KnightMan's Betrayal! is the fourth-fourth Japanese episode and the thirty-fourth English dub episode of MegaMan NT Warrior.


When her NetNavi KnightMan goes out of control and threatens BrightLand's cyber defense system, Princess Pride summons Lan for help. Lan, Maylu, Dex, Yai, and Tory arrive quickly on the scene, to discover KnightMan hacking away at BrightLand's protective Firewall--the country's primary protection against enemy invasion! MegaMan jacks in to restrain KnightMan, but soon discovers that one of Princess Pride's newest NetNavi subjects, MoltanicMan, is in fact the real traitor! It was he who hypnotized KnightMan, causing him to go berserk, as part of his plan to tear down BrightLand's defenses! With these defenses, his own country, DarkLand, can invade! Will Lan and MegaMan be able to stop the crafty MoltanicMan, before BrightLand is destroyed?![1]



Lan seems to know "Whip's" identity in the dubbed version.