Light Capsule in Mega Man X3.

The Light Capsule (ライトカプセル Raito Kapuseru, Right Capsule in Japan),[1] also known as Parts Capsule (パーツカプセル),[2] Power Up Capsule (パワーアップカプセル)[3] and Armor Capsule,[4] is a feature from the Mega Man X series. Dr. Light created several capsules and hid them in different locations, all of them containing a hologram of Dr. Light, which gives a message for X and a power-up, usually parts of an armor, although in some games he also gives a full armor, chips that enhance the power of the current armor, or a secret technique. In some games like Mega Man X7, Dr. Light's messages appear to be recorded reproductions, while in others like Mega Man X5 and Mega Man X6 it appears he is sentient and aware of his surroundings, interacting with the person that found the capsule and talking about recent events.

Capsule locations

Mega Man X

The first game has four capsules with parts for X's first armor. Also has a secret capsule, listed with other secret capsules below.

MMX Foot Parts Capsule Foot Parts
Snow Mountain Stage (Chill Penguin)
In the middle of the stage, after dealing with some Spikys. This capsule cannot be missed.
MMX Body Parts Capsule location Body Parts
Forest Stage (Sting Chameleon)
Before entering the cave at the start of the stage, dash and jump from the higher ground and wall kick above it. Defeat RT-55J and the capsule will appear.
MMX Head Parts Capsule location Head Parts
Airport Stage (Storm Eagle)
After passing the Flamers and climbing a metal mesh, instead of continuing right, drop down the other side of the metal mesh, dash jump up to the flammable obstacles and destroy them (done faster with Fire Wave). The capsule will be in the other side.
MMX Arm Parts Capsule location Arm Parts
Factory Stage (Flame Mammoth)
Above the entrance to the large area that has the Life Up and Sub Tank. Dash jump from the right side and wall kick the blocks to break them with the Foot Parts, then continue wall kicking to break the remaining blocks with the Head Parts until reaching the capsule. Be careful to not fall before entering the capsule, as it will be harder to reach the area after breaking the blocks.

Mega Man X2

Has four capsules with parts for X's second armor. Also has a secret capsule.

MMX2 Head Parts Capsule location Head Parts
Energen Crystal Stage (Crystal Snail)
After passing through the sub-boss, Magna Quartz, and dashing through the downhill section, slide down the left wall on the first pit to find a hidden passage with the capsule in it.
MMX2 Body Parts Capsule location Body Parts
Robot Scrap Stage (Morph Moth)
Near the beginning of the stage, just after entering the building, use the Spin Wheel to cut through a portion of the floor. The Item Tracer from the Head Parts will make this easier by showing the exact position.
MMX2 Foot Parts Capsule location Foot Parts
Desert Base Stage (Overdrive Ostrich)
Perform a dash jump to reach a ledge above the last hallway leading to the missile room. Use the Spin Wheel to destroy the blocks in the way.
MMX2 Arm Parts Capsule location
MMX2 Arm Parts Capsule location (Giga Crush)
Arm Parts
Dinosaur Tank Stage (Wheel Gator)
In the first vertical passage upon entering the tank, on the top of a vertical beam jutting out of the ceiling. There are four methods to reach it, with varying difficulty:
  • With the Foot Parts, simply climb the right wall and use an Air Dash to reach the opening.
  • With the Body Parts, use the nearby enemies to fill Giga Crush's energy, dash jump from the higher ground, and use Giga Crush at the top of the jump, under the opening. The attack will rise X in the air a little bit, allowing him to reach the opening.
  • With Strike Chain, climb the wall, dash jump and use the weapon to latch onto the opening and quickly climb up.
  • Without items, use an "iceless jump" to reach the opening.

Mega Man X3

Has eight capsules, four blue capsules with parts for X's third armor, and four red capsules with upgrades for the parts. Also has a secret capsule.

MMX3 Foot Parts Capsule location Foot Parts
Frozen Town Stage (Blizzard Buffalo)
In the same large area as the Sub Tank, climb up, and jump over the second gap. Dash jump to the opening above the boss door and wall kick the small platform to reach the entrance.
MMX3 Arm Parts Capsule location Arm Parts
Safari Park Stage (Neon Tiger)
Requires Tornado Fang and the Foot Parts. After the three Drill Wayings, use Tornado Fang to break the cracked wall to open a path. Dash jump across the pit and air dash up to reach the capsule.
MMX3 Body Parts Capsule location Body Parts
Power Management Center Stage (Volt Catfish)
Requires Gravity Well and the Arm Parts. On the forth lift, go up and use a charged Gravity Well above the device in the vertical spiked area to lift it and reach the capsule. Alternatively, if the player chooses to take the Foot Chip, its double up air dash can be used to reach the capsule.
MMX3 Head Parts Capsule location Head Parts
Quarry Stage (Tunnel Rhino)
Requires the Triad Thunder and the Arm Parts. Like the rock blocking the Life Up, there will be another rock hanging on cables blocking a path near the end of the stage. Use a charged Triad Thunder to release the rock and wall jump up to find the capsule.
MMX3 Foot Chip Capsule location Foot Chip
Giant Dam Stage (Toxic Seahorse)
Get the Ride Armor Frog, then, at the fork underwater, take the upper path. Use the Ride Armor's missiles to destroy the giant fans, hop out of the Ride Armor, and wall jump up to find the capsule. Alternatively, use a charged Frost Shield and use it to reach the surface, and jump over the water to reach the capsule.
MMX3 Arm Chip Capsule location Arm Chip
Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage (Gravity Beetle)
After the elevator, climb up to enter a Ride Armor and punch the blocks in the end of the Ride Armor's path. Use the Ride Armor to pass the spikes and jump out of it to reach the capsule.
MMX3 Body Chip Capsule location Body Chip
Shipyard Stage (Crush Crawfish)
Grab a Ride Armor in the beginning of the stage, and after the area where a Hamma Hamma falls and opens the path, hop down the first pit and use the Ride Armor to break the cracked wall.
MMX3 Head Chip Capsule location Head Chip
Weapons Factory Stage (Blast Hornet)
After the elevator, enter the opening in the ceiling to get a Ride Armor (preferably the Hawk one) and, instead of falling down, use the Ride Armor to dash jump and jump from it (or fly with the Ride Armor Hawk) to reach the top right side of the area.

Mega Man X4

Has five capsules with parts for X's Fourth Armor. Also has a secret capsule.

Foot Parts Jungle
(Web Spider's stage)
In the waterfall portion of Area 1, there will be an opening in the wall. Simply enter the opening and the capsule will be in there.
Head Parts Cyber Space
(Cyber Peacock's stage)
Gain an "S" rank in the third time attack area of Area 1.
Arm Parts (Stock Charge Shot)
Arm Parts (Plasma Charge Shot)
Air Force
(Storm Owl's stage)
In Area 2, there will be an opening lined with spikes in the ceiling. Use Lightning Web to get up there. There's two capsules, the player deciding which one should be equipped.

If the player entered the Ultimate Armor code in the beginning of the game, only one capsule will appear in this area, which contains the Ultimate Armor.

Body Parts Volcano
(Magma Dragoon's stage)
In Area 2 after the "jumping" lava and small floating rocks, dash-jump up after walking right a little. Destroy the rocky blocks with Twin Slasher.

Mega Man X5

The game has eight capsules with armor programs, four of them for the Falcon Armor and four for the Gaea Armor. Zero can also take the armor programs for X. Also has a secret capsule for each character.

Falcon Armor Foot Program Runaway Dump Stage
(Crescent Grizzly's stage)
In the rocky area after the trucks, use Zero's double jump to go up the ceiling pit.
Falcon Armor Body Program Deep Sea Submarine Stage
(Tidal Whale's stage)
In the old ship, in plain sight. Use charged Goo Shaver to open the wood (the stage must be completed to get this weapon).
Falcon Armor Head Program Super Electromagnetic Institute Stage
(Volt Kraken's stage)
Collect all yellow-and-blue orbs in the Ride Chaser part.
Falcon Armor Arm Program Laser Institute Stage
(Shining Firefly's stage)
There's a ceiling hole at the end of the stage. Climb up it to find the capsule.
Gaea Armor Head Program Planetarium Stage
(Dark Necrobat's stage)
Hop down the hole just before the boss gate. Direct an F-Laser through the tunnels and once done, make it destroy the door right next to you.
Gaea Armor Body Program Repli Air Force Stage
(Spiral Pegasus' stage)
Falcon Armor needed. On the diagonally-going lift, before finding the spiked platform, fly up to find it.
Gaea Armor Arm Program Magma Stage
(Burn Dinorex's stage)
Grab the Ride Armor and hop down the lava-filled hole. If you reach the wall, backtrack to the fork (you may have not noticed it). Climb up, then dash-jump to the right.
Gaea Armor Foot Program Jungle Stage
(Spike Rosered's stage)
Falcon Armor needed. During the yellow ropes part, fly up the opening in the ceiling.

Mega Man X6

The game has eight capsules with armor programs, four of them for the Blade Armor and four for the Shadow Armor. Zero can also take the armor programs for X.

Blade Armor Foot Program Amazon Area
(Commander Yammark's stage)
When dropping down the hole, walk through the opening in the wall.
Blade Armor Body Program Laser Institute
(Shield Sheldon's stage)
Just before the boss, head down instead of right. Solve the puzzles and when dropping down, go through the left wall.
Blade Armor Arm Program Weapon Center
(Infinity Mijinion's stage)
After defeating Nightmare Pressure, jump in the blue portal and walk left.
Blade Armor Head Program Central Museum
(Ground Scaravich's stage
In one of the Nightmare sections.
Shadow Armor Body Program Inami Temple
(Rainy Turtloid's stage)
In the room with many spiked tunnels. Use a perfect air-dash through. You'll notice it's the right one if you have to do the air-dash not once but twice.
Shadow Armor Arm Program Magma Area
(Blaze Heatnix's stage)
After the second Nightmare Snake, climb up the ledges in the small room. Wall jump up even more and use Blade Armor's Mach Dash to get up. If there is a silver block blocking the way, visit Commander Yammark's stage.
Shadow Armor Head Program Recycle Lab
(Metal Shark Player's stage)
Go past the ladder after the second ceiling crusher hall. Once down the ladder, do a dash-jump coupled with a Jumper or a Speedster chip.
Shadow Armor Foot Program North Pole Area
(Blizzard Wolfang's stage)
Near the room with the Heart Tank. Use Blade Armor's Mach Dash to the ledge above.

Mega Man X7

The game has four capsules with parts for the Glide Armor. Only X can interact with the capsules.

Foot Parts Deep Forest
(Soldier Stonekong's stage)
On the first two ape heads stacked on one another, dash-jump to the left.
Buster Parts Lava Factory
(Flame Hyenard's stage)
At the second giant snake enemy, climb down the hole.
Head Parts Cyber Field
(Snipe Anteator's stage)
On one of the two orange platforms divided with a wall. Jump to flip gravity, walk to the other one, jump again.
Body Parts Air Forces
(Wind Crowrang's stage)
At the fork of three paths. Take the left one.

Mega Man X8

Has eight capsules that can only be interacted by X. X will receive the Neutral Armor in the first capsule found by him. Each capsule has one part for the Neutral Armor, four having parts that form the Hermes Armor and four with parts for the Icarus Armor.

Buster Parts I Noah's Park
(Opening Stage)
On the second trip through, walk through the door that was locked at first.
Head Parts I Primrose
(Gravity Antonion's stage)
In the room after the mid-section, pass the blocks and into a small cubby.
Body Parts I Metal Valley
(Earthrock Trilobyte's stage)
Break the batteries with Melt Creeper.
Foot Parts I Booster Forest
(Bamboo Pandamonium's stage)
Ride Armor needed. It's on a ledge, with a wall lined with spikes.
Buster Parts H Troia Base
(Optic Sunflower's stage)
After clearing four training rooms, it's behind some glass, only destroyed with Squeeze Bomb.
Body Parts H Pitch Black
(Dark Mantis' stage)
At the last elevator room, wall-jump up the right wall.
Head Parts H Central White
(Avalanche Yeti's stage)
At the very end of the stage, after leaving the Ride Chaser, spot a large platform and double-jump up. Then, use Shining Ray to open the ice.
Foot Parts H Inferno
(Burn Rooster's stage)
After spotting a Reploid generating an electric shield, destroy it then head left. Wall-jump up to find the capsule.

Mega Man Xtreme (Armor Parts)

PartsStage (Boss)Location
Foot Parts Snow Mountain Stage
(Chill Penguin)
Like Mega Man X, the capsule is in the middle of the stage and can't be missed.
Body Parts Volcanic Zone Stage
(Flame Stag)
Inside the area with the second Beetron, under Zain's room. Dash jump to reach the capsule.
Head Parts Airport Stage
(Storm Eagle)
Same location as Mega Man X. After passing by the platforms with Flamers, drop down after seeing a Sky Claw and destroy the flammable obstacle to find the capsule.
Arm Parts Power Plant Stage
(Spark Mandrill)
In the last dim area there are blocks in the ceiling near the first Hotarion's spawn point. Break the blocks with the Head Parts and climb up to find the capsule.

Mega Man Xtreme (Zero Scramble)

ProgramStage (Boss)Location
Dash Gallery Stage
(Armored Armadillo)
Above the boss door, the same location as the Hadoken in Mega Man X.
Rising Dinosaur Tank Stage
(Wheel Gator)
Same location as the Arm Parts in Mega Man X2, above the beginning of the vertical area.
Earth Gaizer Scrap Plant Stage
(Morph Moth)
Same location as the Body Parts in Mega Man X2. After a checkpoint, use Spin Wheel to open a hidden path in the floor.
Final Central Computer Stage
(Magna Centipede)
In the uneven terrain after the first Raider Killer, move as high as possible, then break the blocks in the ceiling with the Head Parts.

Mega Man Xtreme 2 (X)

PartsStage (Boss)Location
Head Parts Jungle Stage
(Neon Tiger)
Visible in the end of the area with platforms. Is blocked by a tree trunk that can be destroyed with Fire Wave.
Body Parts Ocean Base Stage
(Launch Octopus)
It can be found by destroying Cruiziler to open a path under it and fighting the Utuboros guarding it, in the same spot as the Life Up in Mega Man X.
Arm Parts Factory Stage
(Flame Mammoth)
Same location as in Mega Man X. Shortly after the initial conveyor belt section, a section of breakable blocks can be seen in the ceiling. Requires the Head Parts to break them.
Foot Parts Hydroelectric Plant Stage
(Volt Catfish)
In the first vertical area, keep climbing all the way to the top to find the capsule.

Mega Man Xtreme 2 (Zero)

PartsStage (Boss)Location
Head Parts Desert Stage
(Overdrive Ostrich)
Just after the big left-going stretch, wall-jump off the ladder and climb up the other ladder.
Body Parts Aerial Battleship Stage
(Blast Hornet)
After the second Spycopter area, walk all the way to the right, and use Drill Crush to break the blocks.
Arm Parts Underground Stage
(Tunnel Rhino
After entering the Ride Armor and falling down, go left and use Lightning to destroy the blocks in the way.
Foot Parts Weather Control Stage
(Wire Sponge)
In the same location as the secret X-Hunter door in Mega Man X2, a path under the first elevator.

Hidden Capsules

Hidden Light Capsules are recurring themes throughout several of the Mega Man X games. They are all capsules that are usually hidden well within one of the final stages of the game, and have a certain requirement for the capsule to appear. The first three hidden capsules bestow X with a powerful attack, and the subsequent two grant X with a powerful armor. These special upgrades cannot be saved by passwords, so, if the game is reset, the player must replay the level again. The upgrades from X5 and Maverick Hunter X are exempt to this, since such games omitted passwords in favor of the console's save features (the PlayStation and the PSP, respectively).



Mega Man X

Main article: Hadoken

The Hadoken (波動拳 "Surge Fist") is a secret move Capcom included in Mega Man X and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. It is based on the Hadouken attack from the Street Fighter series, and is executed in the same way. In fact, in some versions of the game, X shouts the name of the attack, just like the Street Fighter series. While X's health gauge is full and he is on the ground, input the combination: ↓↘→+ATTACK. X should unleash a powerful energy ball. It is the most powerful attack from the game, causing 32 damage, being able to destroy most bosses and enemies in a single hit, with the exception of Mole Borer, Anglerge, Cruiziler, Utuboros, Thunder Slimer, RT-55J and Wolf Sigma. As the health of those enemies is above 32, they are killed with 2 hits, except for the Utuboros that takes 3 hits, and the Wolf Sigma who is immune to it. In Maverick Hunter X, both of them are killed in one hit.

To obtain the Hadouken, X must obtain every Sub Tank, Life Up and the four Armor Parts. Play through Armored Armadillo's stage until the last rolling platform. As the platform bursts out of the tunnel and through the sky, dash-jump off of the platform and ascend the wall right on top of the gate to Armored Armadillo. There should be a Life Energy pellet. Depending on what console the game is played on, instructions will differ from this point:

  • SNES, PlayStation 2, GameCube: Collect the Life Energy item and restart the level (people usually jump into the large bottomless pit to restart at the halfway point rather than the beginning), and repeat until Dr. Light's capsule appears next to the pellet. Four trips are required.
  • PC: X must have a full life and weapon energy before he reaches the energy pellet to get Dr. Light's capsule to appear.
  • PSP, iPhone: X must take no damage from the time he dies and teleports back into the stage to the moment he touches Dr. Light's capsule. In Maverick Hunter X, X must not take any damage, and it will be there.

Regardless, Dr. Light will be wearing a Karate uniform (Gi) when he teaches X the Hadouken. In the Japanese versions and English iOS version of the game, Light says that he trained on the great waterfalls ("dai bakufu" in Japanese) visible on the background of the stage, and developed a technique that he will teach to X. He also makes a joke, in the Japanese version saying that by "bakufu", he doesn't mean the Edo bakufu. In the English iOS version his joke was replaced by him saying that he planned to call his technique "Hachoo-ken" in honor of the terrible cold he caught while training in the cold torrents.[5]



Mega Man X2

Main article: Shoryuken

Shoryuken (昇龍拳 Shouryuuken, "Rising Dragon Fist") is the technique learned in Mega Man X2. It is based on a Street Fighter attack of the same name like the Hadoken. It is executed with →↓↘+ATTACK while X is at full health and on the ground. X will surround his arm with fire and perform a powerful uppercut, causing massive damage to its targets. While it is believed to kill all bosses in one hit, it does not. If the edge of the boss is grazed, it takes heavy damage, but does not kill it entirely.

In order for the Shoryuken capsule to appear, X must own every Sub Tank, Life Up and the four Armor Parts. The Shoryuken capsule can be found in Agile's station of the X-Hunters' fortress. After navigating the vertical passage with the jet platforms, let the Bat Bones follow him. Shoot one with the Crystal Hunter to reach the ladder. Ascend it to reach a spike-riddled challenge. It consists of a large sea of spikes, a safe area, and a [ shaped passage of spikes. To pass the first part, allow another Bat Bone to follow X. When X runs into it, use his invincibility to quickly cross the sea of spikes. The second part is more difficult: Either use an air-dash for one part of it and a charged-up Speed Burner for the other, or allow another bat to follow X and air-dash to cross the second part. Afterwards, have X slide down the left wall. X will drop into a corridor with the Shoryuken capsule inside, after getting an amusing message from Dr. Light: "Wow! You're so cool! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

In Mega Man X2 the Shoryuken can also be reached from the lower path by using the Crystal Hunter on the nearby Pararoid R-5.[6]



Mega Man Xtreme 2

In Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2, X can find the Shotokan moves, which allows him to use both, the Hadouken and the Shoryuken (written as Hadou-ken and Shouryu-ken in the games). To execute it, X must be on the ground and fully charge his buster with the B button. When the B button is released while holding ↓, X will release the Hadouken. If released while holding ↑, he uses the Shoryuken. Most of the items from the games are required to make the capsule appear.

  • In Mega Man Xtreme, it's located in the second final stage, where the player fights Serges. There is a ladder near a spiked wall that can't be reached. Use the second Switch-type Elevator that appears until the top to reach the ladder. After the checkpoint, the way to pass through the spikes is similar to Mega Man X2, needing to Air Dash, the Speed Burner, and slide in the left wall until passing by a small passage, where Dr. Light will give the Shotokan moves.
  • In Mega Man Xtreme 2, the Shotokan capsule is located in Berkana's stage, in the long area with spiked walls before the boss room. Air Dash or Dash Jump from the last moving platform and pass through the green wall to the right to find it.

Hyper Chip


Mega Man X3

The Hyper Chip (ハイパーチップ) is a hidden upgrade for the Third Armor in Mega Man X3. It allows X to take advantage of all four enhancement chips at once. The armor gains a striking gold color after obtaining the Hyper Chip.

To obtain the Hyper Chip, X must have acquired every single item available in the game except for the enhancement chips. In the first station of Dr. Doppler's fortress, a room below the Ride Armor platform with rolling balls is the target. Drop down the first pit when spiked balls are in sight. Slide down the left wall, and X will fall into a hidden corridor with the Hyper Chip capsule inside. Again, X must have a full life gauge when approaching the capsule's location, so it's recommended to use the Ride Armor or Zero to avoid damage.

  • In the Mega Man X Legacy Collection the achievement/trophy/medal for collecting the Hyper Chip is named "Always Believe In Your Soul", which is a line from the song Gold by Spandau Ballet, referencing the new golden colour this gives the Third Armor.

Ultimate Armor/Black Zero

Main articles: Ultimate Armor and Black Zero

The two best armors in Mega Man X5, the Ultimate Armor and Black Zero, can be obtained without a code. In the third Zero Space stage, there is a vertical shaft that leads to a capsule, which appears regardless of item collection rates (it is possible to have collected ZERO items and obtained NO weapons, as shown in various SDA speedruns). To get the Ultimate Armor, the player must reach the capsule without any armor and be the standard "X". After obtaining it, the Ultimate Armor must be selected from the Stage Select Screen. When receiving the Black Zero enhancement as Zero, however, he is automatically upgraded, and cannot be restored to his standard armor. Strangely enough, like most of the secrets featured, this upgrade was given to Zero by Dr. Light as well, the latter even stating he made it for Zero.

It is also possible to unlock both in the same game. To perform this, the player must enter the capsule with either X or Zero. However, the second the player gets the character's armor, purposely lose all lives (or quit or soft reset, then pick "Continue" from the title screen and pick "Use Current Data"). Next, return with the other character, get the armor, and both will be available.

Other games

  • A Light Capsule appears in the Cyber Space map in Project X Zone.
  • A Light Capsule appeared in the Dr. Light's Lab event from Rockman X DiVE.
  • A Light Capsule appeared in X's story from TEPPEN, where a mysterious woman made Dr. Light's hologram tell X that his mission is to go to the Land of Illusion.
  • In the 2014 Strider there's a broken Light Capsule found in a secret area of the Research Facility. It was originally intended for it to hold Mega Man and later Strider Hien as unlockable characters, but Capcom vetoed both ideas and had them removed entirely from the game.[7]

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

"It's me, Dr. Thomas Light. I'm a scientist from Earth who tirelessly worked on the continual evolution of robotics for the benefit of mankind. Although I may no longer physically exist in the present, my will to assist mankind lives on."
—Dr. Light's data in the Stark-Light Library

While a Light Capsule is not present, Dr. Light's hologram appeared inside the Avengers Tower, where he appears to have a function similar to Marvel's J.A.R.V.I.S., giving information and suggestions to the heroes. The information in the Stark-Light Library (the game's database) is presented by him.

Other media

Mega Man (Archie Comics)


A small capsule in the Mega Man comic

The capsule X is sealed in in Dr. Light's Laboratory is identical to a Light Capsule in the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics.

Dr. Light, alongside Dr. Wily, Dr. Cossack, Roll, and Auto, made a small capsule containing a warning message about the Wily Walker, which Mega Man dropped near the Wily Walker to be found in the future. In 21XX, Dr. Cain found the capsule after accidentally activating the Wily Walker, which gives a warning about the machine's chemical weapons. The capsule also contains a small hologram of the Wily Walker with a full rundown of its weapons, specifically where the chemical weapons are housed, which Sigma memorizes before the capsule's power fails.

Rockman X manga

In the Rockman X manga, X encounters a Light Capsule when going after Chill Penguin.

In the Rockman X2 manga, only Dr. Light's hologram appear, the capsules being absent.

In the Rockman X4 manga, X goes after Dr. Light and obtains the Ultimate Armor from a capsule.

Rockman X Mega Mission 2

In the Carddass, Zero finds a capsule and obtains the Energy Armor.

Rockman X Mega Mission 4

Return X found a capsule and infected it with the Limited, using it to increase his power and create an army to fight against X. In the debris of two Reploids created in the capsule, Himmel and Berg, X found parts of the Grow Up Armor, equipping it to fight againt Grow X. At one point, the capsule goes out of control and changes into a Mother Limited, and Grow X merged with it to become Doppler X. It is unknown what happened with the capsule after the battle.




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