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Klaymoor, known as Bancoscus (バンコスカス Bankosukasu) in Japan, is Bola's brother[1] and a veteran air-pirate. His old age seems to be catching up with him, but he still seems to be a tough fighter and is determined to find the Mother Lode. He has a blaster arm and tough armor that is weak against the Drill Arm.

He first appears in the beginning of the game disguised as a reporter, where he is gathering information about the four keys needed to find the Mother Lode, and calls his partner to help find them. While in Manda Island, he asks Bola to search for the key in the Manda Ruins while he check out another island. Mega Man meets him twice in the Nino Ruins, but Klaymoor had to stop when he had back pain and asked Bola to help him. He and Bola were last seen in Calinca helping the Bonnes and Glyde, but they decide to stop the search for the keys.


Nino Ruins 5F (Key Room)


Klaymoor on Manda Island

He will confront you after getting the key. He only has two attacks here, shooting a round of machine gun bullets in three directions and shooting out homing blue sparks that will stun Mega Man Volnutt (a Light Barrier will block this effect). While circling him might be a good strategy, he has a tendency to predict where Mega Man is going with how fast he changes direction (i.e he will catch up to you and you might run into straight into a stream of bullets). A fully-powered Drill Arm will end the match in seconds.

Nino Ruins 1F (First Room with exit)

He blocks the way to the exit ladder this time. Aside from the above attacks, he can now throw a pink homing beam that will knock out Mega Man if hit, two laser beams from his two hands a la Megaman Juno but would still hit Mega Man even if he jumps and floating red bombs that would float in the air and can be made to home in on Mega Man. It is recommended to keep close to him and use the Drill Arm when there is an opportunity.


  • Klaymoor's name in the English Mega Man Legends 2 instruction manual is the same of the Japanese manual, Bancoscus.
  • During the opening scene of Mega Man Legends 2, Klaymoor wears civillian clothing over his armor. As Tron, Tiesel and Glyde are dressed in normal clothing instead, this implies the majority of Klaymoor's body is mechanical in nature.
  • His English name probably comes from claymore, which is a large, two-handed, double-edged sword, but is also the name of an explosive device similar to a land mine.
  • Klaymoor is 230 cm tall.[2]
  • The theme that plays when you fight him is a different variant of the theme that plays when you fight Bola on Manda Ruins.


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