Killer Bomb (キラーボム Kirā Bomu), known as Killer Bullet in some English sources, is an industrial flying bomb robot created to blow up distant objects. In the first Mega Man game, they appear as enemies in Bomb Man's stage, Fire Man's stage and in Dr. Wily's Robot Manufacturing Plant that explode on impact or when damaged.

A giant Killer Bomb has a cameo appearance in the stage Dr. Wily's Military Base from Marvel vs. Capcom.

Mega Man Legacy Collection data

An industrial robot created to blow up distant objects. You'll take damage if it detonates too close to you.

Other media



A Bullet Bill in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

  • Killer Bombs look similar to Bullet Bills from the Mario series, especially the Banzai Bill variety from Super Mario World. Also of note is that Bullet Bills are known as "Killers" in Japan, and Killer Bombs are known as Killer Bullets in some English sources, such as the first game's manual and in Mega Man Powered Up.

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