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"Those pirates were here just a few hours ago. They destroyed our main gun. If they attack now, we're in big trouble!"

Johnny (ジョニー Jonī) is a character from Mega Man Legends 2 that lives on Nino Island and works with the Guildmaster. When the Glyde Gang attacks the small island, Johnny makes his best do help Mega Man Volnutt defend the island against the Birdbots. According to the man in the Yosyonke City bar, Johnny was once a digger himself[1].

In the first and second gate he uses a fire extinguisher in the island's cannons that are damaged to avoid them from burning down and breaking, and places crates in front of the gate to protect it from the Birdbots. Sometimes an error may occur in the game, causing him to lift and drop the same box several times. In the third gate he pilots the Skovorodá and blocks the path to slow down Mutti. If Mega Man takes too long to destroy Mutti, it will take down Johnny's ship. It is possible to lift and throw Johnny, allowing the player to carry him for a position they think he might be more helpful. The player can also throw him out of the platform, making the Mission harder as he won't be able to continue helping.

After the King Glydon is destroyed, Johnny thanks Mega Man for helping protecting the island and gives him a Firecracker that was passed down on his family for many years. He wonders if he should trade his fire extinguisher for a buster, but decides to continue with his extinguisher.

  1. Man in Yosyonke Bar: "When we was younger, Johnny and me was partners! We went on Digs all over! [If MegaMan is light] Come t'think of it, Johnny was about the same age as you, I think."
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