Kakinbatank (カキンバタンク Kakinbatanku) is an enemy encountered in the first Wily stage in Mega Man 9. It is a large robot on treads and initially holding a shield. When disturbed, it will attempt to crush the player with its shield. After that, it starts shooting. Since it is a large-sized enemy, it is resistant to Black Hole Bomb and Tornado Blow. However, Laser Trident can pass through its shield. Kakinbatank has red and green variants, both of them appearing in first Wily stage. The red variant also appears in Fake Man's stage.


Its name is probably a combination of the words, "kakin (カキン)", "batan (バタン)", and tank. The first is Japanese onomatopoeia of reflect sound. The second is Japanese onomatopoeia of fall down sound.

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