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Kuwagust Anchus (クワガスト・アンカトゥス Kuwagasuto Ankatusu) is one of the bosses of Mega Man Zero 2. He is a Mutos Reploid based on the stag beetle (Kuwagata in Japan) and a member of Sage Harpuia's Strong Air Battalion.

In light of Elpizo's Operation Righteous Strike, Sage Harpuia sees this as reason for a counter-attack, and sends Kuwagust to commandeer an airship, armed with a bomb, on course for the Resistance Base. As he was built with the same technology as Herculious Anchus, they are known as brother Reploids, and he mentions him during his battle against Zero. If Zero defeats Kuwagust with Rank A or S, he will gain the EX Skill Sengatotsu.

When the player faces Kuwagust again in Yggdrasil, Zero fights both him and Herculious together, who both die once they are tricked into colliding into each other, resulting in their simultaneous demise after being brainwashed by Elpizo.


Kuwagust will use these attacks when fighting Zero:

  • Dash - Kuwagust will charge at Zero to grab him. If the player dodges, Kuwagust will turn around and try again, charging up to a total of three times. If Kuwagust catches Zero, he will pinch Zero in a grab position, causing continuous damage until Zero manages to break free.
  • Cyclone - Kuwagust will summon a whirlwind to try and grab Zero. Dashing away from it is useless, but it can be avoided by dash jumping over Kuwagust.
    • Mandible Clutch - If Kuwagust catches Zero, he will do a pinch that causes heavy damage and causes an explosion.
  • Beat Anchor - Kuwagust will summon four lasers in a sequence to shoot Zero.
  • EX Skill: Spinning Blade (スピニングブレード) - Kuwagust Anchus forces Zero back with a gust from his spinning pincers, then charges at him, leaving a trail of electric sparks behind him.


Nickname: Wind God of Pincer Attacks (Kyougeki no Fuujin, 狭撃の風神)

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  • The second name of Herculious and Kuwagust is the same in Japan, but had different translations: Anchortus and Anchus. This issue was fixed in Mega Man Zero Collection.
  • The character may be a reference to Gravity Beetle, as both characters are based on bugs and had a brother who died at the hands of the protagonists and wanted to avenge them. Kuwagust is also based on the same bug as Boomer Kuwanger, Gravity Beetle's brother.


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