Kazuko (カズコ) is a minor character in Rockman.EXE Stream. She is a fortune-telling colleague of Romeda Andou, and works at the same TV station with her own show. She seems to have genuine psychic abilities, as she was able to help Meiru Sakurai locate Rush, who had been hiding from her, despite not knowing who either of them were. Romeda looks up to her, and the two would often encourage each other when passing by each other in the halls of the studio. When Asteroid StarMan.EXE starts to help Romeda's fortunes come true, Kazuko invites Romeda onto her show, and requests Romeda predict something big, as the theme of her next show is future events. Despite being thrilled to be invited, Romeda only knew how to predict love, so StarMan summons a meteor to crash down and destroy Densan City, giving Romeda an event to “predict”. He is stopped, and Romeda appears on her show and predicts love and gives the audience her "Weekly Love Item". Kozuko’s show seems to have a level of comedy to it, as whenever she revealed a shocking fact to her guest, the audience laughed. Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love


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