Kuruguru (クルグル) is a Reaverbot encased in a hard shell that cannot be damaged by MegaMan's buster. Attacking one Kuruguru continuously will make it flip and fidget around on its back, making it unable to move and exposing its vulnerable underside. This Reaverbot is slow moving, but when it spots a target, it will charge in a short burst of speed to cause heavy damage.

In Mega Man Legends they appear inside the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate, and a gold-colored variation appears in the Main Gate. In Mega Man Legends 2 Mega Man can pick up and throw Kurugurus, making it easier to flip them. While the normal and golden variations are the same in the first game, the golden Kuruguru is stronger in Mega Man Legends 2. Kuruguru also appears in Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!.



  • The name Kuruguru appears to be based on "guruguru", a Japanese onomatopoeia for "turning round and round".

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