Lagrano Ruins (ラグラノ廃墟) is a location from Mega Man X: Command Mission, a lighthouse-shaped building in Giga City located north-east of Central Tower. It is the ruins of a Reploid laboratory that was destroyed when Epsilon went berserk. After the Rebellion Army took over, it was cut off from the rest of the island, and these ruins are unknown to the main populace. X, Zero and Shadow survey the ruins in the first chapter of the game.


There are 21 items.

Area Description Item Boxes
Entrance Hall The entrance of the ruins, with one door to the East Block and another leading to the West Block. Part of the structure crumbles at the beginning of the game, and X is separated from Zero and Shadow. X forced to travel through the East Block to meet with them. None
Area 1F-East Area with a security terminal that opens a door in the West Block, allowing Zero and Shadow to proceed, while they open a door in the East Block. The area contains a Save Device. 50 Zenny
Build LE
East Area Stairs, 1F to 2F Stairs to the next floor. The walls are damaged and it's possible to see the rain and lightings outside. None
Area 2F-East The second floor. After examining the four pods in the 2F: New Model Reploid Development area, Zero unlocks the door in that area. The door in the West Block was broken, so X didn't need to unlock it. Tank Energy 25
30 Zenny
70 Zenny
2F: New Model Reploid Development A large room with four Reploid production pods that were used for Wild Jango, Dr. Psyche, Silver Horn and Mach Jentra. The West Block also contained four pods used for unknown Reploids. None
East Area Stairs, 2F to 3F Stairs to the next floor. None
Area 3F-East The area has a room with a terminal which activation must be synchronized with the West Block. After X and Zero activates them, they are discovered and 1 Preon Chaser attacks X. After the fight, X receives the first two Force Metals: X Heart and LE +100. Tank Energy 25
Melt Missile
3F: High Performance Reploid Development A large room that was used to produce two high-performance Reploids: Scarface and Epsilon. The West Block also contains two pods used for unknown Reploids. None
East Area Stairs, 3F to 4F Stairs to the next floor. Like 1F to 2F, the walls are damaged and it's possible to see the rain outside. Tank Energy 50
Area 4F-East Area with a Save Device and a door that only opens with the Lagrano Key. Backup
Build Shield
Tank Energy
4F: Test Hall 1 X meets up with Zero in this area. Hippopressor breaks through the wall and enters the building, attacking them. The rain outside has stopped. Power +1
Speed +1
Area 4F-West The area Zero came from. Tank Parts
80 Zenny
West Block Stairs, 4F to 5F Stairs to the next floor. None
Area 5F-West Vaccine Program
5F: Test Hall 2 X and Zero meet up with Shadow and they face the leader of the Rebellion, Epsilon. Shadow betrays X and Zero, and the two are also attacked by Scarface, Ferham and Botos. Zero is throw off of the building by an attack. X, being at a disadvantage, jumps from the building to escape, later awakening in Central Tower. After completing Chapter 2, it's possible to return to this area. None
East Block Stairs, 4F to 5F Stairs that can only be accessed with the Lagrano Key. It contains a broken Deerball that can be used in the Deployment Center. Like the stairs to 1F to 2F and 3F to 4F, this area has broken walls with visible rain. Tank Parts
Figure Token
Figure Token
Area 5F-East Area with three secret shops. None


Area 5F-East has three secret shops run by Saffron, Cumin and Jasmine.

Secret Item Shop

ItemPrice Ƶ
Ultra Fire600
Ultra Blizzard600
Ultra Thunder600
Boost Power200
Boost Armor200
Boost Shield200
Boost Speed200

Secret Weapon Shop

Main WeaponPrice Ƶ
Turbo Buster100000
Soul Saber10000
Vengeful Needles70000
Kitty Gloves50000
Auto Bullets75000
Sub WeaponPrice Ƶ
Get Zenny +7000
Get EXP +7000
Get FME +7000
Energy Field4000
Super Absorber6000
Vitality Missiles10000

Secret Force Metal Shop

Force Metal Price Ƶ
Assassin Mind 700
Eagle Eye 280
Light as a Feather 800
Neutralizer -10 900
Neutralizer -20 2700
Neutralizer -30 8100


Lagrano inside

Screenshot from inside the ruins.

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