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―Junk Man, Panic in the Lighthouse

Junk Man is a minor character in the TV show Mega Man: Fully Charged. He appears in the episodes Rush to Greatness and Panic in the Lighthouse, and is based off of Junk Man from Mega Man 7.


Junk Man is a scrappy-looking robot literally made out of junk and spare parts, much like his video game counterpart. However, he sports plenty of differences from Mega Man 7's Junk Man; he is colored a lighter shade of blue, has a digital display for eyes, has a tube extending from his mouth, has a headlamp, and has a gun for an arm where the original Junk Man had a claw arm.


Junk Man barely has any personality at all; initially he did not speak and just goes along with whatever Suna and Aki tell him to do.  After being upgraded by Dr. Light in Panic in the Lighthouse, he is now capable of uttering simple phrases and is able to effectively defend Dr. Light's lab from intruders.


Junk Man about to attack Mega Man and Chaotique

Unlike the original Junk Man, who was built by Dr. Wily, this Junk Man was created by Aki and Suna in an attempt to create a fake villain to get Rush interested in being a superhero. Aki came up with the idea and suggested using some of Dr. Light's old spare parts, and Suna reluctantly went along with it. Together they assembled Junk Man and had him pretend to terrorize them so Rush would show up to help, but he was already out in the city fighting Wave Man. Junk Man was seen again at the end of the episode watching the kids and Rush play in the yard. Aki accidentally bumped into Junk Man and he almost fell on Aki, but Rush swooped in and pushed Junk Man upright again.

Sometime before the events of Panic in the Lighthouse, Dr. Light upgraded Junk Man and repurposed him to be a security guard for his lab. As with all the other security devices in the lab, Junk Man was programmed to attack anything that moved until Dr. Light gave the all-clear; as such, he attacked Mega Man and Chaotique when they tripped the alarm. 


  • Aki originally was going to call him Destructo-Lord Man before settling on the simpler and more accurate Junk Man.
  • If you look closely, you can see that several parts of Junk Man are very similar to pieces from different Robot Masters; for example, his head is similar to Wave Man's, and his gun hand is almost identical to Fire Man's.
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