King Flyer (キングフライヤー Kingu Furaiyā) is a giant fly Mechaniloid that appear as a sub-boss in the Mega Man ZX series. It is operated by remote control and uses a special chemical fuel called Methanhydrate (メタンハイドレート a mistranslation of methane hydrate). It was put into production a short time before Mega Man ZX and only a few exist. In Mega Man ZX they are green and in Mega Man ZX Advent they are blue.


Mega Man ZX

King Flyers appear twice on the highway to confront Vent or Aile. After being defeated, it will collapse and cause the ground to sink, forcing the player to wall climb back up.

Mega Man ZX Advent

A blue King Flyer appears en route to Legion HQ and when destroyed, collapses in a fashion similar to the first Mega Man ZX game.

Fly Chopper

Fly Chopper, known as Fly Copter (フライコプター Furai Koputā) in Japan, is a small fly Mechaniloid from Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent that are released by King Flyer in sets of three. In Mega Man ZX Advent they were upgraded into "Fly Chopper 2" and also appear in Legion without the King Flyer, as they are now able to move independently.

Similar enemies

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