Leo Kingdom (レオ・キングダム Reo Kingudamu) is one of three Satellite Admins in the Mega Man Star Force series. He is an AM-ian and one of the three wise sages of Planet AM.

Game History

Mega Man Star Force

Leo Kingdom appears along with Dragon Sky and Pegasus Magic giving Geo Stelar a test to earn the Star Break. If playing the Leo version of the game, Mega Man will first fight a shadow of him. Leo Kingdom reappears when Geo learns how to use the Star Break powers and defeats a Jammer. He shows up again when Geo is attacked by a group of Jammers without Omega-Xis, defeating the Jammers and encouraging him to reunite with Omega-Xis, while also granting Geo part of his power - his GX Giga Card. He makes another appearance when Andromeda is defeated asking Cepheus to help rebuild AM. Later the real Leo can be fought in Deep Space to earn his Battle Cards.

Mega Man Star Force 3

Leo Kingdom, along with Dragon Sky and Pegasus Magic, reappears during the bonus chapter, warning Mega Man about Sirius, saying that even they can't defeat him.


Leo Kingdom's attacks for the first Mega Man Star Force game:

  • Super Armor: Leo Kingdom cannot flinch.
  • Status Guard: Leo Kingdom is unaffected by status ailments.
  • Magma Ball (マグマボール): At steady intervals, Leo Kingdom will fire a fireball at the player's position.
  • Gigant Press (ギガントプレス): Leo Kingdom will jump into the air. Then, some panels will flash, and he lands there. This attack cannot be blocked.
  • Flame Tail (フレイムテイル): Leo Kingdom will lower his body. After a while, he swipes his tail through the player's row. This attack cannot be avoided, and is not used by the Shadow form.
  • Volcano Claw (ボルケーノクロー): Leo Kingdom's paws detach, and they proceed to slam two panels on the player's row multiple times. This attack cannot be blocked, and is not used by the Shadow form.
  • Leo Blazer (レオブレイザー): Leo Kingdom is shown with a battle card display. After a while, time is frozen, and he unleashes an attack similar to his GX card. This attack cannot be dodged or blocked, but the player can cut in with a screen-dimming card of their own. This attack is used only by the SP version.

Anime History

Mega Man Star Force

He appears with the other Satellite Admins, giving Geo the Star Break and encouraging him to reunite with Omega-Xis. They then run out of strength and exist only in the Battle Cards that can be used for the Star Break. Later he dies using all the energy he had, destroying one of Andromeda's arms.



  • Even though all the Satellite Admins are inspired by constellations, Leo Kingdom is the only one based on an astrological sign.
    • Furthermore, he is the only Satellite Admin not to be based on a mythological creature.