Karate 003.

Karate 003 (KARATE003号 Karate 003 Gou) is a character that appears in the first chapter of the Rockman 6 manga, a robot that attacks with chops and kicks, can launch his hand with a Rocket Chop, and has a Spin Attack similar to Top Man.


Karate 003 appears in Dr. Light's Laboratory to challenge Mega Man for a battle, but as he refuses, he attacks Rush, Beat, Roll and Eddie to provoke him, and is defeated with one charge shot that breaks his legs. Impressed with Mega Man's strength, he leaves by flying with rockets in his hands. He later appears in the 1st World Robot Championship Tournament, where all participants are defeated by Mr. X's eight robots. After Mr. X reveals his plans to conquer the world, the injured Karate 003 rises and tries to use his Rocket Chop on Mr. X, but it is stopped by Yamato Man and he is destroyed by a combined attack of Knight Man, Tomahawk Man and Wind Man.

Other appearances

Karate 003 has cameo appearances in the first chapter of the Rockman & Forte manga, which also has cameos of other characters from Mega Man 6, and in the story "The Strongest Enemy to Date" from Mega Man Megamix, which is based on Mega Man 6.


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