For his video game counterpart, see JunkMan.EXE. For his Zoanoroid counterpart, see Zoano JunkMan.EXE.

JunkDataMan.EXE, known as JunkMan.EXE (ジャンクマン Jankuman) in Japan, is a character in the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess anime. He is an extraterrestrial Solo NetNavi born from junk data that lives in space.

In contrast to his video game counterpart, JunkDataMan is not bitter and angry about being alone, but rather yearns for friendship and a feeling of belonging, happily accepting Lan and the others as his friends rather than being convinced.


JunkDataMan debuts appearing on a AyanoTech weather satellite's monitors in space, stating that he is scared and lonely before attracting all the space debris around the satellite and talking about the weather. Yai Ayano summons Lan Hikari and their friends to launch into space and investigate, and JunkDataMan continues talk about the weather and attract debris to the weather satellite, which begins to damage Yai's space station. In the satellite's cyberworld, JunkDataMan talks about making friends and finds the space station. He approaches it in the weather satellite, which was remodeled into a glamorous castle with space debris, and crashes it into the station. Lan and his friends board the satellite-castle and find he has made several junk robots that dance. Lan attacks the robots and JunkDataMan attacks them with "human weaknesses" which he researched on the internet. MegaMan.EXE and his friends confront JunkDataMan and they battle. He is defeated and apologizes for his actions and states that he was lonely and wanted friends. MegaMan and his friends help JunkDataMan learn the difference between junk he may use and things he should not mess with, and having made new friends, JunkDataMan collects space debris and waves to a passing astronaut. Space Junk!

Later, when Lan and his friends go to investigate Nebula's base in space, JunkDataMan is playing in his castle when he gets a warning signal of a large object nearby and tries to introduce himself, but finds nothing. From his camouflaged base Dr. Regal blasts JunkDataMan's castle which produces a large amount of debris. JunkDataMan tells MegaMan of the invisible enemy, and gives him Junk Soul to help the two clear the debris. Later Dr. Regal sets the Nebula base to crash into Earth with Lan and his friends inside and makes his escape, but JunkDataMan saves them by turning his castle into a protective cocoon around the base, preventing the base and everyone inside from burning up in atmosphere. Get Dr. Regal!

JunkDataMan comes to the aid of SearchMan and the others as they fight an army of viruses to break into Regal Tower's firewall. He and the others send C.F. MegaMan their energy as he enters into Full Synchro and seemingly finishes Dr. Regal. Dr. Regal’s Rampage