Lamplort (ランプロート) is a Mechaniloid made to cook fish. It appears in Mega Man Zero 3 in the Aegis Volcano Base (Blazin' Flizard's stage). It attacks by shooting flame out of one end and shielding the other. It does not turn around, but can be turned by a fully-charged, forward strike from Zero's Recoil Rod. It can be easily destroyed by either a well-aimed, fully-charged strike from the Z-Saber, the EX Skill Soul Launcher, the sparks released from the EX Skill Sabersmash when equipped with the Thunder Chip, while used on level ground with the Lamplort, or by jumping up and pointing a downward directed Recoil Rod.

Lamplort X

Lamplort X is an upgraded version of Lamplort that was originally designed for burning garbage. Unlike its predecessor, it continually turns 180 degrees on its own, back and forth. It is found in most levels of Mega Man Zero 4. Zero can use his Zero Knuckle to steal either the Lamp Shield or the Lamp Burner. Stealing the shield won't destroy it, but stealing the burner will.

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