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Battle Chips in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime have many functions that are not seen in the video game series. Besides battling, chips can also be used to modify or change a Navi or a NetMobile, give a Navi clothing, pull pranks, or store a person’s personality onto them, among many other things.

The amount of damage any given chip is not dictated by a number or set value like in the games, as simple chips like a Shotgun battle chip or a MiniBomb, weak chips that are given to the player at the start of the Mega Man Battle Network games, have been seen doing large amounts of damage to or even deleting a customized Navi on its own. Battle chips may also function in varying methods different from how they’re used in the games such as the Cannon battle chips, which may form on the users arm like they do in the games, or act as a turret controllers by the NetNavi’s operator.

Rarity or value does not seem to be judged based on standard, Mega, or Giga-class like they are in the games, and though the existence of Mega-class chips and Navi Chips was acknowledged in Beast+, several Mega-class chips have been used throughout the show beforehand without any sort of difference or acknowledgement to them apart from other chips and Navi chips were never utilized.

Dark Chips, unlike the games, are not merely dark versions of an already existing Battle Chip, and are only used to give the Navi a large power boost at the expense of their soul, as they become addicted to Dark Chips and will eventually be deleted from their use. A Dark Sword chip was created by modifying a normal Sword chip and Dark Rockman used several dark battle chips, however.

List of Battle Chips that appeared in the anime.

Battle Chips

A wide variety of battle chips from the video game series are seen in the anime series. Because of this, the only battle chips from the games listed here are chips that can have different effects than what is seen in-game.

Area Steal

Unlike in the video games where Area Steal converts the enemy’s tiles into the players tiles, allowing them to stand on them, in the anime Area Steal functions as a teleportation ability that quickly transports a NetNavi from their current position to another instantly. It is often used by Navis to quickly teleport in front of their opponent to get the upper hand.


TBA. Operator controlled turret.


In the anime the Prism battle chip functions similarly to the version seen in the video games, taking in attacks and spreading them out in all directions, however, unlike in the video games where the Prism object is as large as a Rock Cube object and sits on the tiles it lands on, in the anime, the Prism object is much smaller, about the size of a billiard ball and can lock itself in position in the air. An example of usage in the anime would be to toss a Prism into the air above a cluster of viruses and fire an M-Cannon shot at the prism causing multiple M-Cannon shots to rain down on the viruses under the prism.

The Prism battle chip is the signature move of PrismMan.EXE and his operator Gorou Misaki.

Straw Doll

In the video games the Straw Doll battle chip sacrifices itself when attacked, doing the same amount of damage to the enemy that the straw doll suffered. This retaliation attack can't be dodged. In the anime however the Straw Doll will absorb attacks and after a brief pause will spit them back out in the direction the Straw Doll is facing and because of this it may be possible to dodge the attacks that the Straw Doll returns.

Anime exclusive chips

Twisted Chip

Twisted Chip

Super Great White Angel

The Devil Chip (Twisted Chip in the English Dub), disguised as the "Super Great White Angel" Chip, was given to Maylu by Yahoot (disguised as Mr. Higsby). When Maylu used it, it's cover turned into the Twisted Chip's, it's effect turned Roll more powerful and evil, and allowed her to be controlled by another NetOP (Count Zap in this case), which in turn prevented Maylu from plugging Roll out. Maylu tried to remove the Chip, but it was stuck in her PET. While the Chip was active, Roll gained electric attacks and parts similar to ElecMan.EXE, changed her appearance to look more 'evil' (now having mascara, high heels, sharp teeth and sharp fingernails) and attacked MegaMan with viruses and weapons. When the real Higsby appeared, he told Maylu that all she had to do is to insert a Cyclone Chip, which will cause the Twisted Chip to pop out. Maylu then inserted a Cyclone chip, causing the Twisted Chip to pop out and get destroyed as it landed on the floor. Roll returned to normal, but she suffered a lot of damage, and could not continue in the N-1 Grand Prix Tournament.

Tuna Beam

Chisao Oyama uses the Tuna Beam battle chip against MagicMan when attacking Number 1 Curry under the influence of Saburou and NoodleMan.EXE in Chisao's in Town!.

Data Stream

Data Stream creates a basket to the Navi collect data. Used by Yai in the episode "To the Moon!"


A Bishop chess piece. Used in the episode "Chess Mess!"


A Queen chess piece. Used in the episode "Chess Mess!"

Wily's Chip

Wily's chip.

An unnamed Battle Chip created by Mr. Wily that has his "data" in case something happens to him. It appeared in the episode "Mr. Wily's Legacy!", where the World Three and Gauss Magnus try to obtain the chip, but it is lost in the sea.

Double Soul Chips

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Lan holding some Double Soul chips.

After using a new Double Soul transformation, the transformation data can be transferred to a Battle Chip, allowing MegaMan to change into the form it contains anytime. The first chip obtained was the Roll Soul.DoubleSoul!

Battle Chips:

A similar chip also appeared near the end of the manga Battle Story MegaMan NT Warrior. After MegaMan freed ProtoMan from the effects of the Dark Chip, a Unison Chip appeared between them, which allowed MegaMan to use Proto Soul.

Vaccine Chip

In Axess, the Vaccine Chip was used to break Dark ProtoMan.EXE out of the Dark Chip's control. It was later used in Stream on Megaman when ShadeMan.EXE bit him, which lead to a rather unusual side-effect.

Costume Chips

In the 24th episode of Stream Yai introduced the costume chips which had apparently already been in circulation. They were purely cosmetic.

Bandage Chip

Higsby gave this to Lan, who used it on MegaMan in Stream after MegaMan had a nightmare and was feeling generally unwell... however, it did nothing but stick a bunch of bandages on MegaMan.

Beast Out Chips

Beast Out chips.

After Rockman.EXE Beast, the Beast Out ability remained inside MegaMan, but there is no danger of him going out of control again. Taking MegaMan's burden into consideration, Dr. Hikari transplanted the beast ability into two unnamed chips that allows him to transform anytime, and Lan's Link PET_EX is upgraded to be compatible with them.

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