For the Mega Man X5 stage, see Laser Institute Stage

Laser Institute (レーザー研究所 Rēzā Kenkyūjo) is Shield Sheldon's stage in Mega Man X6. It is a mysterious, unauthorized laser research facility.


The stage starts outside the facility at night. Entering the facility, there are laser cannons that need to be redirected using mirrors in order to open several gates. If the Nightmare Phenomenon is present, there are added Nightmare Bugs and Cubes as well. Once the end of the hall is reached, there is a choice of two doors to be opened: the one in the wall leads to the boss fight with Shield Sheldon, while the one in the floor leads to more laser puzzles and secrets, including the warp to the alternate path. Said alternate area is full of spikes and pits that must be traversed by hanging from rails, leading to the encounter with either Zero Nightmare, High Max or Dynamo.



  • Life Up: Before the stage's warp to the alternate path, the Life Up can be found sitting atop a spiked floor.
  • Weapon Sub Tank: Also found on the spiked floor in the same section as the Life Up.
  • Blade Armor's Body Program: In the same area as the other secrets, pass through a wall of blocks on the left (X or Zero will comment that they feel a draft of air near it). There is an invisible platform in the middle of the pit which can be used to safely reach the capsule on the other side.


  • The Stage Select Screen pointer indicates that the stage is situated in the Pacific Coast, specifically California. However, as the map contains errors, it is unknown if this is its actual location.

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