This article is about the MegaMan NT Warrior anime character. For his video game counterpart, see LaserMan.EXE.

LaserMan.EXE (レーザーマン Rēzāman) is the NetNavi of Dr. Regal in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series, serving as both the second leader of the Darkloids (after overthrowing their previous leader ShadeMan) and a major antagonist from within the second half of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess.


Like his video game counterpart, LaserMan is Regal's NetNavi and presence join the cyberworld. However, while in the video games LaserMan is his own being, in the anime is debatable that he is instead merely Regal's cyberworld avatar. Points toward this idea is that the two share the same Japanese voice actor, and that LaserMan has much of the same personality traits as Regal, even mirroring his body language. In the episode Ms. Yuri's Mission, while LaserMan was the one shown on the screens talking to Ms. Yuri, Regal was talking through LaserMan through a microphone, further solidifying this theory.


MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

During the events of episode 27, LaserMan first appears when ShadeMan attacks Dr. Regal's ship base. ShadeMan attempts to strike down LaserMan, but his attacks go right through, revealing that the latter was speaking through a hologram and wasn't in the real world to begin with. LaserMan then destroys the Dimensional Converters and forces all of the viruses and ShadeMan to de-materialize. He then usurps ShadeMan's position as the new leader of the Darkloids. He commands them on various missions and transforms ProtoMan (who had been corrupted with a Dark Chip) into a complete Darkloid, with the latter being reborn as Dark ProtoMan.

Near the end of Axess, Dr. Regal reveals his plan to cover the entire world in a Dimensional Area, and then proceeds to initiate it using a tower with enough Dimensional Converters to do the job. He soon proceeds to use a Dark Synchro Chip, fusing with LaserMan and deleting ShadeMan who had come to exact his vengeance. Afterwards, Regal melds his body into a giant robotic version of LaserMan and goes on a rampage, attacking various places around the globe. To do that, Regal creates pseudo-materialized holograms using his advanced tech.

After the destruction of the giant-sized Cross Fusion LaserMan, his body along with Dr. Regal's are thrown into the Undernet, and LaserMan is destroyed. However, while Dr. Regal survives and makes his return in the movie Rockman.EXE: Hikari to Yami no Program, LaserMan is never seen again.

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