Kunio Kurogane is a character from Rockman.EXE Beast, hailing from Beyondard. In episode 15, he is riding his NetNavi, ChargeMan.EXE, who is substantiated in the real world, down some railroad tracks as ChargeMan informs him some Beasted Outed Viruses were destroying the railroad tracks. The viruses are destroyed by Blues.EXE and Roll.EXE, and ChargeMan and Kunio give Ijuuin Enzan and Meiru Sakurai a ride to Shirokuni Town, noting that they are 7 minutes late. The Railroad Kingdom

He appears in the final episode of the season next to Miyata and Granny, watching as the Wily-possessed Super Cyber Beast flies through the sky declaring he has control of both Falzer and Glaga armies and that resistance to him is futile. Exceeding Light

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