Kidd Gruff, known as Yagi Kenta (八木ケン太 Yagi Kenta) in Japan, is a young boy from a small town in the Loch Mess area. He met his FM-ian partner, Goat Foo, at Alohaha. When they EM Wave Change, they become Kung Foo Kid, a wood-based martial artist known for his exceptional speed.

Game History

Mega Man Star Force 2

Kidd Gruff appears in the Loch Mess village after the events involving Zack Temple and Plesio Surf occur. Speaking to him unlocks his EM Wave Changed form as a secret boss, who can be fought in another area of Loch Mess.

Kidd Gruff is a well-mannered and respecting fighter, and is always ready to challenge Mega Man to a sparring match.



  • The word "kid" can mean both a child or a young goat.
  • Kidd Gruff's surname may be a reference to the Norwegian fairytale Billy Goats Gruff.
  • His Japanese surname, Yagi (八木), means goat when written as 山羊.