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List of upgrades from the first Mega Man Battle Network game.

HP Memory

An upgrade which raises MegaMan's health by 20 points. There is a total of 45 HP Memory upgrades in each game, allowing MegaMan's health to go from his original 100HP to a maximum of 1000HP. (In MMBN3-6, MegaMan's HP can be enhanced even further through the use of Navi Customizer Blocks, raising his Max HP beyond the 1000HP max obtained from collecting all the HP Memories).

Sub Chip Memory (SubMem)

An upgrade which allows MegaMan to carry more Subchips. This upgrade raises the maximum quantity of each type of Subchip by 1 unit.

Regular Upgrade Memory (RegUP)

An upgrade which raises MegaMan's Regular Memory (used to designate a Regualr Chip in MMBN2-6). Different upgrades of this type raise the maximum Regular Memory by different amounts (anywhere from 1MB to 3MB). In each game, the maximum Regular Memory upon the collection of each RegUPs is 50MB.

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