"I am an artist, you see, X. An artist of underwater combat! But no one has recognized that fact. Not until now."
―Launch Octopus, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Launch Octopus, known as Launcher Octopuld (ランチャー・オクトパルド Ranchā Okutoparudo) in Japan, is one of the eight Mavericks in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.



Maverick Hunter formerly of the 6th Armada. With the plenty of firepower and military knowledge to match, this intellectual uses brain over brawn to outwit Mavericks. Seeking to achieve beauty in combat and strategy, he gains the ultimate pleasure from fighting elegantly and gracefully. Having taken over the ocean cities, he is planning to cut off all shipping routes.

Homing Torpedo

Fires a Torpedo capable of tracking enemies. As it picks up speed, it homes in on closest enemy and pursues it.




MHX Launch Octopus Piranha

Launch Octopus using his piranha attack in Maverick Hunter X.


X: Your antics stop here, Launch Octopus!

Launch Octopus: I only take orders from Sigma. There's no way I'll let you boss me around!

X: Face it... You've gone Maverick!

Launch Octopus: Maverick? How dare you call my artistic battle style by that name!

X: Launch Octopus... How could you do something like this?

Launch Octopus: I am an artist, you see, X. An artist of underwater combat! But no one has recognized that fact. Not until now.

X: But Sigma recognizes that?

Launch Octopus: That's right. And now I'm fighting to create an entire world that does, too! This is a very important battle for me.

X: Launch Octopus!!?

Launch Octopus: I am Launch Octopus! I´m under orders to deal with any intruders.

X: Sigma must have brought his body back to life!!

Launch Octopus: I have been ordered to fight.

Launch Octopus: Well, well, well... Look what the catfish dragged in. You plan on betraying Sigma, do you?

Vile: I'll tell you one thing... I don't like working for others.

Launch Octopus: A tough guy, hm? Ha ha ha! You're not half bad. I like you.

Vile: I don't care if a pitiful fool like you likes me or not!



  • Launch Octopus is the only Maverick with speaking lines when they are refought in the Sigma Palace.
  • His default personality depicts him as having flamboyant and slightly effeminate mannerisms.
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