List of enemies in the Mega Man game for Game Gear.


Name Manual name
Puyoyon Amoeba
Taban Bat
Bounder Bouncebot
Twin Cannon Cannon
Apache Joe Chopper
Giree Cog
V Cone
Hirarian 427 Crab Mine
Irucan Dolphin
Rolling Drill Drill
Minoan Fan Blade
Dompan Firework Thrower
Escaroo Giant Snail
Metall Mommy Helmet
Metall Cannon Helmet Cannon
Lyric Homing Satellite
Space Metall Jetpac Helmet
Rider Joe Jetski
Laser Beam
Scworm Laser Thrower
100 Watton Light Bulb
Toss Machine Lobber
Mizzile Missile
Yudon Missile Robot
Octoper OA Octoboss
B Bitter Pop-up Cannon
Gyotot Robot Fish
Battan Robot Grasshopper
Power Muscler Robot Guard
Mousubeil Robot Mice
Ratton Robot Rat
Sniper Armor Robot Walker
Rock Thrown Rock Thrower
Jet Bomb Rocket
Swallown Rocket Bird
Tondeall Rotor Patroller
Dachone Scout Walker
Subeil Search Mine
Tatepakkan Shield Gun
Springer Spring Head
Sumatran Tiger
Totem Polen Totem Pole
Rackaser Umbrella Guard

Note: As Missile and Rocket are similar, it is uncertain which one is which, Missile being assumed to be Mizzile due to the similar name.


Name Weapon Weakness
Stone Man Stone Weapon Bomb Weapon
Bright Man Bright Weapon Crash Weapon
Napalm Man Bomb Weapon Bright Weapon
Star Man Crash Weapon Stone Weapon
Wave Man Wave Weapon Mega Buster
Toad Man Rain Weapon Wave Weapon
Wily Capsule II None

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