Translation Note that this subject's name was never officially translated, the name displayed being a possible translation from the original name.

Kao na Gahna (カオ・ナ・ガーナ Kao Na Gāna), unlike Kao de Kahna, are stationary, but they shoot fire. In the first part of Sword Man's stage in Mega Man 8, they shoot flames upward that cause instant death for Mega Man (similar to the beams in Quick Man's stage) unless he uses Ice Wave to stop them.

In Mega Man & Bass, there are shorter Kao na Gahna unable to attack that appear as obstacles in Ground Man's stage, in rooms with a roll of spikes that moves each time a Kao na Gahna is destroyed, similar to the rooms in Sword Man's stage in Mega Man 8 where Thunder Claw is needed to throw the switch to stop the moving spikes. The player must destroy the red ones, Kao na Gahna R, to open the door of the rooms, and only break Kao na Gahnas in his path to avoid being killed by the roll of spikes. In the second room, use Burner Man's weapon to quickly kill them and still have time to jump to a safe spot, or attack the red one from below with weapons like Ice Wall, Magic Card or Bass' buster, destroy the only one in the middle path, and the last two in the upper path.


Its name is derived from the Japanese phrase "kao nagai na (顔長いな)", which roughly means "Its face is long".

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