Lift in Mega Man 2.

Lift (リフト Rifuto)[1] is a moving platform in the Mega Man series that can be used by players to reach high or distant areas, but may contain a gimmick that can cause trouble for players. They usually appear near pits or spikes.


Mega Man Guts Man's Stage
Wily Stage 4
A platform moving back and forth on a rail. Some parts of the rail will dump off whatever is on the platform, so players must jump to avoid falling. Named Drop Lift (ドロップリフト) in the remake Mega Man Powered Up.
Mega Man 2 Crash Man's stage
Wily Stage 4
Platform that follows a rail.
Mega Man 3 Snake Man's stage Platform that flies up.
Shadow Man's stage (Doc Robot)
Wily Stage 2
Platform that opens on contact, dropping Mega Man.
Mega Man 4Wily Stage 2 Lifts appear in Tako Trash's room.
Mega Man 6 Plant Man's stage Hovering platforms that at first are closed. The must be hit to open, allowing Mega Man to stand on them.
Tomahawk Man's stage Platforms that move up with rockets.
Tomahawk Man's stage
Mr. X Stage 4
Platform with spikes in the bottom. When Mega Man gets on this lift, it will turn around.
Wind Man's stage
Mr. X Stage 1
Wily Stage 1
Platforms that will immediately switch its side when Mega Man jumps on them.
Mr. X Stage 3 A set of two blocks. When Mega Man stands on one of them, it will move down, and the opposite block will move up.
Mega Man 7 Wily Stage 1 Platform that moves in a rail that cause a blackout whenever the player character stands on them and may drop the latter in some parts of the rail. It can be described as a combination of the Drop Lifts and Crash Man's lifts.
Mega Man 11 Impact Man's stage

Gear Fortress stage 4

Functions very similarly to Crash Man's lifts, except these can have multiple lifts moving through a single rail sequence.
Acid Man's stage A set of one to four platforms that move along a rotating wheel.


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