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Launch Octopus, known in Japan as Launcher Octopuld (ランチャー・オクトパルド Ranchā Okutoparudo), is an octopus-type Reploid in the Mega Man X series. He is a former Maverick Hunter who joined Sigma's rebellion.


Launch Octopus is a bitter individual who has secretly always harbored contempt toward the humans he was tasked with protecting. In the Maverick Hunter X continuity, he also has a flamboyant and somewhat effeminate side, taking such great pride in his combat skills that he considers it an art form.

Launch Octopus was good friends with Volt Kraken during their time as Maverick Hunters. However, the two were separated when Octopus joined Sigma's rebellion while Kraken refused. When X helped fight the uprising he was forced to destroy Octopus, leading to a rift forming between X and Kraken.


Mega Man X

Launch Octopus was once a Maverick Hunter in the 6th Naval Unit. He was one of the eight major Hunters who joined Sigma's Maverick uprising, sharing his goal of creating a Reploid nation. He deployed his fleet of marine Mechaniloids to assault cities built on the ocean and blockade important shipping lanes, but he was stopped by X.

Launch Octopus later reappeared in the third part of Sigma's Hideout along with all the other Maverick bosses.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Launch Octopus reappeared as one of the eight guardian Mavericks of Laguz Island, resurrected by Berkana as a loyal servant. X faced him in X Mission as part of Gareth's challenge.


Mega Man X

His Homing Torpedo, though his main weapon, is the least of the player's worries, as he can pull X toward him in a whirlpool and drain his energy, but if the player uses Boomerang Cutter against him three times, he loses his tentacles, and thus cannot use the ability. But his main weakness is the Rolling Shield, since it ruptures his internal buoyancy/pressure system.[Citation needed]


  • Homing Torpedo (ホーミングトーピード) - Launch Octopus fires clusters of torpedoes in sets of three from his shoulders. Was misspelled as "Horming Torpedo" in the Stage Select Screen.
  • Piranha (ピラニア) - Launch Octopus fires four piranha-shaped homing torpedoes from his tentacles. The piranhas can be destroyed.
  • Whirpool (渦潮) - Launch Octopus will spin and create a whirlpool, pulling X in his direction. If he succeeds, he will catch X and start draining his energy (the "Energy Drain" from the Stage Select screen) until he manages to break free.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Launch Octopus is weak to Tri-Thunder, the weapon wrested from Volt Catfish. Hitting him with any version of Ray Claw just once will sever his tentacles. The weapon X gains from defeating Launch Octopus is Marine Tornado, his whirlpool ability. If Zero defeats him in Extreme Mode, he will gain Fish Fang, which is a nod to his piranha attack.


  • Missile (ミサイル) - Launch Octopus fires two missiles from his shoulders. The missiles can be destroyed.
  • Jump Missile (ジャンプミサイル) - After losing half of his life energy, Launch Octopus fires two missiles during a jump after a Missile attack. If his tentacles are cut, he will continuously fire missiles while jumping.
  • Piranha (ピラニア) - Launch Octopus fires two piranha-shaped homing torpedoes from his tentacles. The piranhas can be destroyed.
  • Marine Tornado (マリントルネード) - Launch Octopus will spin and create a whirlpool, pulling the player in his direction. If he succeeds, he will catch the player and start draining his energy until he manages to break free.



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Mega Man X stats

Launch Octopus (Launcher Octopuld)
Height: 238 cm (7.81 ft, mistakenly shown as 7.80 ft in-game)
Weight: 182 kg (401 lbs, mistakenly shown as 348 lbs in-game)
Attacks: Horming Torpedo (sic), E. Drain (Energy Drain)

Other appearances

Other media

Rockman X

Launch Octopus is the seventh Maverick that X fights in the manga, who tricked Marty, a mermaid Reploid, into helping him. After betraying him to save X, Octopus skewered Marty's body, which drove X to attack and ultimately defeat him. Marty's mind would ultimately survive Octopus's attack, and X later got her a new body.

Irregular Hunter Rockman X

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Launch Octopus was causing trouble and was stopped by X.

Rockman X Mega Mission

In the Carddass, Rockman X Mega Mission 3, Launch Octopus is revived as "Launcher Octopuld HL" (Launch Octopus HL), and disguises himself as a recruit Maverick Hunter named "Blau Launcher" to attack the Maverick Hunter base with three other Mavericks. Some of Launch Octopus' changes include his color scheme changed to blue and black, the top of his head is now a transparent red, and he uses a trident.

Archie Comics

Launch Octopus appeared as part of the Maverick Army in the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog crossover event, Worlds Unite. In the backup story for Mega Man Issue 50, Launch Octopus is indirectly mentioned where the female operator reports to Zero that reports are coming in about the 6th Marine Unit defecting to Sigma (who at that point had turned Maverick and revolted against humanity). He and various other Mavericks were resurrected by Sigma-1 through manipulation of the Genesis Portals, creating an army of Mavericks who were dispatched against Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, and their allies. Launch Octopus notably engaged the robot Gemerl during the ensuing battle, before departing with most of the Mavericks to various worlds to plant Sigma's Unity Engines.



  • While Launch Octopus didn't appear in Mega Man X5, he was revealed to be a friend and/or brother to Volt Kraken, depending on the translation; his name was translated as "Octopardo" in the game. This was later fixed in Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2, where he is referred to by his proper English name of "Launch Octopus".
  • On the U.S. box art for Mega Man X, Launch Octopus is colored purple instead of red and his face has an open mouth in place of a vent.
  • Oddly, in Mega Man Xtreme 2, even when the player severs Launch Octopus's tentacles with Ray Claw and defeats him, the tentacles reappear during his death animation.
  • Along with Armored Armadillo, Toxic Seahorse and Shield Sheldon, this Maverick is misnamed in the Music Gallery in Mega Man X Legacy Collection and 2. There, he is called "Launcher" Octopus.