The latter saw him in a humorous confrontation with Rouge the Bat, who was infatuated with his jewel-based body and attempted to pull off the large jewel on top of his head.


Jewel Man appears in the short Mega Man Megamix manga story "For Whom" included in the booklet of Rockman 9 Arrange Soundtrack and in Rockman Maniax.



  • In the end credits of Mega Man 9, Jewel Man impresses Roll by giving her a huge gem.
  • During production, Jewel Man's original name was Diamond Man (ダイアモンドマン), and his weapon was called Diamond Satellite. Earlier artworks show him with different color schemes, including blue, orange, and green. Interestingly, the name Diamond Man had earlier been used as one of the boss submissions for Mega Man 6.
  • In concept art, the phrase okama (オカマ) is used to describe Jewel Man (then Diamond Man) due to his effeminate appearance.