Kuiper Droids

The Kuiper Droids are a group of villainous robots from the Mega Man series by Archie Comics who serve Ra Moon and the Stardroids. Introduced in Issue 42, their membership included a unit who would be recreated as the Robot Master Shadow Man.


A force of Kuiper Droids were tasked by Terra with escorting Ra Moon to safety when the Star Marshals arrived seeking to destroy it. While the Stardroids engaged most of the Marshals, one by the name of Quartet located the fleeing Ra Moon and its bodyguard and attacked. He succeeded in destroying every Kuiper Droid but the future Shadow Man, only to be betrayed by one of his own comrades: Trio. Shadow Man then conducted Ra Moon the rest of the way to Earth, falling inactive upon completing his mission. While he was later restored to activity by Ra Moon and redesigned by Dr. Wily, it is unknown if any other Kuiper Droids still exist.

Background Information

  • The Kuiper Droids are named after the Kuiper belt, a large collection of asteroids and other material that exists in our solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune and encompasses Pluto. This is in keeping with the Stardroid trend of being named after elements of the solar system.
  • The Kuiper Droids and their enemies the Star Marshals are cases of groups exclusive to the Archie Comics that include characters from the Mega Man games.
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