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A list of enemies and bosses that appear in Mega Man & Bass.

Enemy Table Guide

[Enemy picture]
Enemy name
Description/background information of an enemy or boss.
Health Points: Lists the amount of health an enemy has based on the amount of hits it takes from the default Mega Buster or Bass Buster. Mega Buster shots fired from Mega Man and Super Buster Shots fired from Bass are represented in blue. Default Bass Buster and Hyper Buster shots fired from Bass, and weak Special Weapon buster shots fired from both characters are listed in purple. Projectiles fired from enemies or bosses that can be destroyed and other parts of a boss are also listed. A single HP value will be listed if there is no discrepancy in HP values from any Buster shot.
Attack Damage: Attack damage the character takes in bars of health (without the Super Armor part equipped).
Special Weapon: The Special Weapon that the character can receive after defeating a Robot Master.
Weakness: The Weapon that will cause the most damage against a boss in units (may also cause a weakness reaction, such as becoming stunned). For enemies, it will be the Weapon that takes the least amount of shots to destroy.


An ammonite-like enemy, found in water stages. When attacked, it falls to the ground and explodes.
Health Points:  ?
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Batton M64
A revised version of a Bubble Bat, a bat-like robot that roosts on ceilings and pursues the player when approached.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 2 (contact)
Big Telly
A giant Telly that appears in Burner Man's stage. Drops incendiary bombs capable of killing the playable character instantly.
Health Points: 8:16
Attack Damage: 7 (contact); 4 (bomb); 4 (fire wave); Instant Death (bomb blaze)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Tengu Blade / Copy Vision
Bunby Tank DX
A Bunby Heli with a robotic body with tank treads. There are two targets to attack: the head and the body. Attacks with missiles.
Health Points: 6 (Bunby Tank); 3 (Bunby Top); 12? (missile)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (missile)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Lightning Bolt
Bunby Top DX
A Bunby Heli that has separated from its Bunby Tank body.
Health Points: 3
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Lightning Bolt
Changkey R
A revised version of a Changkey, a fireball robot that rises from lava and slowly falls down the screen.
Health Points: 1:2
Attack Damage: 2 (rising); 2 (contact)
Cline G
A Chinese Dragon-like enemy.
Health Points: 6:12 (head); 1:2 (body segment)
Attack Damage: 6 (contact, head); 3 (contact body segment)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Tengu Blade / Copy Vision / Lightning Bolt
A trap robot created to catch intruders. Hides in mobile holes to attack players from below.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 5 (bite)
Electric Generator
An electric generator that fires homing electric sparks at the player. Located in Dynamo Man's stage.
Health Points: 3:6 (generator); 2:3 (electric spark)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (electric spark)
MM&B DigMoleGraphic
Dig Mole
A small digger enemy that drills in and out of the ground, capable of destroying the floor. Located in Ground Man's stage.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 2 (contact)
Dodonpa Cannon
A cannon enemy that can turn and change its angle to shoot bombs that go in an arc.
Health Points: 5:10 (Dodonpa Cannon); 1 (projectile)
Attack Damage: 6 (contact); 2 (projectile)
Fire Metall
A Met with a flame atop its head with the appearance of Fire Man. Capable of producing pillars of fire.
Health Points: 3:5
Attack Damage: 2 (contact); 2 (flame); 4 (fire pillar)
Chibi Guts Man
A gorilla-like robot that throws various objects at the player.
Health Points: 24:48 (Gori-Three); 6:12 (bomb); 3:6 (rubber ball); 6:12 (spiked ball)
Attack Damage: 7 (contact); 4 (bomb); 4 (rubber ball); 4 (spiked ball); 2 (spiked ball spikes)
Weakness: Ice Wall
Hannya Attacker
A Shield Attacker with a face of an Oni.
Health Points: 6
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
Hogale Submarine
A giant whale-like submarine that appears in Pirate Man's stage.
Health Points: 18:36
Attack Damage: 6 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Copy Vision
Joe Classic
A Sniper Joe that behaves in the same manner in Mega Man. Occasionally throws a grenade at the player.
Health Points: 6:12 (Joe Classic), 3 (grenade)
Attack Damage: 2 (shot); 4 (grenade); 3 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall
A walking wind-up pirate robot.
Health Points: 4:8
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
An enemy disguised as a treasure chest to trick players. When attacked, it will awaken and attack the player by biting and latching on to them until the player is destroyed or shakes it off.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 1 per hit
Mmblockgautikasprite MMBKnGR
Kao na Gahna
A statue that serves more of an obstacle than an enemy, found only in Ground Man's stage. Red variants, Kao na Gahna R, must be destroyed in certain rooms in order for the player to progress.
Health Points: 5:9
Attack Damage: 0
Metall SV
A revised version of a Metall, a robot with an indestructible helmet that negates any shots fired at it. Only vulnerable when it lifts up its helmet.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 2 (shot); 2 (contact)
A machine that dispenses an infinite amount of slow crawling, worm-like robots from the ceiling. Only the worms can be destroyed.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 2 (contact)
A small enemy that first appears as a cloud that greatly impedes the player's movement and jumping.
Health Points: 2:4
Attack Damage: 0
A digging enemy that comes in great quantity from the floors and ceilings.
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 2 (contact)
Monking A
A monkey-like enemy that occasionally fights alongside Atetemino Proto to distract and annoy the player. Attacks by throwing coconut bombs. When defeated, it will simply come back until Atetemino Proto is defeated.
Health Points: 1:2
Attack Damage: 2 (contact); 4 (coconut bomb)
Peri Kai
A flying robot with a propeller on its head that fires a shot from various angles from its single cannon.
Health Points: 2:3
Attack Damage: 2 (shot); 4 (contact)
A giant orange centipede robot that comes out of holes and crawls through passageways. Found only in Ground Man's stage.
Health Points: 12:24
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Tengu Blade / Copy Vision
Mukamukade B
A black, stronger Mukamukade found only in the first King Stage.
Health Points: 20:40
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine
A bird-like robot that appears in endless swarms.
Health Points: 1:2
Attack Damage: 2 (contact)
A grasshopper robot with a smaller one on its back. Either on can be destroyed individually.
Health Points: 2:3 (Large robot); 1 (small robot)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact, large robot); 4 (contact, small robot)
Weakness: Wave Burner / Remote Mine / Tengu Blade
Oni Robo
An Oni robot found in Tengu Man's stage that appears in two, each one operating a different machine. Mainly attacks by throwing its clubbed weapon.
Health Points: 12:24 (Oni Robo); 3:6 (club bomb)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (club bomb)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine
Penpen EV
A penguin-like enemy that spins around and will sometimes launch itself at the player.
Health Points: 6
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 4 (slide)
A pair of stationary eye robots with an electric current running between them. If one of the eyes is destroyed, the other will replace it, so both eyes must be attacked at once in order for them to be destroyed.
Health Points: 5:9 (per eye)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Spread Drill
Mm8slimespiresprite Mm8slimespiresprite
Potom No. 1 & No. 2
A ceiling robot capable of producing puddles of toxic, sticky slime. Potom No. 1 is stationary, while Potom No. 2 can move along the ceiling.
Health Points: 3:6
Attack Damage: 2 (contact); 3 (slime drop); 3 (slime puddle)
An ice-skating, rabbit like enemy.
Health Points: 3:6
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
Small, red or green soldier robots that can latch on to the player and shake Bolts off them. Green Rompers have more health than red ones.
Health Points: 2:4 (Red Romper); 5:10 (Green Romper)
Attack Damage: 0, immobilize (Bolt shake)
An oyster-like enemy found in stages with water. Attacks by opening its shell and releasing bubbles. Only vulnerable when its shell is open.
Health Points: 4:8
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (bubbles)
Weakness: Remote Mine / Tengu Blade / Copy Vision
Mm8railgrinderspriteShupponpon A large, indestructible train-like enemy found in Magic Man's stage. Can be ridden on by standing on it.
Health Points: --
Attack Damage: 1 (contact)
A small robot that pops in and out of bottomless pits. Can also be used to aid Astro Man in battle.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
Spinning Gabyoall
An upgraded Spine, a low-lying, spinning enemy that travels back and forth on a surface to damage and obstruct the player. Can only be damaged with Wave Burner.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
Weakness: Wave Burner
A large, cuttlefish-like enemy found in water stages. Swims smoothly, but will move erratically if it sees the player.
Health Points: 3:6
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Tengu Blade
A large and strong rhinoceros-like robot that attacks with missiles or its horn-drill from its forehead.
Health Points: 60:120
Attack Damage: 4 (drill); 2 (missile); 10 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall / Remote Mine / Copy Vision
Telly R
A revised Telly, a small security robot that slowly pursues the player.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
A black bird-like robot that appears in a flock of three. If one of them is attacked, the others will fire small green fans at the player.
Health Points: 1 (Tencrow); 1 (fan)
Attack Damage: 3 (contact); 2 (fan)
Wall Teck
A robot that walks on ceilings and occasionally shoots green projectiles at the player.
Health Points: 3:6
Attack Damage: 2 (projectile); 4 (contact)


Move Cannon
The sub-boss from Dynamo Man's stage. Has four attackable parts: the two cannons with blue cores and the two hatches on the ceiling.
Health Points: 15:30 (cannon hatch); 2:3 (cannon)
Attack Damage: 3 (contact, cannons); 1 (slime drop); 0, immobilize (slime puddle); 2 (blue shot); 4 (twin laser)
Mother Mukamukade
The sub-boss from Ground Man's stage. A giant version of a Mukamukade that winds though the walls, floor and ceiling of its room.
Health Points: 96 (Mother Mukamukade); 4:8 (egg); 1:2 (mini worm)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (mini worm)
Weakness: Remote Mine
Melody Response Cannon
A sub-boss in Astro Man's stage that behaves as a puzzle. Players must step on its panels in the correct order in order to proceed.
Health Points: N/A
Attack Damage: 2 (projectile shots)
Weakness: N/A
Sisi Roll
A giant bouncing disk with a grinning lion's face, sub-boss of Magic Man's stage.
Health Points: 28:56
Attack Damage: 5 (contact)
Weakness: Ice Wall
A large snowman sub-boss from Cold Man's stage.
Health Points: 28 (Snoler); 4 (mini snowman)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact), 3 (mini snowman)
Weakness: Wave Burner / Remote Mine

Robot Masters

Cold Man
An ice-themed robot originally created to preserve prehistoric D.N.A. from dinosaurs in his body at absolute zero in Dr. Light's laboratory. King modified him to be a guard robot.
Health Points: 28 (Cold Man); 15:30 (Ice Wall); 2:4 (Cold Mist)
Attack Damage: 5 (contact); 3 (Ice Wall); 0, immobilize (freeze ray)
Special Weapon: Ice Wall
Weakness: Lightning Bolt
Burner Man
A fire-themed Robot Master created to destroy natural environments.
Health Points: 28 (Burner Man); 1 (grenade); 3 (foot trap)
Attack Damage: 5 (contact); 5 (Wave Burner); 6 (fire dive); 4 (fire wave); 3 (grenade); 0, immobilize (foot trap)
Special Weapon: Wave Burner
Weakness: Ice Wall
Pirate Man
A fearless, pirate-themed robot from King's army, created to attack cargo vessels at sea.
Health Points: 28 (Pirate Man); 6 (bubble shield)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 3 (Remote Mine); 4 (contact, bubble)
Special Weapon: Remote Mine
Weakness: Wave Burner
Ground Man
An earth-mover robot created by King to excavate ruins.
Health Points: 28 (Ground Man); 1 (Spread Drill, large/medium/small)
Attack Damage: 6 (contact); 6 (contact, tank form); 4 (ceiling drill); 6 (Spread Drill, large); 4 (Spread Drill, medium); 2 (Spread Drill, small)
Special Weapon: Spread Drill
Weakness: Remote Mine
Tengu Man
A wind-themed Tengu-like robot.
Health Points: 28
Attack Damage: 5 (contact); 0 (Tornado Hold); 5 (Tri-blade swipe); 2 (Tengu Blade); 5 (Tengu dive)
Special Weapon: Tengu Blade
Weakness: Spread Drill
Magic Man
An illusionist themed robot, and a member of King's army. Formerly a member of a circus, but enlisted in King's army in order to show off.
Health Points: 28 (Magic Man); 6 (Magic ball); 1 (Magic Bird); 5:10 (Rompers)
Attack Damage: 3 (contact); 6 (Magic Blast); 2, drain (Magic Card); 3 (Magic Ball); 2 (Magic Bird); 0, immobilize (Rompers)
Special Weapon: Magic Card
Weakness: Tengu Blade
Astro Man
A space-themed robot originally built to work on a planetarium, but Dr. Wily modified him for combat.
Health Points: 28 (Astro Man); 1 (Shururun); 1 (hologram)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (ball contact); 3 (Shururun); 2 (star projectile); 4 (contact, hologram)
Special Weapon: Copy Vision
Weakness: Magic Card
Dynamo Man
An electric-themed robot created by King once used as a guide for schoolchildren on field trips through a power plant.
Health Points: 28 (Dynamo Man); 3:6 (Lightning Ball); 4:8 (Lightning Rod); 6 (charger, per side)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (lightning rods); 2 (homing electric ball); 3 (Lightning Bolt)
Special Weapon: Lightning Bolt
Weakness: Copy Vision


Green Devil
The boss of the introductory Robot Museum stage. Does nothing by itself, although pieces of itself will break off and attempt to contact the player. Its eye is its weakness and can only be attacked by exposing it with a weapon.
Health Points: 28 (Green Devil); 2:3 (goo glob)
Attack Damage: 5 (contact); 2 (goo globs)
Weakness: Remote Mine
Atetemino Proto
A bagworm-like boss that can only be exposed and attacked by standing on a pulleyed platform over a pit of lava. A Monking A will occasionally fight alongside Atetemino Proto to distract and annoy the player.
Health Points: 28 (Atetemino Proto); 2:3 (Mini Atetemino); 2 (missile)
Attack Damage: 3 (contact); 2 (missile); 3 (mini Atetemino);
Weakness: Copy Vision
King Tank
The first mini-boss found in the second King stage. A large, tank boss with four different attackable parts: the cannon, the turret, the back hatch, and the treads.
Health Points: 16 (cannon); 16 (turret); 16 (hatch); 20 (treads)
Attack Damage: 2 (contact); 2 (tank ram); 2 (turret bullet); 5 (cannon bomb); 0, immobilize (Rompers)
Weakness: Remote Mine / Lightning Bolt
King Plane
The second mini-boss found in the second King stage. A hovering tank-like boss that is fought over a large bottomless pit with hovering platforms.
Health Points: 34 (King Plane); 8:16 (fists); 25 (jewel core)
Attack Damage: 1 (contact); 4 (fist); 8 (giant laser beam)
Weakness: Spread Drill
(Phase 1)
The main antagonist of Mega Man & Bass. He protects himself with a large shield that counterattacks any weapons that strike it and also fires large X-shaped projectiles from his chest. King cannot be harmed for the first part of the battle, so the player must wait it out.
Health Points: --
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 5 (shield beam); 4 (X beam)
(Phase 2)
The main antagonist of Mega Man & Bass. Which his shield destroyed, King can be attacked. Attacks with an axe and occasionally fires a laser beam from his forehead.
Health Points: 28
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 4 (horizontal axe slice); 4 (vertical axe slice); 2 (head laser)
Weakness: Lightning Bolt
Jet King Robo
A gigantic tank boss. It is a fusion of King Tank, King Plane and King himself. The cockpit at the top of the boss is its weakness.
Health Points: 28 (Jet King Robo); 16:26 (core); 20 (treads) 3/7 (projectiles, Mega Man); 3 (projectiles, Bass)
Attack Damage: 6 (contact); 6 (charge); 8 (large laser beam); 5 (bomb); 2 (small projectile)
Weakness: Wave Burner
Wily Machine
Dr. Wily's attack machine. Attacks by firing missiles, projectiles, sending out a rotating wheel, and occasionally firing a beam from its mouth.
Health Points: 28 (Wily Machine); 2 (missile); 6 (mouth cannon)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 2 (missiles); 3 (spinning blade, bounce); 3 (spinning blade, zoom); 2 (projectile shot); 4 (giant laser beam)
Weakness: Remote Mine
Wily Capsule
Dr. Wily's hovercraft and the final boss of the game. Sends out white energy spheres and bombs.
Health Points: 28 (Wily Capsule); 3 (bomb)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact); 3 (energy spheres); 3 (bombs)
Weakness: Magic Card

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