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List of Key Items in Mega Man Star Force 2.

Visualizer (Visualizr)
Special glasses Kelvin used to use... Available from the beginning.
Star Carrier (StrCarry)
Geo's Star Carrier, which stores all of his info. Available from the beginning.
Propeller (Propeler)
A Propeller from an advert ship. It's made of a strong, lightweight material. Above Luna Platz's house.
Movie Ticket (MovieTix)
A ticket to see "Ghost Crisis". It says that it's a free complementary ticket. Given by Miser after finding the Propeller.
Translator (Trnslatr)
(じどうほんやくき, "Automatic Translator")
An automatic Translator. It can automatically interpret between every language on the planet. Given by Gerry Romero in Mess Village.
Old Docs
(こもんじょ, "Ancient Documents")
An ancient document that show the way to the "Lord of the Loch" written in EM lettering which is illegible to humans. You can press L Button to have Mega read it to you.Loch Mess 1 ER
Lean Beef raised in the Whazzap countryside. The beautiful marbling is a sight to behold.Whazzap
A type of Onion only found in Whazzap. Just looking at it will make your eyes water.Whazzap
Delicious, Whazzap-grown Rice. It's longer and less sticky than the rice from back home.Given by Wherzat in Whazzap
Famous Whazzap Eggs. Packed with protein, vitamins, etc., they're very nutritious.Whazzap Lines ER
Black Box (BlackBox)
A Black Box. This flight recorder stores an aircraft's crash data.Loch Mess 2 ER.
(こだいもじキャシ, "Ancient Character Kyashi")
"There was a tribe of people with the power to see EM waves... The Mu."
(こだいもじミル, "Ancient Character Miru")
"The Mu people got their power to manipulate EM waves from the Great Being..."
(こだいもじヴァル, "Ancient Character Varu")
"Their search led them to Earth's End. And there they found the Great Being, the source of all EM waves."
"That special power of Mu was the object of fear from other peoples of the world, who sought to drive them out."
"The Mu used language to control EM waves and created a prosperous civilization."
Room of Heroes
"The Great Being first gave the Mu language."
Room of Heroes
"One day Invaders appeared in the Mu's land, Earth's End, and tried to drive out the people of Mu."
Room of Heroes
"The Mu technology for Materializing EM waves allowed their civilization to advance. And for a time lived in peace..."
Room of Heroes
"The Mu in the sky conquered all of the peoples on the ground and ruled the Earth..."
Room of Genesis
"Humans who rejected war, forsook their land and scattered across the Earth... And those who embraced war, used the power of EM waves to raise their land into the sky."
Room of Genesis
"After the appearance of the invaders, the Mu were divided into those who embraced war and those who rejected it."
Room of Genesis
"Those Mu who left Earth used EM warriors to wipe out the Invaders."
Room of Genesis
(もう1つのミライ, "Another Future")
A small, yet ominous-looking planet. It looks just like Earth. Just gazing at it can bring a tear to your eye. Vega'sHideout ER, after completing the game.
Super RC
A green-colored RC helicopter. Its Giga Engine was developed using Propelic technology.Appears in Sky Wave while helping Chase Winde.
(ウッカリサイフ, "Careless Wallet")
A funky colored wallet heavy with some kind of funky energy.Helping Ema Nesia.
Snow Bunny (SnoBunny)
(ゆきうさぎ, "Snow Rabbit")
A cute snow bunny. Its red cheery-like eyes are just adorable.Help Lennycia
Encyclopedia (Enclpdia)
A thick, heavy encyclopedia containing info on everything in the world. The "A" section by itself is 20,000 pages.Help Shaman
Blueprint (Blueprnt)
(ゼッケイシャシン, "Picturesque Scenery Photograph")
A picture of awe-inspiring beauty that can bring tears to your eyes.Help Shudder Bugz
Motor Bike (MotrBike)
(オシャレバイク, "Stylish Bike")
A cool, new motorbike that, unfortunately is soaked from having been dipped in the lake.Loch Mess2 ER while helping Luz Stufalot.
Yellow Banana (YlwBnana)
A ripe, yellow banana with a mouthwatering sweet smell.Whazzap, while helping Luna.
(スウィートヤシのミ, "Sweet Coconut Fruit")
A huge coconut whose hard shell houses sweet coconut milk.Grizzly Peak, while helping Luna.
Mom's Recipe (MomRcpie)
A recipe from Mom for delectable sweets.Given by Hope while helping Luna.
Treasure Map (TreasMap)
A treasure map from Chatty Ditz. It reads, "Ancient fish".Museum, while helping Chatty Ditz.
Blue Wool (BlueWool)
A special kind of blue translucend lamb's wool from Mess Village.Messie's Cove, while helping Hale Knitter.
Soul Food (SoulFood)
Simple, down-home soul food. Just one bite takes you back to your childhood.Help Meala DeVour.
(おもいでのてがみ, "Letter of Memories")
An old faded letter. The envelope reads, "To Chatty".Whazzap Lines, while helping Chatty Ditz.
Floor Guide (FlorGuid)
A map of the Grizzly Peak Resort Hotel. Now you won't get lost.Helping Yugo Astray.
Mess Fish (MessFish)
(ドンブラーギョ, "Donburā Fish")
A 9-foot long fish from Loch Mess with an extremely fishy taste.Help Wherzat
Propelic Report (P Reprt)
The Propelic Report explains the technology behind the Giga Engine. A note in the table of contents reads: "ANMMEFC2GTESRAAOR".Given by Chase Winde after finding the Super RC.
(てづくりクッキー, "Handmade Cookie")
A cookie shaped slightly like a heart. When you put it in your mouth, a feeling of love as well as a bitter fragrance envelopes you. White chocolate decorations spell out: "OLSISKEYHIUMC".Help Luna Platz.
(ふわふわマフラー, "Fluffy Muffler")
A soft, warm, exquisitely-made, hand-knitted scarf, careful embroided with the letters: "BEMOCOBST".Help Hale Knitter.
Charm (たいさんおふだ, "Disperse Ofuda")A good-luck charm with some kind of weird inscription that reads: "NDETORHBRBA". Just holding it makes you feel safe.Help Joe Hawnt.
Old Strap (OldStrap)
A very vintage-looking strap for a terminal used in the old days called a cell phone. "WVETMAERAT" is written in funky lettering.Help Chatty Ditz.
(しぶいサングラス, "Cool Sunglasses")
Sunglasses with a shiny black finish. They're almost too cool to wear outside. The frame is engraved with the letters: "AXIMSOEG".Help Noira Crush.
Short Cake (ShrtCake)
Strawberry shortcake with a legendary taste. Written in whip cream are the letters: "STERLDGNEEMAYAR".Help Rolly Pollyn.
Video Game (VdeoGame)
(ゲームソフト, "Game Soft")
A video game from back in the day. On the cover are fighters with their dukes up, and on the back are the letters: "KYWSAVE".Help Han Gard.
Puzzle Book (PzleBook)
(クイズのほん, "Quiz Book")
A book of difficult riddles. It's worn from having been read and re-read many times. Riddle #87 reads: What is a "RIETCARRSAR".Take Alec Tribec's quiz.
(イエデのこころえ, "Runaway from Home Information")
A guide that details all one may need when running away from home. There's a memo with "NKWPEORLI" listed as one of the running-away essentials.Help Kyanaigotu
Normal Wallpaper (NormalWP)
Wallpaper for your Star Carrier. You can set it with the A Button.Available from the beginning.
Sonia Wallpaper (Sonia WP)
(ミソラかべがみ, "Misora Wallpaper")
Sonia-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Help Sonia Strumm.
Luna Wallpaper (Luna WP)
Prez-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Download from Luna Platz's computer.
Bud Wallpaper (Bud WP)
(ゴン太かべがみ, "Gonta Wallpaper")
Bud-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Download from Bud Bison's computer.
Zack Wallpaper (Zack WP)
(キザマロかべがみ, "Kizamaro Wallpaper")
Zack-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Download from Zack Temple's computer.
Amy Wallpaper (Amy WP)
(アイかべがみ, "Ai Wallpaper")
Amy-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Help Amy Gelande.
Hertz Wallpaper (Hertz WP)
(デンパかべがみ, "Denpa Wallpaper")
Mr.Hertz-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Sold by a merchant Hertz in Wilshire Hills for 3000 Zennys.
LM Wallpaper (LM WP)
Legnd.Master Shin-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Shopping Plaza
Solo Wallpaper (Solo WP)
Solo-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Hertz in Alt. WlshrHls ER.
DX Wallpaper (DX WP)
DX Boss victory-themed Wallpaper. You can set it with the A Button.Defeat all DX bosses.
Trader Ticket (TradrTix)
A Trader Ticket. Currently,you have (amount)Various
Bud's Ticket (BudTickt)
(ゴン太のチケット, Gonta's Ticket)
The movie ticket that Bud lost.Wilshire Hills
Cold Body (ColdBody)
A bone-chilling Ability. MegaMan cannot equip it. OldBinoculars ES
Whazzap Key (WhzzpKey)
(ナンスカへのカギ, "Key to Nanska")
A key to open the door to Whazzap.Sky Wave
Indie Fragment 1 (IndFrag1)
A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it. Help Ere Mitic in Shopping Plaza.
IndFrag2 (ここうのカケラ2)A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it.Pat Sprigs
IndFrag3 (ここうのカケラ3)A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it.Alternate Dimension
IndFrag4 (ここうのカケラ4)A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it.Monitor in Vega'sHideout ER
IndFrag5 (ここうのカケラ5)A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it.Hertz near throne in Loch Mess2 ER, after defeating Plesio Surf.
IndFrag6 (ここうのカケラ6)A physical manifestation of the Indie spirit. Use A Button to register it.Hertz in (Broken) Lift ES
January XXth (Jan.XXth)
January XXth...
Today was ACDC Elementary School's class reunion. It's been quite a while since I graduated... Time really goes by so fast. Dex, who I haven't seen for a while, has been elected mayor. He has really grown into a fine young man. And i hear Yai is the president of her father's company; traveling around the world. They both have made their own marks and now it's my turn. I'm gonna become a great scientist and help all of humanity!
Mailbox ES
March XXth (Mar.XXth)
March XXth...
I went to the airport to meet Chaud, who's back from a while overseas. Apparently, he's back because the government wants to recognize his service as an International Official NetBattler by presenting him with an award. But even so, he didn't show any signs of joy, saying, "...Hmph, I didn't do it for the glory." "So, I'm not particularly thrilled to be receiving this." It seems like that detached side of him hasn't changed a bit.
Old Binoculars ES
July XXth (Jul.XXth)
July XXth...
ACDC Elementary is about to be renovated. They're going to make it a lot more high-tech. I am a little sad to see the old buildings go. Oh, that reminds me Higsby's is another place I'm gonna miss. It's not that they're closing, it just looks like they're moving to a new location. They say that the new place'll be 10 stories tall, and they're gonna call it "Higsby's Chip Emporium". I definitely have to attend the opening ceremony!
Lost Ice Statue ES
September XXth (Sep.XXth)
September XXth...
My son Patch nagged me into finally getting him a PET. I was planning to wait until he was a little older, but my wife Mayl said he was ready for it, so I bought him one He named the NetNavi he installed, "MegaMan Junior". Its programming is taken from the best parts of my Navi, MegaMan and Mayl's Navi, Roll. Patch was ecstatic. He's determined to be "the greatest NetBattler in the world". I wonder what he'll grow up to be...? That's the greatest thing I have to look forward to as a father.
Sunken Ship ES
November XXth (Nov.XXth)
November XXth...
At the SciLab meeting I put forth my "Link Hypothesis" that I've been pondering for some time now. MegaMan and I used to fight together, risking our lives. Each time, there was this almost miraculous power between us that helped pull us through. I started thinking about that power, and that's what started me on my hypothesis. I believe that despite their invisibility, bonds contain an incredible power. I think that by researching this hypothesis, the results will somehow benefit the world. Maybe not in my lifetime, but... I'd like to think that future generations will be able to use it as a springboard to create a brighter future for all!
Ammonite ES

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