"A long time ago, my husband used to dig out there on those ruins...But one day, he was attacked by a Reaverbot, and...I'm sorry--I didn't mean to bring that up..."
—Kattelox Island citizen

The Lake Jyun (ジュウイン湖) is a location from Mega Man Legends that covers the western side of Kattelox Island, being accessed from Uptown. The Lake Jyun Sub-Gate is in an island in the middle of the lake. When Mega Man Volnutt tries to enter the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate with a boat, he is attacked by the Bonne Family.

Lake Jyun Sub-Gate

Lake Jyun Sub-Gate

The Lake Jyun Sub-Gate (ジュウイン湖のサブゲート) is the entrance to the underground ruins in Lake Jyun. This ruin has water flowing on the walls and floor and Sharukurusus with the ability to turn invisible. These ruins also house the unique Firushudot Reaverbot and a large red Quantum Refractor guarded by the Garudoriten. This is the first part of the story that requires the player to obtain a special item (Jump Springs) before being able to continue deeper in.


Enemies in the Lake Jyun:

Enemies in the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate:



  • Lake Jyun was named after one of the game's creators,[1] apparently the programmer Masaru Ijuin.
  • There is a small glitch during the ship battle with the Bonnes, Roll will just drive right through the sea wall and the game will soon freeze up. [Citation needed]


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