Ken is a minor antagonist in Rockman.EXE Stream, appearing in episode 27. In the episode, him and his girlfriend Mary attempt to steal 50 cars for a mob boss they owe money to. The two successfully steal their 50th car, only to find that the police have found where they were keeping them. They meet up with mob boss, who takes Mary as leverage, telling Ken to collect 100 cars within five days or she will pay the price.

Ken attempts to buy out a car lot, promising that he, his children, and his grandchildren will pay off the cars, but the dealer refuses. Looking at a toy store full of toy cars and then watching traffic contemplating his next move, Ken gets drowsy and gets a visit from Slur, who gives him Asteroid BrightMan.EXE. BrightMan has him plug into the car museum where he takes control of all of the car's autopilot system. Route notices this and contacts Netto.

Ken meets up with the mob boss and a captive Mary, where the boss demands his stolen cars. When they don't show up, the boss orders Mary to be killed, only for BrightMan to bring hundreds of cars to the dock they were at. The mob boss was about to release Mary as police and Netto show up. Ken confesses to be the one behind BrightMan's actions while telling the mob boss he was not behind the police finding them.

BrightMan tells Ken to use the Dimensional Chip if he wants to be saved, and BrightMan materializes in the real world. Cross fused Rockman defeats BrightMan when Route sacrifices herself to regain control of the autopilot system and Ken, Mary, and the mob boss are arrested.

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