"Mega Man: The Junk Shield will protect the user with rotating spheres, right?
Dr. Light: Yes, but the spheres can only absorb so much damage before they are destroyed.
―Mega Man and Dr. Light, Mega Man 7

Junk Shield (ジャンクシールド Janku Shīrudo) is Junk Man's Special Weapon. It uses electromagnetism to summon large chunks of scrap metal, which orbit around the user for protection and can hit enemies multiple times, but disappearing as they hit objects. The junk can also be thrown off as projectiles in three random directions across the screen, each projectile discarded from the two others by 120°. This is the primary weakness for Freeze Man; if he is hit by the attack, he will be stopped in place for a moment.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units for Mega Man 7.

MM7-JunkShield-Icon.png Junk Shield
Boss Damage
Freeze Man 4
Junk Man 0
Burst Man 1
Cloud Man 0
Spring Man 1
Slash Man 1
Shade Man 1
Turbo Man 1
Mash 0
Bass 1
Guts Man G 0
Bass and Treble 1
Gameriser 1
HannyaNED² 2
Wily Machine No. 7 0
Wily Capsule 0

Bosses weak against Junk Shield



  • Interestingly, the official artwork for Mega Man's colors when using Junk Shield (as shown in the image above) almost resembles his standard colors. When using the Junk Shield in the game however, Mega Man's colors are much grayer. To further add to the confusion, in the Get Weapon screen for the Junk Shield, Mega Man is simply gray-and-white.
    • In addition to the above, the Freeze Cracker's and Junk Shield's official artwork are the two official art of Mega Man 7 that do not respect their in-game colors.
  • Junk Shield is the only shield weapon that diminishes in attack power (that is, damage when thrown) as it takes damage.