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The JudgeTree (しんばんの木) appears in Mega Man Battle Network 6 as the main system to stop crime and uphold peace. It was created by Prosecutor Ito.


The JudgeTree is a tree that is cybernetically enhanced to make decisions in the Green Town court and acts as the head judge. Captain Blackbeard gets arrested from the tree. Later, Ito gets JudgeMan.EXE to hack into the JudgeTree and causes it to indiscriminately prosecute against the Green Town citizens and deals out punishments through the areas JudgeBots are occupied in. MegaMan.EXE jacks-in and defeats JudgeMan which fixes the JudgeTree. The JudgeTree was presumably destroyed when Gregar and Falzar went online via giant CopyBots, alongside several other machines in the various districts (Seaside Town, Sky Town, and Central Town).


The JudgeTree resembles a college professor only in a digitalized form. The only part of him seen is the upper part of his head and some of his shoulders. It also has a giant mallet for when he's presiding over his cases.


  • Ironically, the person that made the JudgeTree program, Ito, get's arrested for hacking into his own program.

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