Kelvin Stelar is the father of Geo Stelar and the husband of Hope Stelar in the Mega Man Star Force anime series. He is a scientist at AMAKEN and a friend of Aaron Boreal. According to Aaron, Kelvin was a ace pilot and a top scientist who was respected by all of his peers. He invented the Visualizer. He is the narrator of the first episode of the series. Kelvin’s Transer is linked with the Pegasus Satellite.

One day while on a mission aboard a space station that attempted to establish a BrotherBand with extraterrestrial life forms, the station succeeds in communicationing with other lifeforms, however they begin to counter flow the energy being sent to them, and Kelvin believes they took their communication as a threat. He runs to the energy flow to look at it through his Visualizer, and finds an unknown being flying down toward him before the space station overloads and explodes, leaving him and his crew to be believed to be dead, leaving Geo in a deep depression. 3 months later, Omega-Xis arrives on Earth proclaiming to know the fate of Kelvin. Omega-Xis: The Fugitive

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