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Komuso Man (コムソウマン Komusouman) is one of the seven powerful Robot Masters known as the Dimensions led by Rockman Shadow, who traveled from the future with the purpose of destroying the world in Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha. Komuso Man's design was based on that of a Komusō, a mendicant monastic.

Kosumo Man attacks by making invincible doubles of himself, which go to the top of the screen and each of the three Komuso Men fire three projectiles downward in different directions. He can also conjure four fire pillars when standing in the center of the screen. Komuso Man is weak against Aircon Man's Barrier Wind and Forte Cyclone. Konro Man's Flame Shower and Flame Mixer are also effective, rapidly decreasing his life.


  • His stage BGM is recycled from Tengu Man's stage in Mega Man & Bass.