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Kemumakin (ケムマキン) is a flying enemy in Mega Man 8 that was originally created to produce artificial clouds and cause rain, but was modified by Dr. Wily to disperse a smokescreen. It is more of an annoyance than a threat, but can turn deleterious if not taken down fast.

It mostly just flies and puffs smoke of various colors, and can be dangerous if the smoke is enough to block the player's view of Mega Man, a landing spot or a pit. Strangely, Mega Man does not get harmed when touching these robots, but they can still be shot down. They appear in the stages of Tengu Man and Frost Man, and the first Wily Tower stage. Its name may be a combination of the words "kemuri" and "makichirasu", which respectively means smoke and spread in Japanese.

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