Legendary Master Shin (レジェンドマスター・シン Legend Master Shin in Japan) is a character that appears in the Mega Man Star Force series. He has several uses in-game in both Mega Man Star Force and Mega Man Star Force 2. He supports, sanctions, and searches for all things Legendary.


True to his fabulous motif frequently seen in the series, besides the usual gray jean and yellow shirt, he also wears a translucent cape jacket with a red tie and a golden belt that reads "LEGEND". He also has a Visualizer with a portable radar attached that lets him see EM waves and detect them from a far distance.


In both the first and second Mega Man Star Force games, Legendary Master Shin recognizes players' Best Combos, and can turn them into one-time-use Battle Cards for a fee. In the second game, he is also the moderator of the Sky Hi Colosseum, and keeps track of the player's progress within it. He is capable of redeeming "Cipher" codes players find throughout the first and second game of the series, yielding chips, abilities, or different items for the player to use. Interestingly, in the first two games, Shin seems knowledgeable about MegaMan's actions and the battles going on. His role by the third game has been dramatically reduced; he is no longer capable of supporting the player and only appears once during a cutscene on the television where it is revealed that he is an EM Wave fanatic and scientist.

In the first and second games, the player could obtain a BrotherBand with Legendary Master Shin by using a wireless station during events, but now the only possible way is to use a cheat engine.



  • His name is based on Shinsuke Kodama.
  • Master Shin's role in the game is similar to that of Mr. Famous and at some point to that of Higsby, both characters from the Network series which were known for the code system of acquiring items.
  • In real life tournaments, Shin has 2 assistants, blue-wearing Wave Rider Kaz (ウェーブライダー・カズ) and red-wearing Wave Rider Akel (ウェーブライダー・アケル).
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, if you send him specific texts through Cipher Mail, there are special non-item reward dialogue he will give you.
    • Sending rude messages like “Moron!” and “That's a weird face!” will tick him off.
    • Sending compliments like “Ingenious!” and “I like it!” will excite him..
    • Sending “I love MegaMan!” will acknowledge the series’ 20th anniversary (when the game came out).
    • Sending “Legendary!” and “Legend Master Shin” will hype him up.
    • Sending “Try harder!” will have him discipline you.
    • Sending “MegaMan EXE” will have him acknowledge Mega Man Battle Network.
    • Sending “CAPCOM” will have him suck up to his creator. In the Japanese version, this was コロコロ.
    • Sending “WaveRiderKaz” or “WaveRiderAkel” will have him call you his assistant (erroneously?)
  • In Mega Man Star Force 2, he will scold you if you turn off the game during a Player vs Player Wi-Fi battle. The scoldings get worse every time you pull off the dastardly deed.
First Turn Off


I don't even want to think that you might have turned the power off in the middle of a Wi-Fi head-to-head match.

So please tell me that was not the case.

I know you wouldn't possibly think of turning the power off because you were losing the match,right?

Am I just being too paranoid?

You say your finger just slipped and turned the power off?





You're probably right!

Sometimes things like that just happen. There have been times when even I have gotten so into a match that I've turned the power off accidentally.

But! Think about how you'd feel if someone turned the power off on you.

You wouldn't like it,now would you?

Strength isn't all there is to being a Legendary Master...

It also means being considerate to others. Do you feel me?


I just want you to be careful in the future. This time I'm gonna let

you off with just a warning...

So go on and get back out there on the network and have some fun!


Second Turn Off

Not very Legendary!

I'm so disappointed that we have to meet back here like this!

The first time you convinced me that your finger accidentally turned the power off.

The second time around I can't help but think you did it on purpose.

Do you see where I'm coming from?

Good! Because you should know that I'm usually very slow to anger.


Back when I was in kindergarten,I remember there was an old woman who used to say,"The most important thing people can do is be considerate of others,considerate of what others are thinking,what others want,and what annoys others.

Being considerate requires a degree of imagination.

That's what makes a person gentle and strong."

I didn't really know what she meant at the time,but...

After becoming a Legendary Master and battling so many people, I finally understood.

There are a lot of strong people out there.

But only a handful of real battlers.

I wanted to be one of those few.


I'd like you to be one too.

Do you understand?

...Well if you do, that's fine.

OK. I don't want to ever have to see you back here again.


Third Turn Off

You turned the power off again!?

I'm going to have to assume that you're doing it on purpose now.

And that's not Legendary at all!

Even after that long talk we had...

I don't get it. But this time there will be consequences.

If I can't persuade you by talking, then I'll just have to do what I have to do.

Hey,don't look at me like I'm the bad guy!

You've really made me mad. I'm not gonna go easy on you this time.

I'm confiscating all of your Battle Cards!

--Player has lost all Battle Cards...--

Never forget the ideals with which you started out! I want you to think back to when you were pure of heart and do some soul-searching.

Oh? You've seriously reflected on what you've done, and now you want me to give you back your Battle Cards?

No,not legendary enough!

You can't fool me any more!

You're just saying that because you want your Battle Cards back.

Turning the power off won't do you any good now...

Because I'll just keep on taking you Battle Cards.


Are you really sorry for what you did?

Can I really trust you this time?

Cross your heart?

OK,I'll give you one more chance!

I want you to close your eyes for 1 minute,and say to yourself over and over,"I'm sorry and I'll never do that again."

Then I'll give you your Battle Cards back.

Are you ready?


---Player is doing some soul-searching...--- (This text last on screen for a whole minute)

OK. That's enough!

You did a good job.

I could feel that you were truly sorry!

I'll give you back your cards just like I


---Player got back Battle Cards!---

Even if I don't see you here again,I want you to always remember to be considerate of others!

OK,go on and get back out there on the network and have some fun!