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This is a list of enemies that appear in Mega Man III.

Enemy Table Guide

[Enemy picture]
Enemy name
Description/background information of an enemy or boss.
Health Points: Lists the amount of health an enemy has based on the amount of hits it takes from uncharged Mega Buster shots. Most bosses with a health meter will always have an HP value of 28.
Attack Damage: Attack damage Mega Man takes in bars of health from his life meter.
Special Weapon: The Special Weapon that Mega Man can receive after defeating a Robot Master.
Weakness: The Weapon that will cause the most damage against a boss in units. For enemies, it will be the Weapon that takes the least amount of shots to destroy.


Battonton (バットントン), misspelled "Batonton" in Mega Man III, is a minor upgrade of the Batton, a bat like robot.
Health Points: 2
Attack Damage: 3 (contact)
MMIIIBomber Pete
Bomber Pepe
Bomber Pepe (ボンバーぺぺ) is a penguin-like robot that attacks by launching explosive eggs.
Health Points: 4
Attack Damage: 2 (egg)
Petit Snakey Petit Snakey (プチスネーキー) is a snake enemy, much smaller than the Big Snakey. They are found in Snake Man's stage and shoot projectiles at Mega Man. Where they will shoot depends on Mega Man's location when they blink.
Health Points: 3
Attack Damage: 2
Big Snakey Big Snakey (ビッグスネーキー) is a giant snake sub-boss. Their 'tail' acts as the floor which moves and wriggles about up and down which can either disorient the player's line of fire or help them get a clearer shot.
Attack Damage: 2 (shot)
Bubukan MK-II Bubukan MK-II is a variant of Bubukan that appears in Snake Man's stage. They do not have a pole, but the upper part of their body can jump over Mega Man.
Health Points: 3 (Upper body)

1 (lower body)

Dada Dada (ダダ) is a hopping enemy that appears in Snake Man's stage. It leaps two times, then jumps high into the air.
Health Points: 1
Ladder Press Ladder Press (ラダープレス) is a spiked hand-like press that goes up and down in a ladder opened, and closes in the borders of the ladder. They can't be destroyed and do not freeze with Spark Shock. They appear in the Snake Man's stage.
Health Points: Can't be destroyed
Potton Potton (ポットン) is a flying surveillance robot that attacks by dropping their explosive body when Mega Man passes under them. Afterwards they are just glass shells with propellers that fly around. It still hurts Mega Man if he touches them.
Health Points: 1


Name Weapon Weakness
DWN-019 Gemini Man Gemini Laser Search Snake
DWN-022 Snake Man Search Snake Spark Shock
DWN-023 Spark Man Spark Shock Shadow Blade
DWN-024 Shadow Man Shadow Blade Gemini Laser
Giant Suzy - Spark Shock
DWN-027 Drill Man Drill Bomb Dive Missile
DWN-030 Dust Man Dust Crusher Drill Bomb
DWN-031 Dive Man Dive Missile Dust Crusher/Skull Barrier
DWN-032 Skull Man Skull Barrier Dust Crusher
MKN-002 Punk Screw Crusher Mega Buster
Wily Machine (Form 1) - Mega Buster
Wily Machine (Form 2) - Screw Crusher