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A list of enemies and bosses that appear in Mega Man 4.

Enemy Table Guide

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Enemy name
Description/background information of an enemy or boss.
Health Points: Lists the amount of health an enemy has based on the amount of hits it takes from uncharged Mega Buster shots. Bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 28.
Attack Damage: Attack damage Mega Man takes in bars of health from his life meter.
Special Weapon: The Special Weapon that Mega Man can receive after defeating a Robot Master.
Weakness: The Weapon that will cause the most damage against a boss in units. For enemies, it will be the Weapon that takes the least amount of shots to destroy.




Enemy Names

Name Description
100 Watton Shoot him and the lights go out.
Battan Go for a ride.
Battonton Same as the ones in Mega Man 2.
Biree Circles around platforms.
"Boulder" Drops from chutes in ceilings.
Docron Drop from ceiling and chase after you.
Dompan Shoot him to relight the room.
Escaroo Shoot him in the eyes while avoiding his bombs.
Gachappon A vending machine that dispense bombs instead of prizes.
Garyoby A Spine equipped with a buzzsaw.
Gyotot Leaps out of the water to attack.
Haehaey Drops energy shots from above.
Helipon Drops down to attack when nearby.
Hover Ride him across the spikes.
Imorm Slowy inch toward Mega Man.
Jumbig Tries to crush Mega Man.
Kabatoncue A hippo that spit out missiles from a high platform.
Ladder Press Tries to crush anyone climbing ladders.
M-422A Bobs up and down.
Mantan Patrols the waters of Dive Man's stage.
Metall EX May dance or hop when firing.
Metall Swim A Met built for underwater
Minoan Tries to mow Mega Man down.
Moby A whale that launch torpedos and mines.
Mono Roader Tries to rev up and run Mega Man down.
Mummira Attacks by tossing his head.
Pakatto 24 A sheilded cannon that only open when it's attacking.
Puyoyon Tends to stick to ceilings.
Rackaser Attempts to spear Mega Man with his umbrella.
Ratton Simply hops to attack.
Ring Ring Slowly follows Mega Man.
Sasoreenu Hides under the sand to ambush prey.
Sea Mine Explodes when it sense movements nearby.
Shield Attacker His front is heavily armored.
Skeleton Joe Regular shots just stun him. Charge shots will turn him into dust.
Skullmet His backside is well protected.
Super Ball Machine Jr. Shoot bouncing cannonballs.
Swallown and Coswallown The little ones will dive-bomb without warning.
Taketento Discards his propeller to attack.
Togehero A one-eye Telly armed with spikes.
Tom Boy A Slinky that fights back!
Totem Polen Tries to bar Mega Man's path.
Up'n'Down Tries to knock Mega Man into pits.
Wall Blaster A wall-mounted cannon.
Whopper Attacks by launching the rings that protects him.




Robot Masters

Bright Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Flash Stopper
Weakness: Rain Flush
Toad Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Rain Flush
Weakness: Drill Bomb
Drill Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Drill Bomb
Weakness: Dive Missile
Pharaoh Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weakness: Flash Stopper
Ring Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Ring Boomerang
Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
Dust Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Dust Crusher
Weakness: Ring Boomerang
Dive Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Dive Missile
Weakness: Skull Barrier
Skull Man
Health Points: 28
Special Weapon: Skull Man
Weakness: Dust Crusher




Bosses Weakness
Mothraya Ring Boomerang
Square Machine Dust Crusher
Cockroach Twins Drill Bomb
Cossack Catcher Dust Crusher
Metall Daddy Dust Crusher
Tako Trash Ring Boomerang
Wily Machine No. 4

Ring Boomerang (First form) /

Drill Bomb (Second form)

Wily Capsule Pharaoh Shot/Ring Boomerang

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