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List of Battle Chips from Mega Man Battle Network 4.

Standard Chips

# Image Name Type Damage Letter Codes Memory Description Location
001BN4Chip001CannonBC Element Null40A, B, C, *8 MBCannon to attack 1 enemyA: Found in starting folder.
B: Found in starting folder.
C: Netdealer in Town Area 3.
*: Town Area 3 in-battle GMD.
002BN4Chip002HiCannonBC Element Null80C, D, E24 MBCannon to attack 1 enemyC: Purchase at Higsby's shop.
003BN4Chip003M-CannonBC Element Null120E, F, G40 MBCannon to attack 1 enemyE: ACDC 1 GMD (super hard mode)
G: ToyRobotComp1 BMD (super hard mode)
F: HeroComp BMD (super hard mode)/Sharo Area (super hard mode)
004BN4Chip004AirShotBC Attribute Wind20A, S, V, *6 MBKnocks enemy back 1Found in starting folder.
005BN4Chip005Vulcan1BC Element Null10E, S, V, *6 MB3-shot to pierce 1 panel!Found in starting folder.
006BN4Chip006Vulcan2BC Element Null10B, H, O18 MB5-shot to pierce 1 panel!H: Sold by NetDealer in Netopia Area (6300z)
007BN4Chip007Vulcan3BC Element Null10O, W, Y30 MB7-shot to pierce 1 panel!W: ToyRobotComp4 BMD (super hard mode)
T: Undernet 2 GMD (hard/super hard mode)
008BN4Chip008SpreaderBC Element Null30L, M, N, *10 MBCreates a large explosiongreen mystery data in Town area
009BN4Chip009HeatShotBC Element Heat40B, C, D, *8 MBExplodes 1 square behindSpikey data, ACDC 2
010BN4Chip010Heat-VBC Element Heat70C, D, E22 MBExplodes 2 diag. squares
011BN4Chip011HeatSideBC Element Heat100D, E, F44 MBExplodes up, down on hitD: GMD in Yumland Area (Hard Mode) Beat Spikey 3 (Super Hard Mode)
012BN4Chip012BubblerBC Element Aqua50P, Q, R, *12 MBExplodes 1 square behindShrimpy data
013BN4Chip013Bub-VBC Element Aqua80C, D, E22 MBExplodes 2 diag. squaresShrimpy 2/Shrimp 2 ex data
014BN4Chip014BublSideBC Element Aqua110D, E, F44 MBExplodes up, down on hitE: GMD in ACDC 3 area (super hard mode)
015BN4Chip015Thunder1BC Element Elec40B, L, P, *7 MBParalyzing electric attack!P: S-Rank Billy virus
016BN4Chip016Thunder2BC Element Elec60H, P, S18 MBParalyzing electric attack!
017BN4Chip017Thunder3BC Element Elec80I, T, W33 MBParalyzing electric attack!T: less than 10-rank (super hard mode)
W: ACDC 2 green mystery data (super hard mode)
018BN4Chip018WideSht1BC Element Aqua60C, D, E, *10 MBFires 3sq shotgun blast!C: S-Rank virus V.1 in town 2 (mode 1)

D: 10-Rank Same virus same area same mode

*: Higsby chip order service
019BN4Chip019WideSht2BC Element Aqua80L, M, N30 MBFires 3sq shotgun blast!
020BN4Chip020WideSht3BC Element Aqua100S, T, U50 MBFires 3sq shotgun blast!S: Castillo Area 3 GMD (super hard mode)
021BN4Chip021FlmLine1BC Element Heat70F, G, H, *18 MBFirebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!F: S-Rank Virus in Hot dog comp.
022BN4Chip022FlmLine2BC Element Heat120D, E, F26 MBFirebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!
023BN4Chip023FlmLine3BC Element Heat170J, K, L54 MBFirebeam 2sq ahead 3sq long!K: Town Area 2 green mystery data (super hard mode)
L: S-rank/Yumland Area GMD (super hard mode)
024BN4Chip024GunSol1BC Element Null-A, G, M, *15 MBSunshine appear w/ ButtonG: In Django theme park ride/Higsby's order system
A: Use Netopia 10 chip trader
M: Use Netopia 10 chip trader
025BN4Chip025GunSol2BC Element Null-B, G, S25 MBSunshine appear w/ ButtonG:Heel navi in Town 4: Invisible pathway
026BN4Chip026GunSol3BC Element Null-C, G, T35 MBSunshine appear w/ ButtonG:Django, the Solar Boy will give it to you as reward for fulfill his job request by the first time.
027BN4Chip027BlizzardBC Element Aqua100H, J, V26 MBSnowstorm attack! Ice PanelJ:
*: GMD in Undernet 4 (SHM)
028BN4Chip028HeatBrthBC Element Heat90D, K, O, *30 MBMagma Firestorm attack!D:
*:Undernet 4 GMD (super hard mode)
029BN4Chip029ElecShokBC Element Elec80J, L, S, *40 MBCracker Electric blast*: Undernet 4 GMD (super hard mode)
030BN4Chip030WoodPwdrBC Element Wood100F, T, W, *40 MBChanges panels to grassT: S-rank
F: Beat at any rank besides S
W: Chip trader
031BN4Chip031SandRingBC Element Null-C, R, S, *8 MBOpens a pitfall trap*: Netopia area green mystery data
032BN4Chip032TwnFng1BC Element Null70A, B, C, *13 MBLaunch 2 fangs up and down
033BN4Chip033TwnFng2BC Element Null100O, P, Q26 MBLaunch 2 fangs up and down
034BN4Chip034TwnFng3BC Element Null130F, G, H39 MBLaunch 2 fangs up and downF: 6-8 Rank on Walla 3-EX
H: S-Rank on Walla 3-EX
035BN4Chip035ElemFlarBC Element Heat100K, N, P24 MB3-sq atk Powerful on magma!emploror data: Undernet 3
K: S-rank
036BN4Chip036ElemIceBC Element Aqua100H, Q, V24 MB3-sq atk Powerful on iceemploror data: undernet
037BN4Chip037ElemLeafBC Element Wood80C, D, I24 MB3-sq atk Powerful on grassemploror data: undernet 3
D: Beat it in any rank besides S
C: S-rank
038BN4Chip038ElemSandBC Element Null120A, L, S, *24 MB3-sq atk Powerful on pitfalemploror data: undernet 6
S: Beat the emploror in any rank besides S
A: S-rank
039BN4Chip039MagBolt1BC Element Elec90B, C, D18 MBShocks an enemy ahead
040BN4Chip040MagBolt2BC Element Elec110E, F, G28 MBShocks an enemy aheadE: Higsby chip trader
041BN4Chip041MagBolt3BC Element Elec130A, B, C38 MBShocks an enemy aheadC: Sharo Area GMD (super hard mode)
042BN4Chip042TornadoBC Attribute Wind20E, L, T22 MBCreates 8 whirlwind aheadT: Town Area 1 in battle green mystery data/Town Area 4 in-battle GMD
043BN4Chip043StaticBC Attribute Wind20B, G, Z, *30 MBA static blast 2sq aheadnetopia net chip dealer
Z: Undernet 1 chip dealer
*: Netopia Area in-battle GMD
044BN4Chip044MiniBombBC Element Null50B, L, T, *5 MBThrows a bomb 3 squaresFound in starting folder.
B: GMD in Undernet 3
L: GMD in Undernet 3
T: GMD in Undernet 3
045BN4Chip045EnergBomBC Element Null40E, N, T, *11 MBThrows bomb 3sq aheadE: ACDC area 1
046BN4Chip046MegEnBomBC Element Null60D, J, W30 MBThrows bomb 3sq aheadD: ACDC 3 blue mystery data (super hard mode)
J: ACDC 1/Town area 2 green mystery data (super hard mode)
047BN4Chip047BallBC Attribute Break140B, T, V, *30 MBBreaks 3rd panel aheadV: In battle GMD (Town Area 2)
B: Get from Nanako if you hand out 20 Higsby ads (Blue Moon)/ In battle GMD in Park 3 Area
048BN4Chip048BlkBombBC Element Heat210D, H, Z55 MBFirebomb hits 3rd sq ahead!Z: purple mystery data in Sharo net
D: GMD in Undernet 6
049BN4Chip049GeyserBC Element Aqua200B, L, V38 MBGeyser 3 squares forwardpurple mystery data in ACDC net
050BN4Chip050BugBombBC Element Null-B, G, Z, *30 MBThrows a bug-bomb 3sq ahead*: Undernet 4 Blue mystery data (hard mode)
B: ToyRobotComp 2 (super hard mode)/Bugfrag trader
051BN4Chip051Binder1BC Element Null60C, O, S, *10 MBFires a sonic blast
052BN4Chip052Binder2BC Element Null80A, T, Y17 MBFires a sonic blast
053BN4Chip053Binder3BC Element Null100E, I, O24 MBFires a sonic blastI: 9-S rank Felony
E: 9-S rank FelonyEX
054BN4Chip054SwordBC Attribute Sword80E, L, S9 MBCuts enmy in front! Range: 1Found in starting folder.
055BN4Chip055WideSwrdBC Attribute Sword80E, L, S16 MBCuts enmy in front! Range: 3Found in starting folder.
056BN4Chip056LongSwrdBC Attribute Sword80E, L, S25 MBCuts enmy in front! Range: 2S:
057BN4Chip057WideBldeBC Attribute Sword130C, K, S38 MBCuts enmy in front! Range: 3K: Buy from Higsby's normal stock
S: Undernet 1 GMD(hard mode)
058BN4Chip058LongBldeBC Attribute Sword130G, R, S40 MBCuts enmy in front! Range: 2G: Higsby's normal stock
R: Undernet 6 GMD
S: Undernet 1 GMD (super hard mode
059BN4Chip059CustSwrdBC Attribute Sword???B, P, S20 MBCust Gauge = Atk StrB: Undernet 1 green mystery data
S: Town Area 2 blue mystery data (super hard mode)
060BN4Chip060VarSwrdBC Attribute Sword150C, J, V60 MBA magical shifting swordpurple mystery data Park area 2
V: Town Area 4 GMD (super hard mode)
061BN4Chip061SlasherBC Attribute Sword240F, H, R18 MBCut while A Button is held!R: Netopia area chip dealer
062BN4Chip062WindRackBC Attribute Wind100A, L, R, *23 MBBlow enmy in front! Range: 3A:
*: MeteorComp4 BMD (super hard mode)
063BN4Chip063AirHoc1BC Attribute Break50D, E, F, *20 MBRicochet attack to rightDefeat Dharma
064BN4Chip064AirHoc2BC Attribute Break60I, J, K30 MBRicochet attack to rightDefeat Karma
I: S-rank
065BN4Chip065AirHoc3BC Attribute Break70U, V, W40 MBRicochet attack to rightDefeat Dogma
W:S-rank Undernet 6
U: 8-10 Rank Undernet 6
066BN4Chip066Counter1BC Element Null70F, M, T, *14 MBCounter-attack to enemy
067BN4Chip067Counter2BC Element Null110B, H, L, *28 MBCounter-attack to enemy
068BN4Chip068Counter3BC Element Null150A, N, V42 MBCounter-attack to enemyN: ACDC 3 green mystery data (super hard mode)
A: Park Area 1 GMD (super hard mode)
069BN4Chip069Boomer1BC Element Wood60L, M, N16 MBBoomerang encircles field*: S-Rank BoomerEx
070BN4Chip070Boomer2BC Element Wood80L, M, N28 MBBoomerang encircles field
071BN4Chip071Boomer3BC Element Wood100S, T, U40 MBBoomerang encircles fieldS: S-rank
T: Park Area 1 GMD (super hard mode)
072BN4Chip072SidBmbo1BC Element Wood80B, I, R, *14 MBLance attck 3sq aheadA:S-Rank Virus V.1 (1 first) Undernet 3
073BN4Chip073SidBmbo2BC Element Wood110H, O, S22 MBLance attck 3sq aheadO: Undernet 6 GMD (hard mode)
074BN4Chip074SidBmbo3BC Element Wood140A, F, U30 MBLance attck 3sq aheadU: Undernet 6 GMD (super hard mode)
075BN4Chip075LanceBC Element Wood130A, G, R, *42 MBLances through back linepurple mystery data yumland net
076BN4Chip076WhitWeb1BC Element Wood40D, L, R, *26 MBStretches web over enmy area
077BN4Chip077WhitWeb2BC Element Wood40C, E, Y, *36 MBStretches web on enmy area
078BN4Chip078WhitWeb3BC Element Wood40K, O, V, *46 MBStretches web under enmy area*: S-rank
079BN4Chip079MokoRus1BC Element Null60C, I, M14 MB3 Molokos charge the enemy10-Rank moko virus
080BN4Chip080MokoRus2BC Element Null90G, K, U28 MB3 Molokos charge the enemyU: Town Area 3 green mystery data (hard mode)
081BN4Chip081MokoRus3BC Element Null120O, T, Y42 MB3 Molokos charge the enemy
082BN4Chip082CircGun1BC Element Null80H, T, Z28 MBStop site w/ Button and attck
083BN4Chip083CircGun2BC Element Null100D, G, T40 MBStop site w/ Button and attck
084BN4Chip084CircGun3BC Element Null120J, M, R52 MBStop site w/ Button and attckJ:
R: S-rank In final comp. before Duo.
085BN4Chip085SnakeBC Element Null20D, M, R60 MBSnake from hole in areaM: PMD in front of the netdealer in Undernet 1
often found in rare chip traders
086BN4Chip086MagnumTypeCrack130H, Q, V52 MBCursor destroys panel! V: Yumland area GMD
H: Castillo area in battle GMD
087BN4Chip087BigHamr1BC Attribute Break160B, O, R22 MBHammr atk smashes in front!6-Rank Virus v.1
088BN4Chip088BigHamr2BC Attribute Break220G, J, W33 MBHammr atk smashes in front!G: Undernet 2 GMD (Hard mode)
089BN4Chip089BigHamr3BC Attribute Break280D, V, Z44 MBHammr atk smashes in front!
090BN4Chip090BoyBomb1TypeObstacle220E, J, M30 MBPlaces BoyBom in your area
091BN4Chip091BoyBomb2TypeObstacle250I, S, W40 MBPlaces BoyBom in your area
092BN4Chip092BoyBomb3TypeObstacle280G, T, V50 MBPlaces BoyBom in your area
093BN4Chip093TimeBombTypeObstacle150J, K, L55 MBAn area-wide time bombTown area 3 chip dealer
J: Black Earth 2 in-battle GMD
L: Town Area 1 in-battle GMD
094BN4Chip094MineTypeObstacle300C, H, Z42 MBPlaces a mine in enmy areaZ: Undernet in-battle green mystery battle data
095BN4Chip095RockCubeTypeObstacle-*6 MBPlaces a rock cube in front
096BN4Chip096WindBC Attribute Wind-*10 MBWindBox blows at enmy area*: Town Area 4 GMD
097BN4Chip097FanBC Attribute Wind-*10 MBVacuumFan pulls enemies*: Town Area 4 GMD
098BN4Chip098FanfareTypeObstacle-E, G, N, *20 MBTake no dmg for a while*: Undernet 4 GMD
099BN4Chip099DiscordTypeObstacle-D, T, V, *20 MBConfuses enemies w/ music*: Undernet 4 GMD
100BN4Chip100TimpaniTypeObstacle-P, T, Z, *20 MBParalyzes enemies w/ music*: Undernet 4 GMD
101BN4Chip101SilenceTypeObstacle-C, M, R, *20 MBMuteAnt to blind enemy
102BN4Chip102VDollTypeObstacle-I, O, Y58 MB Throws VDoll aheadUndernet green mystery battle data
103BN4Chip103Guard1BC Element Null50A, L, V, *4 MBRepels enemy's attack
104BN4Chip104Guard2BC Element Null80C, G, P, *10 MBRepels enemy's attackC:
105BN4Chip105Guard3BC Element Null110F, R, T, *16 MBRepels enemy's attackR: 10-rank or S rank Mettaur 3 (super hard mode)
T: Beat Mettaur 3 in any rank less than 10 (super hard mode)
*:NetFrica Area GMD (super hard mode)
106BN4Chip106CrakOutTypeCrack-*4 MBDestroys 1 panel in frontFound in starting folder.
107BN4Chip107DublCrakTypeCrack-B, L, R, *7 MBDestroys 2 panels in front*: ACDC 2 GMD
108BN4Chip108TripCrakTypeCrack-B, L, R, *10 MBDestroys 3 panels in front*: Town Area 1 GMD
109BN4Chip109Recov10TypeRecover-A, L, N, *8 MBRecovers 10HPFound in starting folder.
110BN4Chip110Recov30TypeRecover-F, H, R, *16 MBRecovers 30HP
111BN4Chip111Recov50TypeRecover-E, L, S, *24 MBRecovers 50HP
112BN4Chip112Recov80TypeRecover-B, J, O, *32 MBRecovers 80HPGMD Netfrica? (use Untrap sub-chip)
*: Yumland GMD?
113BN4Chip113Recov120TypeRecover-F, J, Q, *40 MBRecovers 120HP*: Undernet GMD (hard mode)
114BN4Chip114Recov150TypeRecover-C, T, Z48 MBRecovers 150HP
115BN4Chip115Recov200TypeRecover-H, M, W56 MBRecovers 200HPH: ACDC green mystery data (super hard mode)
116BN4Chip116Recov300TypeRecover-J, ?? MBRecovers 300HPJ: Number Trader Code
117BN4Chip117RepairTypeRecover-I, P, R, *5 MBRecovers HP of itemsR: Sold by Netopia Area Netdealer (4000z)
118BN4Chip118PanlGrabBC Element Null-K, O, Y6 MBSteals 1 enemy square!
119BN4Chip119AreaGrabBC Element Null-E, M, S, *8 MBSteals left edge from enmyS: Found in starting folder; ACDC area GMD; Higsby chip order system
M: GMD in NetFrica (use Untrap sub-chip)
120BN4Chip120MetaGelBC Element Aqua120K, T, Z52 MBGel attck steals a panel!Undernet 5 Green Battle data
T: Undernet 5 12,000 zennys
121BN4Chip121GrabBnshBC Element Null-E, K, P24 MBRetaliate stolen panels! P:NetDealer in Netopia Area
E: Town Area 1 green mystery data(super hard mode)
122BN4Chip122GrabRvngBC Element Null-D, J, N48 MBRetaliate stolen panels!D: Town Area 4 PMD (super hard mode)
123BN4Chip123PnlRetrnBC Element Null-*14 MBFix your area's panelsPurchase at Higsby's shop.
124BN4Chip124Geddon1TypeCrack-J, K, W34 MBCracks all panel on screen
125BN4Chip125Geddon2TypeCrack-N, T, Y47 MBBreaks all empty panelsN: Purchase at Higsby's shop.
126BN4Chip126Geddon3BC Element Null-H, Q, U62 MBTurns all panels to swampbug frag dealer, undernet 5
Q: Netopia Area GMD (super hard mode)
127BN4Chip127SloGaugeBC Element Null-E, H, V, *22 MBCustGauge Temporary slow-downE: Undernet 1 NetDealer (8200z)
128BN4Chip128FstGaugeBC Element Null-I, Q, U, *32 MBCustGauge Temporary speed-up Q: Undernet 1 Netdealer (9800z)
*:Black Earth in-battle GMD
129BN4Chip129BlinderBC Element Null-*9 MBBlinds enemy w/ light*: PMD Town area 2 game 1
130BN4Chip130NrthWindBC Attribute Wind-E, N, T, *33 MBWind blws off aura, barriersT: Undernet 1 GMD (super hard mode)/Undernet 1 net dealer
131BN4Chip131HolyPanlBC Element Null-*24 MBCreates a HolyPanl in front*: GoddessComp BMD (super hard mode)
132BN4Chip132HoleBC Element Null-*23 MBAppears Hole in front*: Undernet 1/2 GMD (use untrap)
133BN4Chip133InvisTypeInvis-*12 MBInvisible for a while*: Located in several areas - GMD (ACDC, Undernet)
134BN4Chip134PopUpTypeInvis-J, P, Y, *21 MBAttacks frm under groundP
*: Netopia in battle GMD
135BN4Chip135BarrierBC Element Null-A, D, Z, *7 MBNullifies 10 HP of damage
136BN4Chip136Barr100BC Element Null-P, Q, W27 MBNullifies 100 HP of damageQ: Chip trader
137BN4Chip137Barr200BC Element Null-I, O, U47 MBNullifies 200 HP of damageO: Undernet 6 GMD (hard mode)
138BN4Chip138AntiFireBC Element Heat200K58 MBFire atk damages you
139BN4Chip139AntiWatrBC Element Aqua200D54 MBWater atk damages you
140BN4Chip140AntiElecBC Element Elec200H59 MBElec atk damages you
141BN4Chip141AntiWoodBC Element Wood200M55 MBWood atk damages youM: ACDC 2 purple mystery data (super hard mode)
142BN4Chip142AntiDmgBC Element Null120K, M, R31 MBSets trap and throw starsM: PMD in Town Area 2 (hard mode)
143BN4Chip143AntiSwrdBC Attribute Sword100C, I, N, *43 MBRetaliate for sword damage
144BN4Chip144AntiNaviBC Element Null-J, M, T44 MBTakes the enemy's Navi awayM: Sold by NetDealer in Undernet 5 (16000Z)
145BN4Chip145AntiRecvBC Element Null-B, D, G, *37 MBDamages enemy in recovery
146BN4Chip146CopyDmgBC Element Null-*12 MBDuplicate damage to 2nd enemy*: Town Area 3 GMD
147BN4Chip147LifeSyncBC Element Null-N, Q, Y12 MBMakes enmy's HP sameQ: Purchase at Higsby's shop.
148BN4Chip148Atk+10TypePlus-*6 MB+10 for selected atk chipFound in starting folder.
149BN4Chip149Navi+20TypePlus-*36 MB+20 for selected Navi chip*: Sold by Undernet 4 BugFrag Dealer (28BF)
150BN4Chip150ColorPtTypePlus-*25 MB+10 for next chip attack*: Town Area 4 GMD (super hard mode)

Mega Chips

# Image Name Type Damage Description Location
1BN4MChip001SuprVulcBC Element Null1012-shot vulcan cannonPurchase at Higsby's shop.
2BN4MChip002NeoVariBC Attribute Sword240A magical shifting swordBMD in Undernet 5.
3BN4MChip003ShotStarBC Element Heat40Drop many meteor on enmy areaPurchase from BugFrag Trader in Park Area 3 for 60 BugFrags.
4BN4MChip004GodHammrTypeObstacle250Places a stone statuePMD in Undernet 1. (super hard mode)
5BN4MChip005GuardianTypeObstacle200Statue retaliate when hitPMD in Undernet 4.
6BN4MChip006JealousyBC Element Null80More chip mean more damageBMD in ACDC Area 3. NebulaID required to access.
7BN4MChip007BugChainBC Element Null -Fires bugs into enmy areaPurchase from NetDealer in Undernet 5 for 22000 Z.
*: In-battle GMD in Black Earth 1 and 2. Used for Dark-neo P.A
8BN4MChip008BugFixBC Element Null -Repairs & removes bugsPMD in Yumland (2nd playthrough)
BMD in Asteroid Area 2 (3rd playthrough)
9BN4MChip009FullCustBC Element Null -CustGauge instantly refillsBMD in Water God Area 12
10BN4MChip010LifeAuraBC Element Null -Repels all attck under 200BMD in Black Earth 1
11BN4MChip011SnctuaryBC Element Null -Chng all own panel to holyBMD in Undernet 5
12BN4MChip012Atk+30TypePlus - +30 for selected atk chipPurchase from NetDealer in Undernet 5 for 28000 Z.
13BN4MChip013DblPointTypePlus - +20 for next chip attackPMD in Park Area 3 (2nd playthrough)
14BN4MChip014MuramasaBC Attribute Sword???EvilChip! Power = HP lostObtain from a black HeelNavi in Undernet 5 after beating Bass
15BN4MChip015AnubisTypeObstacle -EvilChip! Anubis poisonsObtain from a black HeelNavi in Undernet 5. after beating bass
16BN4MChip016ElemDarkBC Element Null220EvilChip! Powerful over swamp S-rank Lamp-EX in uranet 6
17BN4MChip017BlakWingBC Element Null20EvilChip! Wings descendObtain from a black HeelNavi in Undernet 5. after beating bass
18BN4MChip018DrkLineBC Element Null -Turns all rows into HolesPMD in Undernet 4 (2nd playthrough)
*:In-battle GMD in Undernet 1-6

Used for Dark-Neo P.A

37BN4MChip037TopManBC Attribute Break20Attck hit 3 panels aheadTopMan α/β/Ω
38BN4MChip038TopMnSPBC Attribute Break???Attck hit 3 panels aheadTopMan Ω
39BN4MChip039TopMnDSBC Attribute Break???Attck hit 3 panels aheadTopMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
40BN4MChip040BurnManBC Element Heat603-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!BurnerMan α/β/Ω
41BN4MChip041BurnMnSPBC Element Heat???3-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!BurnerMan Ω
42BN4MChip042BurnMnDSBC Element Heat???3-direct burnr fry 2 ahead!BurnerMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
43BN4MChip043ColdManBC Element Aqua100Ices over all and slides!ColdMan α/β/Ω
44BN4MChip044ColdMnSPBC Element Aqua???Ices over all and slides!ColdMan Ω
45BN4MChip045ColdMnDSBC Element Aqua???Ices over all and slides!ColdMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
46BN4MChip046SparkManBC Element Elec70SparkWave blinds enemy!SparkMan α/β/Ω
47BN4MChip047SprkMnSPBC Element Elec???SparkWave blinds enemy!SparkMan Ω
48BN4MChip048SprkMnDSBC Element Elec???SparkWave blinds enemy!SparkMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
49BN4MChip049ShadeManBC Element Null120CrshNoise attck all directionShadeMan Ω
50BN4MChip050ShadMnSPBC Element Null???CrshNoise attck all directionShadeMan Ω
51BN4MChip051ShadMnDSBC Element Null???CrshNoise attck all directionShadeMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
52BN4MChip052LaserManBC Element Null100A laser pierces 1 thru!LaserMan Ω
53BN4MChip053LasrMnSPBC Element Null???A laser pierces 1 thru!LaserMan Ω
54BN4MChip054LasrMnDSBC Element Null???A laser pierces 1 thru!LaserMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
55BN4MChip055KendoManBC Element Null70Attck hit an enemy in frontKendoMan α/β/Ω
56BN4MChip056KendMnSPBC Element Null???Attck hit an enemy in frontKendoMan Ω
57BN4MChip057KendMnDSBC Element Null???Attck hit an enemy in frontKendoMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
58BN4MChip058VideoManBC Element Null25Attack tape slam 2.5 inVideoMan α/β/Ω
59BN4MChip059VideMnSPBC Element Null???Attack tape slam 2.5 inVideoMan Ω
60BN4MChip060VideMnDSBC Element Null???Attack tape slam 2.5 inVideoMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
GMD in Black Earth 1
Red Sun Exclusive
19BN4MChip019RSRollTypeRecover20Attcks an enmy, then heals youRoll α/β/Ω
20BN4MChip020RSRollSPTypeRecover???Attcks an enmy, then heals youRoll Ω
21BN4MChip021RSRollDSTypeRecover???Attcks an enmy, then heals youRoll Ω (Dark Soul only)
22BN4MChip022RSGutsManTypeCrack80GutsHammr destroys enmy areaGutsMan α/β/Ω
23BN4MChip023RSGutsMnSPTypeCrack???GutsHammr destroys enmy areaGutsMan Ω
24BN4MChip024RSGutsMnDSTypeCrack???GutsHammr destroys enmy areaGutsMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
25BN4MChip025RSWindManBC Attribute Wind40Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sqWindMan α/β/Ω
26BN4MChip026RSWindMnSPBC Attribute Wind???Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sqWindMan Ω
27BN4MChip027RSWindMnDSBC Attribute Wind???Whirlwind that spin acrss 3sqWindMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
28BN4MChip028RSSerchManTypeInvis20Stop site and fire 5 shotsSearchMan α/β/Ω
29BN4MChip029RSSrchMnSPTypeInvis???Stop site and fire 5 shotsSearchMan Ω
30BN4MChip030RSSrchMnDSTypeInvis???Stop site and fire 5 shotsSearchMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
31BN4MChip031RSFireManBC Element Heat100Fire burn to front sideFireMan α/β/Ω
32BN4MChip032RSFireMnSPBC Element Heat???Fire burn to front sideFireMan Ω
33BN4MChip033RSFireMnDSBC Element Heat???Fire burn to front sideFireMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
34BN4MChip034RSThunManBC Element Elec90Lightning strikes 3sq aheadThunderMan α/β/Ω
35BN4MChip035RSThunMnSPBC Element Elec???Lightning strikes 3sq aheadThunderMan Ω
36BN4MChip036RSThunMnDSBC Element Elec???Lightning strikes 3sq aheadThunderMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
Blue Moon Exclusive
19BN4MChip019BMProtoManBC Attribute Sword100Rush up to enemy and sliceProtoMan α/β/Ω
20BN4MChip020BMProtoMSPBC Attribute Sword???Rush up to enemy and sliceProtoMan Ω
21BN4MChip021BMProtoMDSBC Attribute Sword???Rush up to enemy and sliceProtoMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
22BN4MChip022BMNumbrManTypePlus30Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sqNumberMan α/β/Ω
23BN4MChip023BMNumbMnSPTypePlus???Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sqNumberMan Ω
24BN4MChip024BMNumbMnDSTypePlus???Bomb 3 ahead! Hits 9sqNumberMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
25BN4MChip025BMMetalManBC Attribute Break160Iron fist crushes 1sq aheadMetalMan α/β/Ω
26BN4MChip026BMMetlMnSPBC Attribute Break???Iron fist crushes 1sq aheadMetalMan Ω
27BN4MChip027BMMetlMnDSBC Attribute Break???Iron fist crushes 1sq aheadMetalMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
28BN4MChip028BMJunkManTypeObstacle100Throw any objects on fieldJunkMan α/β/Ω
29BN4MChip029BMJunkMnSPTypeObstacle???Throw any objects on fieldJunkMan Ω
30BN4MChip030BMJunkMnDSTypeObstacle???Throw any objects on fieldJunkMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
31BN4MChip031BMAquaManBC Element Aqua70Water Gun sprays 2sq aheadAquaMan α/β/Ω
32BN4MChip032BMAquaMnSPBC Element Aqua???Water Gun sprays 2sq aheadAquaMan Ω
33BN4MChip033BMAquaMnDSBC Element Aqua???Water Gun sprays 2sq aheadAquaMan Ω (Dark Soul only)
34BN4MChip034BMWoodManBC Element Wood130WoodTowr pierce to enmy areaWoodMan α/β/Ω
35BN4MChip035BMWoodMnSPBC Element Wood???WoodTowr pierce to enmy areaWoodMan Ω
36BN4MChip036BMWoodMnDSBC Element Wood???WoodTowr pierce to enmy areaWoodMan Ω (Dark Soul only)

Note: Mega Chips #19-36 from either version are counted as Secret Chips #39-56 in their respective opposing version.

Giga Chips

# Image Name Type Damage Description Location
Red Sun Exclusive
1BN4GChip001RSRedSunBC Element Null???A RedSun bombards 3 aheadObtain from Yuichiro Hikari in the final chapter of the storyline.
2BN4GChip002RSHolyDremBC Element Null50Holy shot sucks in HolyPanl!Purchase from BugFrag Trader in Undernet 4 for 100 BugFrags.
3BN4GChip003RSBassBC Element Null60Buster rake half enmy areaDefeat Bass.EXE in Undernet 5.
4BN4GChip004RSBugChargBC Element Null80EvilChip! Gets powr with turnIn-battle GMD when fighting ShadeManΩ or LaserManΩ.
5BN4GChip005RSBlakBarrBC Element Null-A dark barrier regenerateDefeat BassΩ in Black Earth 2. Either S-rank him, or defeat him while having the Collect program installed.
Blue Moon Exclusive
1BN4GChip001BMBlueMoonBC Element Null???Blue moon drains 3 aheadObtain from Yuichiro Hikari in the final chapter of the storyline.
2BN4GChip002BMSignlRedTypeObstacle-Enmy chip is no use while redPurchase from BugFrag Trader in Undernet 4 for 100 BugFrags.
3BN4GChip003BMBassAnlyBC Element Null160A ring that hits 4 timesDefeat Bass.EXE in Undernet 5.
4BN4GChip004BMBugCurseBC Element Null-EvilChip! Make enmy buggy!In-battle GMD when fighting ShadeManΩ or LaserManΩ.
5BN4GChip005BMDeltaRayBC Attribute Sword260A Button power up by 3 swrdDefeat BassΩ in Black Earth 2. Either S-rank him, or defeat him while having the Collect program installed.


# Image Name Type Damage Description
1BN4SChip001RollAro1BC Element Null50RollArrow destroys chips
2BN4SChip002RollAro2BC Element Null70RollArrow destroys chips
3BN4SChip003RollAro3BC Element Null90RollArrow destroys chips
4BN4SChip004GutPnch1BC Element Null100Launches GutPunch ahead
5BN4SChip005GutPnch2BC Element Null140Launches GutStrgt ahead
6BN4SChip006GutPnch3BC Element Null180Launches GutImpct ahead
7BN4SChip007PropBom1BC Element Null120Rushing causes an explosion
8BN4SChip008PropBom2BC Element Null160Rushing causes an explosion
9BN4SChip009PropBom3BC Element Null200Rushing causes an explosion
10BN4SChip010SeekBom1BC Element Null80Throws a bomb at the enemy
11BN4SChip011SeekBom2BC Element Null110Throws a bomb at the enemy
12BN4SChip012SeekBom3BC Element Null140Throws a bomb at the enemy
13BN4SChip013Meteors1BC Element Heat50Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
14BN4SChip014Meteors2BC Element Heat60Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
15BN4SChip015Meteors3BC Element Heat70Fires 5 Meteors at enemy
16BN4SChip016Ligtnin1BC Element Elec100Thunder strikes obstacles
17BN4SChip017Ligtnin2BC Element Elec130Thunder strikes obstacles
18BN4SChip018Ligtnin3BC Element Elec160Thunder strikes obstacles
19BN4SChip019HawkCut1BC Attribute Sword80Cut twice once wide once long
20BN4SChip020HawkCut2BC Attribute Sword90Cut twice once wide once long
21BN4SChip021HawkCut3BC Attribute Sword100Cut twice once wide once long
22BN4SChip022NumbrBl1BC Element Null???3-shot ball atk reduce HP
23BN4SChip023NumbrBl2BC Element Null???4-shot ball atk reduce HP
24BN4SChip024NumbrBl3BC Element Null???5-shot ball atk reduce HP
25BN4SChip025MetlGer1BC Attribute Break100Gear crushes enmy area
26BN4SChip026MetlGer2BC Attribute Break130Gear crushes enmy area
27BN4SChip027MetlGer3BC Attribute Break160Gear crushes enmy area
28BN4SChip028PanlSht1TypeCrack100Lifts panel and throws it
29BN4SChip029PanlSht2TypeCrack60Lifts panel and throws it
30BN4SChip030PanlSht3TypeCrack80Lifts panel and throws it
31BN4SChip031AquaUp1BC Element Aqua110Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
32BN4SChip032AquaUp2BC Element Aqua140Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
33BN4SChip033AquaUp3BC Element Aqua170Raises AquaTowrs frm crack
34BN4SChip034GreenWdBC Element Wood120Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
35BN4SChip035GreenWd2BC Element Wood140Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
36BN4SChip036GreenWd3BC Element Wood160Raises WoodTowrs frm grass
37BN4SChip037GunSolEXBC Element Null-Fires a spread sunbeam
38BN4SChip038Z SaverBC Attribute Sword100Repliroid swrd cuts 3 times
??BN4GChip007PrixPowrBC Element Null200グランプリをとった 3体のナビたちの ゆめのきょうえん!
The 3 GrandPrix winning Navis' dream appearance together!
??BN4GChip006DuoBC Element Null200むすうにふりそそぐ せいぎのコブシ メテオナックル!
Endless rain of fists of justice, MeteorKnuckle!
Note: Secret Chips #1-36 are Standard Chips. Chips #37 and #38 are Mega Chips. The first of the Chips #?? is a Mega Chip, while the latter is a Giga Chip. Secret Chips #39-56 are the equivalent to Mega Chips #19-36 from the other version of the game.

Dark Chips

# Image Name Damage Description
(Damage = HP lost)
(Damage = Enemies' highest HP)
(Fires 24 Shots)
(Damage = Half of enemies' highest HP)
(Turns opponent's area into Swamp and your area into BlackHoles)
(Recovers 1000 HP)

Note: Dark Chips don't have a number and are not part of the Library. They appear randomly in the 2 missing Custom slots when Megaman's Emotion Window is in Worried or Dark state. Dark Chips can only be selected with another Dark chip.

Warning: Each time the player uses a Dark Chip, Megaman permanently loses 1HP from his maximum HP.

Battle Chip Gate Only

# Image Name Damage Description
1BN45Chip187Marking-Chase the enemy and attack!
2BN45Chip188Cannon Mode-Briefly fire many Cannons
3BN45Chip189Cannon Ball Mode-Briefly thrw many CannBalls
4BN45Chip190Sword Mode-Briefly slsh many LongSwrds
5BN45MChip081FirePlus-Temporary Fire chip dmg +40
6BN45MChip082ThunPlus-Temporary Elec chip dmg +40
7BN45MChip083AquaPowr-Temporary Aqua chip dmg x2!
8BN45MChip084WoodPowr-Temporary Wood chip dmg x2!
9BN45MChip085Black Weapon-Power up Buster w/ own HP
10BN45GChip011Final Gun50Charge up ultimate attack!

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