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"Jack in, MegaMan! Power Up!"
―Lan, MegaMan NT Warrior

Lan Hikari, known as Netto Hikari (光 熱斗 Hikari Netto) in Japan, is the main protagonist of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, a role he shares with his NetNavi MegaMan. A fifth grader at ACDC Elementary School, Lan is joined by his friends in his many adventures as he fights evil. He is the only son of Yuichiro and Haruka Hikari. When merged with MegaMan though Cross Fusion, Lan becomes Cross Fusion MegaMan, known as Cross Fusion Rockman (クロスフュージョンロックマン Kurosu Fyūjon Rokkuman) in Japan.


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Lan has few differences between himself and his video game counterpart, with the largest difference being his relationship with his NetNavi MegaMan; in the video games, MegaMan is in actuality his twin brother Hub, who had passed away at birth and given new life as MegaMan, while in the anime, MegaMan is a custom Navi gifted to him by his father for entering the fifth grade with no relation to Lan. Another large difference is Lan's ability to fuse with MegaMan with Cross Fusion, an element not present in the video games.

Lan is a young and headstrong boy, often letting his achievements and victories get to his head making him over confident, leading to his judgement being clouded. He is, however, a sharp and skilled NetBattler, bringing unexpected victory against an opponent when they believe they have the upper hand. His impressive show of skill lead him to be recruited as a NetSaver, where he showed an equal talent in fighting with Cross Fusion. He has a short temper, and can easily annoyed by a situation that frustrates him, and often has a foul mouth during these situations.

As the series progresses, Lan matures and gains a level head, no longer rushing into situations over confidently or without thinking and working alongside his comrades to tackle situations, as well as asking and taking advice from others.

Lan is loyal and kind to not only his friends, but most others he meets during his journeys, even his enemies, leading to him making many friends and allies. He is the childhood friend of Maylu Sakurai, who shows romantic interest in him, though he is oblivious to it most of the time. Over time, he makes friends with rivals Chaud Blaze and Raika and the three make a team.

Lan is a glutton for food, and his favorite food is curry, is a regular customer at Number 1 Curry.

In the original Japanese version of the show, Lan is known to use foul language when frustrated, a trait he shares with his video game counterpart.


MegaMan NT Warrior

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Lan’s damaged NormalNavi after being defeated by GutsMan.

Lan debuts losing a net battle against local bully Dex Ogreon, with his NetNavi GutsMan fighting Lan's NormalNavi, which, though he shows great skill with, is unfit for battle. His father, Yuichiro Hikari, comes through on his promise to make Lan a custom NetNavi upon his entering the fifth grade, and gives him MegaMan. Despite Lan's initial reprehension of the blue Navi, thinking he was small and weak, MegaMan showed great prowess in stopping viruses causing an oven fire in Lan's house, defeating GutsMan, and then defeating Mr. Match’s NetNavi TorchMan when he set Maylu Sakurai's house on fire, and the two become fast friends. Jack In! MegaMan!

Lan and MegaMan clashed with Match and the other World Three agents, Count Zap, Maddy, and Yahoot, during his adventures while aided by three mysterious NetAgents and many Traffic Signal Chaos! new Count to Three! friends Ice Ice Baby! along the way as well as meeting his then-rival Chaud Blaze, of whom he and his NetNavi ProtoMan were initially unimpressed with the two's skills. The Yoga Warrior! The two then participate in the N-1 Grand Prix, where they learn of and practice the legendary Program Advance Street Fight! and overcome many opponents, including the World Three and their Solo NetNavis StoneMan and BlasterMan, before facing off against Chaud and ProtoMan in the finals. MegaMan and ProtoMan engage in an epic fight, and even when the arena begins to sink into the sea due to a structural failure, Lan and Chaud saw the fight through to the end, where ProtoMan is the victor. Despite having won the respect of their rivals, MegaMan is deleted when the awakened PharaohMan attacks the two Navis and MegaMan takes the blow for ProtoMan, shocking everyone present and crushing Lan's spirit. That Sinking Feeling! Though hope seemed lost, MegaMan's mark appears on the screens of the PETs of Lan's friends, and they come together to help revive MegaMan, who then defeats PharaohMan. MegaMan Lives!

As prize for winning second place in the N-1, Lan and MegaMan take a trip around the world where they travel to Jyawaii, where them and their friends encounter a ghost ship Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship! and meet cyber idol Aki To Become An Idol!, Netopia, where Lan forges a strong friendship with Raoul and helps him and the local residents of Heaven City stop the corrupt Mayor Daryl from destroying their homes MegaMan Stolen! and where he takes on Ms. Million's Survival Seven game in Brand City with the help of Chaud SnakeMan's Survival Seven, Kingland, where Lan battles Count Zap once more Don't Mess with Mama Zap!, and finally Namaste, where Lan indulges on curry from several locations before taking on the World Three agents once more before returning home. The Great Curry Battle

The duo are then introduced to the NetCity NetCity! where the learn about Grave while destroying their virus factory underneath the city. The Virus Factory Lan and MegaMan then clash with Grave and their operatives while learning about Style Change and meet Princess Pride of Brightland, of whom Lan becomes close friends with. Guess Who's Coming to NetBattle! Lan also befriends Tora Chess Mess! and Kyuta Hoshida Take Me Out to the Ball Game! and helps Pride save KnightMan from the treachery of MoltanicMan and prevents the World Three from being revived Mr. Wily's Legacy! before his and MegaMan's final clash with Grave, FreezeMan, and their Grave Virus Beast. With the aid of his friends and allies, Match's new Navi HeatMan, and the mysterious Navi Bass, Grave is defeated once and for all. The VirusBeast! Grave (episode) Bass (episode) The End of the End! Lan then meets Dex's younger brother Chisao and helps his father qualm a new experiment involving bringing the cyber world materialize in the real world, defeating the Life Virus causing all the problems. Virus Busting

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

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Early on in the series, Lan shows great potential in NetBattling after stopping the Darkloid FlashMan, and is recruited as a NetSaver. As the series progresses he meets many other NetSavers, such as Gorou Misaki and PrismMan, Raika and SearchMan, and even Chaud Blaze and ProtoMan.

Yamato Man

Rockman.EXE Stream

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Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program

This film takes place between episodes 22 and 29 of Stream. Episodes 29 and beyond are summarized after this section.

At some point during Stream, Netto and Rockman take part in a NetBattle tournament and spend the day with their friends at the Thousand Amusements building, though they are called away while watching a Duel Masters movie. Dr. Hikari orders Netto to get to the Trident Tower to destroy the Tadashi Hikari Program to stop Spectrum, a program that de-materializes humans and turns them into data. Despite Netto's efforts, the de-materialization phenomenon rips through the Trident Tower and the Thousand Amusement building, de-materializing Netto's friends and throwing him into depression. His father comforts him and the two hold a meeting on what to do about the Spectrum crisis and Nebula Gray. The meeting is interrupted when Dr. Regal re-emerges, having survived the events of Axess, and kidnaps Dr. Hikari.

Charlie takes Netto to meet up with Enzan and they meet up with Raika, and the three prepare to attack Dr. Regal's base on the island of KA-222. Upon reaching the base the three Cross Fuse but are overwhelmed by robots that look like Dream Bits, and C.F. Blues and C.F SearchMan stay behind to fight them off while C.F. Rockman goes ahead, where he is aided by Barrel. Netto watches as Rockman gives Forte his Ultimate Program, pleading that his Navi not give up his life, however the two become Forte Cross Rockman and obliterate Nebula Gray. The world is restored, and Netto and Yuichiro escape while Barrel stays behind, and the former leave KA-222 with Enzan and Raika. Netto meets back up with his restored friends. Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program

Stream cont.

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Rockman.EXE Beast

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Rockman.EXE Beast+

Sometime after the events of Beast, Netto has a nightmare where he is chased down by beastized viruses, however he wakes up on the floor and remembers he is no longer in Beyondard. He receives an upgraded PET and Battle chips that allow Rockman to Beast Out at will from his father, and investigates beastized viruses that have somehow emerged despite the Beast Factor being eliminated, as well as strange cybernetic plants that have begun substantiating in the real world sucking energy from power plants. He is then attacked by a red Navi-like being but is saved by C.F. Blues. The Name is Zero While discussing the latest crisis Netto and the others are introduced to the Professor, who reveals he is behind it all, and Netto and Rockman utilize the Glaga Beast Out chip for the first time. Zero Virus (episode) After another confrontation with Zero, Netto then learns from Maha Jarama that the Professor worked for the World Three before Dr. Wily was defeated, and investigates an address the former gives him. Zero Invasion Netto discovers the restaurant is a cover for the Professor's hideout, and C.F Rockman finds the remains of the Super Cyber Beast. Sushi Factory Trap Learning that the cyber plants are being used to revive the Super Cyber Beast, C.F. Rockman and C.F. Blues confront the Professor where they learn that Zero is a virus and not a Navi , but before Netto and Enzan can reprimand the Professor, he awakens the Super Cyber Beast. Zero's True Character Netto and Enzan are unable to arrest the Professor, but they plug-in their Navis and defeat the Super Cyber Beast once and for all. Super Cyber Beast Again!

Netto finds that the Beyondardians Chirol and Kurohige have somehow found their way into his world and are working with BubbleMan The Demon Deko de a~ru to harvest rare metal from dolls made by Yaito's company to produce Copyroids. C.F Rockman fights and defeats UnitedCircusDiveMan with the help of C.F. Blues, ending the Beyondardians plan, Big Things are Good Things Puku! but is forced to save them when they use Reverse Synchro Chips and end up almost being trapped in the cyberworld forever. Cross Fusion de a~ru

Netto discovers how to harness other NetNavis powers alongside the Beast Out powers to create powerful Cross Beast combinations and helps Count Elec battle his estranged wife Ann for custody over ElecMan The Elecitel Family Situation before accompanying them to the Elecitel's estate in Kingland to find Count Elec's family fortune. Electric-Shock Exploration Party!

He later finds that two more Beyondarians, Dotarou Horisugi and Mr. Press, have also found their way onto his world, and comes into conflict when they begin tearing up the town. The Hole-Digging Rascals Have Come! He then helps calm the Maha Pickaxes, giant Metall helpers of Dotarou and Mr. Press, who have been infected with the Zero Virus and have also arrived on Earth's network. Rampaging Metall

Netto comes to battle Tsuyuharu Nyūdō, a disgraced weatherman of whom Netto and his friends mocked, Mini Mini Typhoon as well as Satoru Roppo, and over zealous prosecutor who takes the law into his own hands. The Keeper of Law

Netto and his friends celebrate Dekao's birthday, where they encounter the Zero Virus again and are confronted by the Professor, who has created Zero One. Virus with a Heart Netto, Dekao, Rockman, GutsMan and the Zero Virus defeat Zero One and the Professor but at the cost of the Zero Virus's life. Zero's Spirit

He then has one last encounter with BubbleMan, who steals Meiru's limited edition bag trying to find his Miniroid. I Want Limited Goods Puku

Netto and his friends start competing at the Battle Station at Higureya where they learn that Toru and IceMan are at the top of the board despite not hanging out with them and confront him much to his confusion. After learning it was a fake IceMan, Netto and the others reconcile with Toru. Iceman the Strongest

Yamato Spear

Powers, abilities, and forms

Lan, despite being human, gains abilities when cross fused with MegaMan, obtaining roughly the same powers as him, though due to cross fusion straining Lan already, he cannot hold these forms nearly as long or as well as MegaMan.

Cross Fusion

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Performed with MegaMan. Lan forms an “armor” of MegaMan on himself, allowing him to fight enemies in the real world with the assistance of a Dimensional Area.

Double Soul

Lan utilizes Double Soul when going up against C.F. LaserMan in the season finale of Axess. Because Cross Fusion already uses up much of Lan's strength, adding Double Soul onto it drained Lan of his energy quickly. Despite loading Proto Soul into his PET with the others, he never uses it.

Metal Soul C.F. MegaMan.

C.F. MegaMan uses Metal Soul to enhance his strength and durability, allowing him to defend against being crushed by C.F. LaserMan's fist.

Torch Soul C.F. MegaMan.

C.F. MegaMan countered C.F. LaserMan's Star Break Laser with Torch Soul's Fire Arm.

Thunder Soul C.F. MegaMan.

C.F. MegaMan uses Thunder Soul's Elec Beam to break the ground underneath C.F. LaserMan, causing him to lose his footing.

Search Soul C.F. MegaMan.

In an effort to finish off Regal, Lan uses Search Soul's Scope Gun, barely having enough energy to aim. He manages to lock on and fire, but this does not phase C.F. LaserMan.

Yamato Man

Beast Form

Beast Form C.F. Rockman.

When Beyondard Dr. Wily begins to pour the Beast Factor into Rockman after the former absorbed Trill's data to gain the power of the Synchronizer in an effort to eradicate it, Netto cross fuses with Rockman in an attempt to save his friend. The result of this was "Beast Form Cross Fusion Rockman" (獣化クロスフュージョンロックマン Jūka Kurosu Fyūjon Rokkuman), which combined the powers of Glaga and Falzer into C.F. Rockman and making him immensely powerful, allowing him to easily crush the Super Cyber Beast.

Yamato Spear

Battle Chips

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Battle Chips carried by Lan:

Yamato Man

Other appearances

The anime versions of Netto and Rockman are the main characters of Rockman.EXE WS, a video game for the WonderSwan Color that loosely adapts the events of the first season of the show.

Yamato Spear


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  • In the Japanese version of the show, Netto is the only character who says “.EXE” when plugging in his Navi (Plug-in! Rockman.EXE! Transmission! (プラグイン!ロックマンエグゼ!トランスミッション! Puragu-in! Rokkuman Eguze! Toransumisshon!)). No other character says this part when plugging in their Navis. Meiru also refers to Rockman as such in the 32nd episode of the first season.
  • Lan created the precursor to the wireless jack-in port.
  • Lan’s worst subject is math.