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Mega Man 10 enemies

A list of enemies and bosses that appear in Mega Man 11.

Enemy Table Guide

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Enemy name
Description/background information of an enemy or boss from the game's Gallery.
Health Points: Lists the amount of health an enemy has based on the amount of hits it takes from uncharged Mega Buster shots on the normal difficulty (See their individual pages for HP from other difficulties). Bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 28.
Attack Damage: Attack damage Mega Man takes in bars of health from his life meter.
Special Weapon: The Special Weapon that Mega Man can receive after defeating a Robot Master.
Weakness: The Weapon that will cause the weakness effect (pink color) against a boss. For enemies, it will be the Weapon that defeats them in the One Hit Wonders Challenge, causes the weakness effect (pink color) or takes the least amount of shots to destroy.


MM11 Lyric.png
An autonomous security drone that bashes into intruders. Not much of a threat on its own, but a swarm of them can cause trouble to even the toughest uninvited visitor!
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Mawaru-C.png
Mawaru C
A roller robot designed to flatten uneven ground. Its tough shell lets it ram into walls all day without suffering damage, but sometimes it loses control and plummets into pits.
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 3
Weakness: Chain Blast
MM11 Crunch Don.png
Crunch Don
This all-purpose hammering robot can work with wood, metal, and even makes delicious flatbread. When its hammer swings down, it reveals the hammer maintenance platform on its back. Handy!
Health Points: 15
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 8 (hammer swing)
Weakness: Chain Blast and Pile Driver
MM11 Metall.png
A robot designed for work on construction sites, where "safety first" is the golden rule. Its helmet is so safe, it can even deflect Mega Buster shots.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Air Stone.png
Air Stone
Using hi-tech optical camouflage to lie in wait until an intruder approaches, this bot shows up out of nowhere and launches showers of rock-hard bullets!
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 2
MM11 Anti-Eddie.png
Hiding underground, this sinister mockery of Mega Man's buddy Eddie will snatch up items and carry them away. It was designed to attack Mega Man, but for some reason always runs away instead.
Health Points: 10
Attack Damage: 3
Weakness: Bounce Ball and Chain Blast
Elec Telly
A transformer station guard robot that can wreathe itself in electricity and bash into intruders. Individual units are not much of a threat, but in greater numbers, they can unleash real power.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Batton.png
This bat-shaped surveillance robot is programmed to swarm towards intruders with its metal wings flapping. It may look toothy, but it won't actually bite.
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 K-Drone.png
A cutting-edge surveillance drone that can patrol any kind of facility. However, it's fresh from the factory and hasn't really been evaluated. How useful it actually is remains to be seen!
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 4
MM11 Press Don.png
Press Don
This specialized combat robot chases after enemies and stomps them flat. If that doesn't suffice, it follows up with a punishing punch. No intruders can escape it, not even the tiniest mouse.
Health Points: 15
Attack Damage: 8 (contact), 5 (punch)
Weakness: Block Dropper and Bounce Ball
MM11 Elec Crosser.png
Elec Crosser
A transformer device that diverts electrical current into a + shape. Can be easily destroyed using a well-placed Bounce Ball.
Attack Damage: 3 (contact), 4 (electricity)
Weakness: Bounce Ball
MM11 Elec Xtender.png
Elec Xtender
A transformer device that diverts electrical current into an X shape. Can be easily destroyed using a well-placed Bounce Ball.
Attack Damage: 3 (contact), 4 (electricity)
Weakness: Bounce Ball
MM11 Fire Server.png
Fire Server
This drink vendor robot has had its soda replaced with flammable oil. The tank on its back could go up at any moment.
Weakness: Blazing Torch and Chain Blast
MM11 Shimobey.png
An actor robot used in hero shows as the evil foot soldier. Dreaming of someday playing the hero, it always tries to look its best as the heroes beat it up.
Weakness: Blazing Torch and Chain Blast
MM11 Propeller Eye T.png
Propeller Eye T
A propeller-driven surveillance robot with a tough outer body. Wait for the camera to appear for a chance to attack! It's actually surprisingly empty on the inside.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Sniper Joe.png
Sniper Joe
This combat robot was developed base on data scans of Proto Man. Its sturdy shield and high mobility make it a tough nut to crack, especially when it waits in hard-to-reach locations.
Health Points: 6
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 4 (shot)
Weakness: Pile Driver
MM11 Sniper Armor D.png
Sniper Armor D
A large-scale robot piloted by a Sniper Joe. This new model has all the features of the classic Dachone walking cannon robot. Has decent armor, but the Joe piloting it is exposed.
Health Points: 15
Weakness: Scramble Thunder
MM11 Shpider.png
This arachnid robot lurks on ceilings, waiting to drop down on unsuspecting intruders. Whenever it gets hit by an attack, it releases a bundle of Mini Shpiders.
MM11 Mini Shpider.png
Mini Shpider
The miniature arachnid robots dropped when a Shpider takes a hit. Their lighter build means they can spring about and bash into enemies. Mini Shpiders don't grow into Shpiders; they are robots, after all.
MM11 Pipetto.png
A chemical-mixing robot that excels at precisely measuring out fluids. Each spurt of toxic chemicals it launches at Mega Man is exactly 2000mL.
Weakness: Bounce Ball and Block Dropper
MM11 Shield Attacker.png
Shield Attacker
A tricky combination of offense and defense, Shield Attackers run their rocket engines full blast to maximize their chances of ramming into enemies with their solid shields.
Weakness: Pile Driver
MM11 Shield Attacker M.png
Shield Attacker M
A special underwater variant of the Shield Attacker with a special coating to prevent it from breaking down even in the most corrosive chemicals.
Weakness: Pile Driver
MM11 Droppy.png
A cleaning robot that keeps the inside of the chemical pipes spick and span. Anything it decides is trash gets hauled away for disposal on piles that can reach impressive heights.
Weakness: Block Dropper and Scramble Thunder
MM11 Brushy.png
An upgraded model of Droppy, also launched by a Cyclone W. Twice the cleaning power and twice as long-lasting! (Compared to Brand X.) Its power brush can remove even the toughest robot grease.
File:MM11 Wipey.png
The ultimate weapon in the war on dirty pipes, once this is launched by a Cyclone W, no dirt is safe. It may hurt to get taken out by a Wipey, but at least it'll leave your armor sparkling clean.
MM11 Scrapp.png
The remains of unfortunate robots who tumbled into the chemical pipes. All they can do now is be dragged along by the acid stream.
MM11 Eye Ice.png
Eye Ice
This robot was designed to set a wintry mood by simulating snow and charming all who see it. However, it tends to knock into people when the wind picks up. There have been...complaints.
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Ice Swan.png
Ice Swan
This avian surveillance robot bombs intruders with lumps of ice. When the ice shatters into spiky shards, watch out!
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Snow Robbit.png
Snow Robbit
Another winter simulation robot, this one looks like a gentle rabbit bounding through the snow. It was designed with impressive jump legs to help it navigate the deep snow and ice.
Health Points: 4
Attack Damage: 3
Weakness: Scramble Thunder
MM11 Wild Robbit.png
Wild Robbit
A robot for forest simulations, this robbit was designed to educate campers. Since it's supposed to simulate a wild animal in the woods, it was designed with more natural colors than other models.
Weakness: Scramble Thunder and Tundra Storm
File:MM11 Mash Burner.png
Mash Burner
A kitchen assistant robot that can heat hotplates or boil water with the flames from its head. Hit it once to turn off the flames, and again to make it explode. Safe to ride when switched off.
Weakness: Blazing Torch and Chain Blast
MM11 Tatepakkan.png
This stalwart guardian robot can rest safely behind its shield, knowing itself to be impervious to frontal attack. Too bad it can't fire back at the same time...
Health Points: 3
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 3 (shot)
MM11 Lamper.png
A lantern robot designed to give campers the feel of the great outdoors. Rather than harsh fluorescent light, it burns gas for an authentic flame.
MM11 Tank Oven.png
Tank Oven
A camp cooking robot that specializes in hotpots. Now upgraded for battle by Dr. Wily, it's piloted by a potato-shaped robot and fires carrot bombs.
Weakness: Tundra Storm
MM11 Air Fire.png
Air Fire
The fiery version of the Air Stone, this security bot blends in well in fiery areas, but tends to be easy to spot in cooler locales.
MM11 Mini Sparkey.png
Mini Sparkey
Made to resemble a miniature Sparkey the Barbecue Turkey, these robots follow Sparkey around as if it really is their mother. They're as innocent as they look.
Health Points: 3
MM11 Pickman.png
This high-performance construction robot was created by bolting a body onto a Metall. Since it has lost its perfect defense, it instead attacks enemies on sight.
Health Points: 6
Attack Damage: 3
Weakness: Acid Barrier and Block Dropper
MM11 Missile Cone.png
Missile Cone
This robot works as a safety inspector on construction sites, but it's also equipped with missiles for discouraging intruders. Sometimes it blows up supply trucks by mistake.
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Arc Weldy.png
Arc Weldy
This welding robot has a slightly cheaper CPU, so it tends to weld anything nearby if left unattended. However, you can't help but wonder about that sad look in its eyes...
Health Points: 5
Attack Damage: 3 (contact), 4 (heated spot)
Weakness: Blazing Torch and Acid Barrier
Oldest of the Impact Brothers. A straight shooter who never fails to drive his point home, Kui-ichiro takes control when the three brothers combine to form Impact Man.
Health Points: --
Attack Damage: 3
The middle child of the Impact Brothers, Kui-jiro lacks decisiveness and tends to look to his brother Kui-ichiro for instructions. Luckly, those instructions are just "hit things."
Health Points: --
Attack Damage: 3
The youngest Impact Brother, but the most responsible after Kui-ichiro. He always makes time for proper maintenance, so his spike is constantly spotless, shiny, and sharp.
Health Points: --
Attack Damage: 3
MM11 Gabyoall.png
A robot designed to slow down intruders by damaging their feet. Like a spiky caltrop dropped by a ninja, stepping on a Gabyoall is sure to leave you limping!
Health Points: 1
Attack Damage: 3
Weakness: Chain Blast and Pile Driver
MM11 Cannopeller II.png
Cannopeller II
A new model of the popular Cannopeller flying cannon, its shots now fly in a straight like. (Rumor has it, that actually makes them easier to dodge.)
MM11 Wall Blaster.png
Wall Blaster
Automatically snipes at intruders from difficult-to-reach places on walls and ceilings. Luckly, it doesn't have great aim, but it can still be a nuisance.
Health Points: 3
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 3 (shot)
Weakness: Bounce Ball
MM11 Bunby Balloon.png
Bunby Balloon
Programmed to look for lost kids at Boing-Boing Park, this camera bot usually sticks to surveillance. The balloons that hold it up have pretty heavy armor, so it's a wonder how they stay aloft...
Weakness: Pile Driver, Blazing Torch, Chain Blast and Acid Barrier (Note: Weakness here comes from balloon not Bunby its self)
MM11 Tosanaizer V.png
Tosanaizer V
A robot created for the sole purpose of stopping people jumping across pits. Its detachable hands come in sponge and metal varieties.(It always uses the metal ones.)
MM11 Boyorn.png
An exercise robot that can bounce around thanks to the thick, tough rubber protecting its inner body. It can fall off the roof of Boing-Boing Park and not take any damage - it's tried!
Weakness: Pile Driver
MM11 Poyorn.png
A cheaper version of a Boyorn. Its rubber coating is thinner and more easily pierced, but Pump Master K actually prefers the Poyorn color scheme.
Health Points: 2
File:MM11 Air Nut.png
Air Nut
A modified Air Stone intended to defend the Gear Fortress. The sheer number of them is a testament to Wily's obsession with victory at all costs.


MM11 Totemer.png
A guardian robot tasked with protecting Block Man's precious structures. The ancient-looking glyphs carved into its surface are actually a fictional language invented by Block Man.
Health Points: 40
Attack Damage: 4 (contact), 5 (contact while moving)
Weakness: Chain Blast and Pile Driver
MM11 Dread Spark.png
Dread Spark
A robot that stays in the heart of the power relay station and delivers power wherever it's needed. Its dreadlock-like power cables combined with cool shades give it the unintended look of a reggae master.
Health Points: 45
Attack Damage: 4 (contact), 3 (bomb), 3 (electricity)
Weakness: Bounce Ball and Acid Barrier
MM11 Thrill Twins.png
Thrill Twins 1 & 2
Made by modifying a theme park rollercoaster, these thrilling machines combine loop-the-loops with crashes that make you wish they had safety belts.
Health Points: 20 (each)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact)
Weakness: Tundra Storm, Scramble Thunder and Chain Blast
MM11 Cyclone W.png
Cyclone W
The granddaddy of chemical plant cleaning robots. With its four mighty brushes, it can scour an acid lab clean in twenty seconds flat. Also features attachments for smaller brushes.
Health Points: 55
Attack Damage: 3 (contact), 2 (brushes)
Weakness: Block Dropper and Scramble Thunder
MM11 Mecha-Mammostal.png
A display robot used for showing off museum exhibits, it always keeps in mind the best angle to really wow the guests. The robot is actually the base, not the mammoth on top.
Health Points: 36
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 5 (ice platforms), 3 (small ice)
Weakness: Scramble Thunder and Chain Blast
MM11 Sparkey.png
Sparkey the Barbecue Turkey, mascot character of Torch Man's campsite, usually plays the part of the bird cooked up by Torch Man over a campfire. Now it's doing the cooking!
Health Points: 50
Attack Damage: 4 (contact), 4 (fire shot)
Weakness: Tundra Storm and Acid Barrier
MM11 Pickman Digger.png
Pickman Digger
These heavy diggers are issued only to the most trusted veteran worker robots on Impact Man's construction sites. All the other Pickmans look up to the drivers of these splendid machines.
Health Points: 36
Attack Damage: 5 (contact), 6 (contact while spinning), 5 (boulder)
Weakness: Block Dropper
MM11 Frog Balloon.png
Frog Balloon
The famous mascot of Bounce Man's athletic center Boing-Boing Park. If it breaks down, Pump Master K will be there to fix it up right away. Unfortunately, its eyes are a little scary and it often makes kids cry.
Health Points: 12 (Frog Balloon), 24 (Pump Master K)
Attack Damage: 4 (contact), 8 (tongue slam)
Weakness: Pile Driver and Blazing Torch


Robot Masters

MM11 Block Man.png
Block Man
Block Man was designed to specialize in building the outer walls of major projects. He's always secretly dreamed of building a vast structure that recreates the bygone age of pyramids and temples.

Ever full of energy, he keeps the robots on his sites working full tilt; the only problem being that he sometimes loses his temper when his laborers can't keep up with him.

Block Man often works together with Impact Man, and the two are sometimes seen going to an oil bar to share a drink after a long day of construction.

Manufacturer: Nakaume Heavy Machinery

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Block Dropper
Weakness: Chain Blast
MM11 Fuse Man.png
Fuse Man
Fuse Man's job is to manage and fine-tune power transformer stations. He's designed to handle massive electrical currents, but if he ever encounters a current that's too strong for him, the fuses on his head will blow, saving him from a critical overload.

He's a crucial part of the city's power supply system, so he treats his job with a sense of responsibility and duty, putting speed above all else when a problem arises.

Since his dangerous job keeps him alert and on edge 24/7, the only time he can let caution slide and just relax is when he's caring for his pet rabbit "Watt".

Manufacturer: O.D.A. Electronics

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Scramble Thunder
Weakness: Bounce Ball
MM11 Blast Man.png
Blast Man
Blast Man is a pyrotechnician (or in his words, an explosion artist) who designs the explosive effects for movies and theme parks. He can provide any explosion the client needs, from cataclysmic blasts to shy little bangs.

At the time of the Wily incident, he was working on a new explosion-themed attraction for the theme park "Flower Land."

In his spare time, he writes a column for his favorite magazine, Boom Monthly. There's not a month goes by that his explosive opinions don't blow the pages to bits.

Manufacturer: B.B. Bomb Company

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Chain Blast
Weakness: Blazing Torch
MM11 Acid Man.png
Acid Man
Acid Man is a cutting-edge scientist robot whose field is advanced chemistry. Ever the perfectionist, he ensures that all chemicals are measured out exactly; Sloppy mixing makes him absolutely furious.

He never hesitates to leap into the chemical tanks to check the mixtures, in turn, making him an excellent swimmer.

His reputation has led the plant employees to call him the "Acid Merman" behind his back.

Manufacturer: Mecha-Chuchets Institute of Robology

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Acid Barrier
Weakness: Block Dropper
MM11 Tundra Man.png
Tundra Man
Though Tundra Man was designed for land development and exploration in polar climates, he found a new obsession the first time he saw a TV ice-skating championship.

Since then, he has spent long years perfecting incredible ice-skating techniques out on the polar ice flats. But since his audience is generally huskies, polar bears, and seals, he doesn't get many reviews.

Tundra Man had a tougher-looking exterior when he was first sent to the North Pole, but he made some modifications to suit his graceful passion of ice-skating.

To him, the fact that his dazzling moves have been locked away at the North Pole and never witnessed is a crisis on the scale of global warming. Tundra Man eagerly awaits the day when he can show the world his exquisite skills.

Manufacturer: Cossack Robot Laboratories

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Tundra Storm
Weakness: Scramble Thunder
MM11 Torch Man.png
Torch Man
Torch Man was designed as a camping advisor, teaching people about campfire safety. In his spare time, he ventures out into the wild to work on his very own martial art, "Torch-jutsu."

He started Torch-jutsu in order to train himself to keep his flames under control, since the slightest lapse in judgment can cause a dangerous flare-up.

With his training incomplete, he still tends to flare up in moments of strong emotion. He gets particularly excited when it's time for the turkey roast, resulting in many a scorched bird.

He once tried training by standing under a raging waterfall. The subsequent repairs took three months.

Manufacturer: Tsubakuro Precision Machining

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Blazing Torch
Weakness: Tundra Storm
MM11 Impact Man.png
Impact Man
A construction support robot built to withstand the toughest working conditions, Impact Man mainly works on the foundations of construction projects. His body is made up of three independent pile driver robots who call themselves the Impact Brothers: Kui-ichiro, Kui-jiro, and Kui-saburo.

He never hesitates, and always rushes to action.

His motto is "Just push through!" so once he's accepted a job, nothing can stop him from smashing through in record time.

Usually Kui-ichiro, the oldest of the Impact Brothers, takes control when they're combined into Impact Man, but sometimes the yougest, Kui-saburo, steps in when his big bro is worn out. Meanwhile, Kui-jiro is the unruly middle child and can't be trusted to take the reins.

Manufacturer: Nakaume Heavy Machinery

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Pile Driver
Weakness: Acid Barrier
MM11 Bounce Man.png
Bounce Man
Bounce Man was developed as a crash test robot, but his incredible stretching and bouncing abilities led him to become an instructor at the indoor athletics facility "Boing-Boing Park."

Innocent and optimistic, he can't help bouncing around in joy no matter the situation. He tends to accidentally bounce into people and send them flying, making himself a bit of a nuisance.

His fitness lessons at Boing-Boing Park are a new style of exercise that he calls "Hopxercise" - it's like boxing, but on trampolines. It's surprisingly popular with middle-aged women.

His funny looks and big round body are a hit with kids, making Bounce Man a household name.

Manufacturer: Joint R&D (Rebound Rubber & Momo's Robot Farm)

Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Bounce Ball
Weakness: Pile Driver

Gear Fortress Bosses

Yellow Devil MK-III.png
Yellow Devil MK-III
The newest model of the Yellow Devil, a heinous device designed with the express purpose of defeating Mega Man. Wily has equipped this model with a Speed Gear to ensure there's no possible way Mega Man can dodge its tricky split attacks.

Though the Yellow Devil's massive body seems like it might be a better fit for a Power Gear, even Wily has to struggle with budget issues from time to time, so he decided to limit the upgrade to the classic split attack and trust that a speed boost to this old favorite would be enough to do the job.

Weakness: Chain Blast
MM11 Mawverne.png
This combat robot is an offshoot of the development that went into Wily's latest Wily Machine. It's equipped with armor thick enough to repel any attack.

Wily originally intended to create two versions fitted with a Power Gear and a Speed Gear respectively, but when he realized how much time it would take to build the outer casings out of the special steel used in Metall helmets and Sniper Joe shields, he limited himself to creating just one.

That said, the incredible defensive capabilities of the resulting robot have Wily glowing with pride.

Weakness: Bounce Ball
MM11 Wily Machine 11 V1.png
Wily Machine 11 (V1)
This huge battle drone is the newest entry in Wily's series of terrifying Wily Machines. Like numbers 1 through 10, it is designed to resemble Wily's trademark skull logo.

Despite its size, the controls are responsive and precise, and the sheer number of homing missiles it can launch from its rear weapon ports speaks volumes about Wily's determination to bring down Mega Man and Dr. Light once and for all.

Contrary to appearance, the side-mounted missile pods weren't attached backward by mistake. Wily just wants to give the missiles more time to slowly, inexorably close in on Mega Man while he watches with glee.

Health Points: 28
Weakness: Acid Barrier
MM11 Wily Machine 11 V2.png
Wily Machine 11 (V2)
The true form of the Wily Machine 11, and the final evolution of Wily's spite over the Double Gear system that began back in his student days.

With this inner gear-like module released from the first form's outer armor, it is free to soar from place to place, triggering the Speed Gear and Power Gear as if it has a mind of its own.

Since each Gear features a specialized cooling system, Wily can keep using each over and over without overheating.

How did Wily manage to pack so many gears into the outer armor of the first form? Only he knows...

Health Points: 28
Weakness: Acid Barrier