Life Up (ライフアップ Raifu Appu), named Heart Tank in early English sources,[1] is an item from the Mega Man X and Mega Man ZX series that increases the maximum health of the player's character.


Life Up first appears in Mega Man X, where one Life Up can be found in each of the eight stages from the Stage Select Screen, each increasing X's maximum life by 2 units. Life Ups continued appearing in eight stages from the games up to Mega Man X7.

In Mega Man X5 through Mega Man X7 and the Extreme Mode for Mega Man Xtreme 2, the Life Up will only take effect on the character that takes the item, so the player must decide if a single character should take as many Life Ups as possible or keep all characters balanced. To compensate, except for Mega Man Xtreme 2, these games also allow the player to produce and find a limited amount of this item through additional methods, Parts, Injured Reploids, and in the case of X7 only, whoever finishes off the Maverick boss.

In Mega Man X8, this is made easier, as instead of finding them in each stage, the Life Ups are purchased at the lab as Chips in Normal or Hard Mode in three different installments for each character which provides an additional six units of health per purchase. For Easy Mode however, all the playable characters will instead start off at maximum health.

Absent from the Mega Man Zero series due to the Cyber-elf system, Life Ups reappeared in the Mega Man ZX series. Here, only four Life Ups are available in each game, but they gave double the health they previously did to compensate.

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Teppen X Hero Arts - Heart Tank

Heart Tank in Teppen

In Teppen, Heart Tank is one of X's Hero Arts. It gives 7 HP to a friendly unit.

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  1. Present in the English instruction manuals from the first four Mega Man X games.

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