The Karumuna Bash (カルムナバッシュ Karumuna Basshu) is a giant, dog-like Reaverbot. A trio of them serve as the boss of the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate and another trio are present in the lower levels of the Main Gate.

When not attacking, Karumuna Bash lie dormant in a sleeping/crouching position. In this invulnerable state, they wait for intruders to approach before rising up and going on the offensive. Being fast and powerful Reaverbots, they mainly attack by pouncing onto their target, but they can also jump back and breath jets of flame. They often use their numbers to their advantage, but prove to be ineffective against moving targets.

If encountered in groups, Karumuna Bash appear in three different colors: bluish-grey, brownish-grey, and red. However, their stats and attack patterns are identical to each other, no matter the color.

In Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!, a large-sized Karumuna Bash is the final boss.


Karumuna Bash in Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!

  • Karumuna may be derived from the word Garm (ガルム garumu). The "Bash" likely comes from their pouncing attacks.
  • The Karumuna Bash are very similar to the Hot Dogs in Wood Man's stage. Both are large, wolf-like robots that breath fire, and both are encountered in groups of three.
  • If Mega Man has the Chameleon Net equipped, the Karumuna Bash will slowly follow him, as if it is "sniffing" him out.

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