Kotobuki Town under radiation.

Not to be confused with Kotobukiya, the real life toy company.

Kotobuki Town (コトブキ町) is a town of Den City [1], Electopia in Mega Man Battle Network 2.

The Kotobuki town is accessible via the Metroline using the KotoPass which Lan Hikari's father, Yuichiro Hikari, will give to him near the end of the game. Gospel's headquarters is in a building from Kotobuki. Gospel's server is located in the top of the building, where MegaMan faces the Gospel beast.

Kotobuki Area

Kotobuki Area (コトブキエリア), Koto Area for short, is the Internet area from Kotobuki town.

Interest Points


  1. Street BBS: "The Center,which manages the Square, is in Marine Harb. That's also the fanciest spot in DenCity! Residential areas near Marine Harb. would be ACDC Town, and Kotobuki... Where is everyone jacking in from?"