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Junk Shop in Mega Man Legends.

Junk Shop (ジャンク屋 Janku Ya) is a shop from the Mega Man Legends series that sells parts of machines that the owner found or bought. MegaMan Volnutt can buy items and parts to improve his equipment in Junk Shops, and refill the items Energy Canteen and Medicine Bottle.

Mega Man Legends

Kattelox Island's Apple Market has a Junk Shop named Lightning Parts Center. When the Flutter crash-landed in the island, MegaMan visits the Junk Shop to see if it has any parts for sale that can be used to repair the Flutter. The junk shop lady says the shop is closed as her husband is out on a dig to obtain old machine parts. Wondering why her husband is taking so long to return, she asks MegaMan if he could go find him.

MegaMan finds the junk store man surrounded by Mirumijees in the Underground Ruins and saves him. As a token of appreciation, the Junk Shop owners give MegaMan the item Mine Parts Kit (which Roll uses to develop the Splash Mine) and their old Support Car so he can use it to exchange parts. The two lament they don't have any parts for a flying ship, but they got weapons, upgrades and other items for sale that can help him. Afterwards the Junk Shop opens.

There is also a small Junk Shop in Yass Plains that sells the same items from Apple Market.


Item Game description Price (Zenny) Notes Availability
Life Gauge
Life Parts)
Adds 1 point to Life Gauge 500 Ƶ
1000 Ƶ
3000 Ƶ
5000 Ƶ
10000 Ƶ
Increases MegaMan's max. health by 1 point (16 HP). The gauge can be increased five times, and the price increases each time it is upgraded. Buying a Life Gauge will also restore MegaMan's health. Available from the beginning.
Energy Canteen
Energy Bottle)
Used to restore Life Gauge--Can be refilled at junk shop 650 Ƶ A recovery item that comes with 3 points of energy. Can be refilled in Junk Shops.
Extra Pack
Adds points to canteen:
1 point=1 life
400 Ƶ
800 Ƶ
1200 Ƶ
1800 Ƶ
2400 Ƶ
3000 Ƶ
4000 Ƶ
5000 Ƶ
6000 Ƶ
7500 Ƶ
10000 Ƶ
12500 Ƶ
15000 Ƶ
17500 Ƶ
20000 Ƶ
Adds 1 point of energy (each point equal to 16 HP) to the Energy Canteen's maximum energy capacity. Price increases with each Extra Pack until it reaches 20000 Ƶ in the 15th upgrade (18 points of energy), following packs having the same price. Its limit is of 99 points of energy. The canteen is refilled when a pack is bought.
Shield Repair
Repair Shield)
Repairs damaged Life Shield 1000 Ƶ
Flak Jacket
Armored Body)
9500 Ƶ Available after defeating Bon Bonne.
Kevlar Jacket
Armor Strengthening Parts)
Reduces damage by 1/2 36000 Ƶ Flak Jacket becomes Kevlar Jacket. Available after buying Flak Jacket.
Kevlar Jacket Ω
Armor Strengthening SP)
Reduces damage by 3/4 120000 Ƶ Kevlar Jacket becomes Kevlar Jacket Ω. Available after buying Kevlar Jacket.
Hyper Cartridge
Recharges Special Weapons 3000 Ƶ Available after obtaining the Yellow Refractor.
Chameleon Net
Camouflage Barrier)
Camouflages user for limited time 5000 Ƶ
Defense Shield
10000 Ƶ Available after defeating Focke-Wulf.


Refill canteen

The price to refill the Energy Canteen is 100 Zenny per energy unit.

Mega Man Legends 2

In the beginning of the game, MegaMan and Roll go to Yosyonke City's Junk Shop to buy parts for a Dropship, a small ship designed by her father. The junk store owner asks if they are friends of Joe, a man that is also building a dropship. Surprised, Roll leaves the shop to discover if Joe knows her father. Besides Yosyonke City, Pokte Village, Ruminoa City and Kimotoma City also have a Junk Shop, and all four have a General Store.

The Sulphur-Bottom also has a Junk Shop. After gathering some Keys to the Mother Lode, the three Servbots that were left in the ship will be found by the guards and work in the Junk Shop.


Refills the items Energy Canteen and Medicine Bottle.

Other games

As the Gesellschaft is used as a shop, no Junk Shop appears in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, but Teisel Bonne mentions that a junk store owner drove a hard bargain for a map showing the location of Diana's Tear, a legendary treasure in the Nakkai Desert.


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