King Glydon (キンググライドン) is Glyde's main ship in Mega Man Legends 2. After the destruction of his base in Calbania Island, he and the Birdbots use the King Glydon to attack Nino Island. Roll Caskett starts fixing the Parabola Gun to use against the airship while Mega Man Volnutt protects her from its Glyde Missiles. After some time, Glyde has enough and decides to destroy the whole city with the most powerful weapon of King Glydon, the Ultimate Glyde Buster hidden in its neck, so there will be nothing between him and the ruins, but when it was preparing to fire, Roll finished to repair the Parabola Gun and activated it, causing everyone inside King Glydon to be confused and destroy their own airship.


Glyde and the Birdbots inside the ship, after being hit by the Parabola Gun

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