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A Guardroid piloting a Golem Rider Armor from Mega Man X8.

A list of enemy Reploid soldiers from the Mega Man X series that use Ride Armors and Ride Chasers.

Ride Armor enemies

Armor Soldier

Armor Soldier (アーマーソルジャー ĀmāSorujā) is a Reploid soldier that has gone Maverick and appears as an enemy in Mega Man X. They are seen piloting Ride Armors in Chill Penguin's and Sting Chameleon's stages, as well as the second Sigma Fortress stage.

If approached without a Ride Armor, they will be standing nearby their own armor, looking back and forth for targets. It is possible in this instance to dash quickly and steal their Ride Armor, or destroy them outright with a charge shot. If their Ride Armor is stolen, they will attack by standing still and firing occasional "Buster" shots.


Rideloid-G (ライドロイドG Raidoroido G), also called Ride loid-G, is an enemy soldier in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme that pilot the new Rabbit Ride Armor in Wheel Gator's stage, Dinosaur Tank. They also replace the Armor Soldiers in Chill Penguin's stage in Mega Man Xtreme.

In Mega Man X2, the Rideloid-G will first appear outside their Ride Armors. If X takes his Armor, he will attack with Buster shots.

Ride Armor

This stationary enemy, known only as Ride Armor, appears in Tunnel Rhino's stage and the last stage of Mega Man Xtreme 2. They attack by firing two missiles and electric spheres that roll across the ground. This Ride Armor is similar to the Hawk Ride Armor from Mega Man X3, possibly being a modification of it. One punch from the Rabbit Ride Armor is enough to defeat it.


Raiden (ライデン) is a Repliforce enemy solider from Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5 that pilot the Raiden Ride Armor. They appear in Magma Dragoon's, Slash Beast's, and Burn Dinorex's stages.

Eagle G

Eagle G (イーグルG Īguru G), is a Repliforce enemy solider from the final stages of Mega Man X5 and Storm Owl's stage that pilot a modified Eagle Ride Armor equipped with a shield.

Proto Ride

Proto Ride (プロトライド Purotoraido) is a type of Ride Armor enemy from Mega Man X7 piloted by Runnerbombs. They attack with long and incontinuous laser beams, semi-homing double missiles, and tackles. Proto Rides appear in Vanishing Gungaroo's Tunnel Base stage and in the final stage, Crimson Palace.


The Golem Ride Armor is piloted by enemy New Generation Reploid soldiers in Mega Man X8. They appear in Bamboo Pandamonium's Booster Forest stage and are able to deliver powerful punches.

They're similar to the Cyclops Ride Armor, but lack the electromagnetic gun on the shoulder. Golems come equipped with a drill on their right arm and a claw on the left. It is possible to only destroy the soldier, allowing the player to use the Ride Armor.

When powered up by a MAME-Q, Golems will only attack with Meteo-Blow and the charge time to perform the attack is also reduced.

Ride Chaser enemies

Road Riders

Road Riders (ロードライダーズ Rōdoraidāzu) are enemies using the Cheval Ride Chaser in Overdrive Ostrich's stage in Mega Man X2. They are a motorcycle gang that acts as scouts for the X-Hunters. They will ram their Ride Chasers into X while throwing bombs at him.


Hornet (ハーネット Hānetto) is an enemy soldier from Jet Stingray's stage in Mega Man X4 that use the Hornet Ride Chaser, a modified version of the Adion Ride Chaser. Like the Road Riders before them, they're Repliforce's recon scouts.


Kelpie is a Ride Chaser from Mega Man X8 used by Guardroids in Avalanche Yeti's Central White stage. They attack by trying to ram into the player from the front and back. Some will speed up and attempt to charge the player by popping a wheelie. They're also deployed by the Ravemanta during its encounter.

Other media

Two Armor Soldiers appeared in the Rockman X manga, in the area controlled by Chill Penguin. One of them made a surprise attack to X, nearly defeating him, but X manages to defeat the pilot and uses the Ride Armor to fight the other Armor Soldier. During the fight, X leaves his Ride Armor and points the X-Buster to the soldier, but offers him a chance to live if he abandons Sigma. The soldier accepts and escapes, and X destroys the Ride Armors. More are later seen with other Maverick minions surronding X and Zero.



  • The Road Riders are mentioned by Zero in Mega Man X7 when he encounters Ride Boarski.

Similar enemies


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